[Eng Sub] 180121 몬스타엑스 Monsta X Fancon Picnic VCR (Hyungwon)

[Eng Sub] 180121 몬스타엑스 Monsta X Fancon Picnic VCR (Hyungwon)

(WH: Wow, he is so handsome. It’s like a movie.) JH: W.O.W. MX & MBB: Wow~ MH: I met him way before all of you . MH: He was even skinnier than this. MH: That’s what I remember. SN: I felt that, too. MH: His face has got slimmer, now. MH: But back then, his face was “round”. MH: So, I thought ‘He looks like a baby’. (WH: Why is he so handsome?)JH: Many people think he looks very quiet and chic. JH: But he is actually very funny. JH: He is a funny person. Seriously. SN: He knows how to joke. JH: Yeah. So funny. KH: It’s not that he jokes a lot. KH: He just knows the “timing”. JH: He has good sense. MH: But only when he is with his close friends. MH: So, people watching him only on TV MH: usually don’t know about this. KH: He is pretty funny in front of Monbebes, though. MH: That’s because we are close to each other now.JH: When Hyungwon plays sports games. JH: Soccer or… KH: Competitiveness? JH: Yes! KH: He likes to win. JH: I can never win him when he is playing games. MH: I’d like to talk about his appearance again. MH: You know, Hyungwon and I MH: have worked as models twice. MH: (walking on runways). SN: Oh, with this weird make-up? MH: Yeah… Thanks. MH: We went there and what I thought was MH: Hyungwon blended well into that… MH: World of modelling. He looked very nice. MH: He didn’t fall behind at all.HW: He cries everyday with little things. KH: When I watch TV with him, KH: he suddenly becomes quiet. KH: I can feel… some kind of KH: wet vibe. KH: His eyes get all teared up. MH: He wasn’t like this before, though. MH: I didn’t see him crying this much. MH: He became sensitive and emotional after debut. MH: Remember the day when we got our 1st place for the first time? MH: At one point everything was over. MH: Crying was over, sad mood was over. MH: Staff members congratulated us, MH: we blew candles, MH: everything seemd to be calmed down. MH: All of a sudden, Hyungwon took out his phone quietly, MH: and watched that Monsta X winning video again. *facial expression* MH: Crying agian! IM: I thought he would stop there. IM: But I was watching that video again a bit later. IM: Hyungwon came over to me from the back and, IM: (*crying sound*)

28 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] 180121 몬스타엑스 Monsta X Fancon Picnic VCR (Hyungwon)

  1. would you sub the other vcr from the fancon as well? the one which is up on oi oi channel? it seems funny 🙂 thank you so much for these!

  2. That's why Hyungwon became my favourite MX member. He's hilarious without trying too hard, and very talented. He has this quiet confidence that I really like

  3. My only bias is everything … I really like and love how he is, he is not only a PRETTY FUCKING BEAUTIFUL face he also had talent and is so mysterious or that kind of shit he is hahaha I really appreciate this video and the way they talked about him and each other to, and please 0:24 my Ship is sailing with these two hahaha Hyungwonho fiveva (sorry for my english)

  4. My first impression of Hyungwon was, "Whoa, who is this beautiful boy?" And that's when I finally got into K-pop. I'd never been interested in K-pop before discovering Monsta X and being lured in by Hyungwon's face <3

  5. Changkyun can be quiet for the whole session but the moment he opens his mouth, he will always make everyone laugh

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