(ENG) VLOG 단순하지만 행복한 삶\김밥 싸서 연어 보러 가을 나들이 가요.| Kimbap, Fall picnic, Salmon run

(ENG) VLOG 단순하지만 행복한 삶김밥 싸서 연어 보러 가을 나들이 가요.| Kimbap, Fall picnic, Salmon run

Are you guys enjoying the fall? Canadian fall is too short for me. It’s already getting cold. We went to a park before it gets too cold, but also to see the salmon run. All four family members head out for once. I’m going solely to enjoy the day, forgetting about all the housework. With kimbap. I will work hard like the salmon going against the current. Kimbap is one of my favourite foods. When I had field trips, my mom woke up at 4am to wrap kimbap for me. She almost seemed solemn, like she was going to perform a great ritual. The four of us would wake up and sit in front of her. And we would eat all the ends of the kimbap she gave us. Since we all loved it so much, she would wrap over 30 so we could have more once we return. And so I’m always nostalgic of the past whenever I wrap kimbap now. I use pickled radish and burdock made for kimbap. I either dunk the radish in water for 5 minutes or just rinse it. I’m going to stir the imitation crab on the pan for a bit because it was kept frozen. My mom always rinsed fish cake or ham with hot water, because she didn’t like oil/fats. I also do the same to get rid of the oiliness. I add salt and sesame oil to the blanched spinach. The egg was seasoned with salt and some rice wine. I sauteed the carrots with oil and some salt. I prepared a bulgogi filling for my son who always looks for proteins. The egg sheet is cut once it cools. A kimbap needs seasoned rice in order to be tasty. It is seasoned with salt and sesame oil. The seaweed is cut in half. The rice is pressed on so that it covers about 80% of the surface area. This step is especially unnecessary when in a rush, but to make it more aesthetic, I add another half-sheet on top before I wrap. I prefer meat-free kimbap. Gently spread on some sesame oil. The meat kimbap is for the kids. The leftover bulgogi and some tuna were used to make fried tofu sushi. It was cold but the portable burner wouldn’t lit up, so we couldn’t even have ramen. But the kimbap was very good. This is the third time I came here, but I’m still amazed at the salmon fighting against the current. I felt sad seeing the salmon constantly being pushed away. But then they use the strength they saved up to overcome an obstacle, and I found myself cheering for them. Because they get scratched by the rocks like this, their bodies become full of scars. A few dead salmon were visible too. I was kinda emotional witnessing the salmon reaching where they were born, laying their eggs, and facing death in a completely exhausted state. It seems the going against the current is responding to nature for them. Like the salmon that try their hardest whether knowing or not the end is death, I automatically find myself determined to live with my best efforts, before I reach the inevitable end. It was a nice day to escape the busy everyday life and spend time with my family. My family’s laughter sounds better than any music in the world to me. I bought some pumpkins for Thanksgiving and Halloween. I hope you guys will also be able to enjoy nature away from daily life now at the end of fall. Thank you for staying with me.

8 thoughts on “(ENG) VLOG 단순하지만 행복한 삶\김밥 싸서 연어 보러 가을 나들이 가요.| Kimbap, Fall picnic, Salmon run

  1. 정말 캐나다는 가을이 없어요. 특히 이곳 알버타는 …벌써 눈이 내렸다 녹기를 반복하고 있습니다. ^^ 영상이 넘 예뻐요.가족들의 웃음이 행복 이란 말 완전 공감합니다. 저희 아들들은 다른 도시에서 지내고 남편이랑 둘이서 생활하고 있습니다.허전하고 시간이 무료해서 시작한지 일주일 된 초보 유투버입니다. 서로 소통하며 지내요.구독했어요^^응원 부탁드립니다 ~주말 잘 보내세요 ^^

  2. 정성가득한 김밥♡ 맛나보여요♡ 피크닉바구니에 담아 나들이하는 모습이 색색이 물든 가을나뭇잎들과 어울려 여유로워 보여요^^
    죽을 듯 힘들지만, 소명인 듯 힘차게 강을 거슬러 올라가는 연어 ㅜ 마음이 아프네요 ㅜㅜ

  3. 라일락님 김밥에 침이 꼴깍요!ㅎㅎ 김밥과 아름다운 자연의 모습에 눈이 호강하는 아침이예요:)
    저 캐나다 3년 있으면서 연어를 못봤는데… 여기서 보네요. 뭔가 마음이 뭉클해져요…
    매해 느끼지만 …가을이 너무 짧지요? ㅜ ㅜ
    한국도 그렇답니다.
    감기 조심 하시고… 오늘도 행복한 가을날 되세요!🍂🌾💕
    예쁜 영상 감사히 잘 봤습니다^^

  4. 정성스런 김밥에 사랑이 묻어나요~❤️ 예쁜 영상으로 힐링하고 갑니다^^🥰❤️👏🏼👍🏻

  5. 물이 많았더라면 연어들이 상처안나고 잘올라갈수있었을텐데 ㅜㅜ 물이 줄어들고 있는 지구여서
    미안하고 저라도 물아껴써야 겠어요ㅜ

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