English lesson – Words to talk about TOURISM

English lesson – Words to talk about TOURISM

Hello and welcome to today’s English
lesson my name is Stuart in today’s lesson we’re looking at words we use in
English to talk about tourism let’s go to the intro now the key word of today’s
lesson is this one here which is tourism and tourism obviously is an enormous
industry for many many countries especially in Europe Spain France
England Italy obviously the USA all countries that have big tourism
industries or tourism sectors and many many many many people nowadays are
employed in this particular sector so we’ll have a look at some of the
keywords that we use in English to talk about this topic now there are many many
many many words so this is only a small snippet of some of the words that you
can use but hopefully these words will come in handy for you when you want to
talk about this topic so let’s begin now when we talk about tourism obviously we
talk about tourists okay pronunciation tourists and
we talked about touristic places ok tourists and touristic places we can
also use this word here which is touristy now touristy has a little bit
of a negative meaning so for example if you go to the center of Paris if you go
to the centre of Madrid the centre of London it’s very touristy okay
it lacks authenticity that’s the difference between these two words so a
touristic place or a touristy place meaning that it’s a little bit you know
when you go to a place like Rome or Venice there’s specific places that are
massif I’d with tourists so a little bit touristy and a tourist
trap meaning that tourists are normally charged extra money for things again
lacking in authenticity a tourist trap and there’s many many many tourist traps
around Europe especially and other big cities where tourism is very very
important now tourism we talk about seasons we talk about the high season or
the peak season normally in Europe that would be the summer months we talk about
the mid season which are normally the months leading up to summer and we can
talk about a low or off season a low or off season meaning the period of time
when there are less people visiting a country or a place the low or off season
now nowadays there are many different types of tourism so some of the examples
that I have here now there are many so these are just some of the common ones
for example ecotourism cultural tourism culinary or food tourism extreme tourism
religious tourism Ino tourism medical tourism rural tourism and space tourism
now ecotourism obviously where you go to a place respecting the environment
cultural tourism you go looking for cultural activities visiting monuments
and other things along those lines culinary or food tourism perhaps you
plan to visit 20 of the best restaurants in a country food tourism extreme
tourism maybe you want to jump off a mountain or you want to try some other
type of extreme sport extreme tourism religious tourism you go to visit a
religious site that is important for whatever reason
in Europe places like Fatima or Lord of heirs or maybe even Rome can be
religious tourism eno tourism where you go on a tour of different wine areas
vineyards etc medical tourism common nowadays people go into countries for
medical issues or perhaps to have an operation or perhaps you want to do it
in a cheaper country you go for medical tourism dentists in Bali for example
rural tourism where you go to a country area and you explore nature and of
course one for the future space tourism space tourism I don’t
think it’s available yet but there were a few people talking some years ago
about possibly offering the opportunity to visit space space tourism now
different types of tourism that you can have as an individual or a group or a
family home stay where you go to a country and stay in somebody’s home
self-catering where you go to a place and you have a house with a kitchen and
all of those facilities where you can self cater you can cook your own food
fly drive you fly to a place and then you hire a car and you spend the rest of
the time driving around the country in Australia some people do a flight a fly
drive option full board if you go to a hotel or a hostel and full board meaning
that all of your meals are included in the price
half board means that you have a choice of lunch or dinner included as well all
inclusive meaning that everything is included you go to a resort and your
drinks your food all of the activities are included
that’s all-inclusive and a package tour are also quite popular a package to up
where again everything is taken care of your accommodation your flight your
visits everything that you do on that trip is included in the price of the
package tour now tourism nowadays can mean weekend tourism for example you can
have a getaway a short getaway for the weekend
perhaps it’s a long weekend that you need to get away for the long weekend
maybe it’s a bank holiday or a public holiday or a national holiday you can
say as well maybe you want to get away for a dirty weekend with your partner
with your husband your girlfriend boyfriend you want to get away for a
dirty weekend so you go to a hotel somewhere in a romantic location for a
dirty weekend and a mini break maybe you take a couple of days off during the
week and you expend it with a weekend and you have like a mini break so got a
long holiday just a mini break okay so all of these words we can use in English
to talk about tourism now thank you very much for watching the lesson questions
or comments please leave them in the section below give the video a thumbs up
if you liked it share it on social media if you want I’ll see you in the next
English video lesson have a good day bye ah

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