100 thoughts on “Empty House Tour | Our New College Home

  1. Lol, I’ve never even done the laundry or learn to do it and I’m turning 13 in 5 months. I don’t know if I should already know how to.😂🤣

  2. I have to share with my little sister. I kinda like it.. except the fact that my side of the room is clean and then you look on her side of the room and she has clothes on the floor.

  3. The master could've been shared between the two of you especially if you were gonna use it for filming & lounging

  4. I think bailey has the master brooklyn has the 3rd room, christina has the 2nd room, and bethany has the 1st one. Idk 🙈

  5. In celebration of your new house, you should start a month long roommate prank wars!!!!😁😁 winner gets… Idk what do you guys think? Leave a comment! Anyhow how love you both😘💝

  6. Them talking abt theyre college house while I’m over here nervous laughing that they’re house is bigger than my future😂😂 btw congrats you guys you deserved this I remember when you guys just started YouTube and I remember watching your mother doing Anna’s coronation on Kamri you guys grew up so fast and it makes me proud seeing you guys accomplish great things

  7. For the record, I’m living in a house my sophomore year of college and my rent is going to be very inexpensive and actually cheaper than what I’m currently paying for dorm housing. It all depends on where in the country you go to school and what the real-estate market is like there.

  8. hey Brooklyn and Bailey, i just watched both of you guys room tour and i was wondering if you guys can do a room tour of Bethany and Tina's room because i am really curious!

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