ENGLISH VOCABULARY | Travel Vocabulary and Phrases! | Rachel’s English

ENGLISH VOCABULARY |  Travel Vocabulary and Phrases! | Rachel’s English

100 thoughts on “ENGLISH VOCABULARY | Travel Vocabulary and Phrases! | Rachel’s English

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  2. Great video!
    This video reminds me when I had to do a check in London. It was terrible. I started to stammer and mixing the words. In the end every thing was fine.
    Will you do a video about check out? It could be interesting cause at moment to get attention with payment.

  3. Wow! You're pregnant and still care about us. I appreciate it. You're a strong and compassionate woman.
    By the way, I finish You're ebook. I'm going into Rachel english academy tomorrow. About teaching pronunciation, you're the best. No doubt about it.

  4. Yes! just what I looked for 40 years ago when I lived in the USA. Regards from Mexique! 😉 Laila saida min Mexico!

  5. I've got tons of useful vocabulary before heading to a less developed nation, it's on my bucket list though. Hopefully, it would come in handy.

  6. Hi Ms. Rachel first i am remembering you in my prayers that God give you good health with new coming guest in your life and i wish that your you will get well soon, And i have one request that if you get free time please make one video about how to write good e mails office work e mail or letters etc

  7. Thank you Rachel ! I learn English ( I try…) with your videos and it would be great if you have it others. I travel every year in your beautiful country.

  8. I had to turn on the subtitles to understand the recepcionist – then I turned them off. Thank you so much for sharing your real life experiences with us and using them to help us improve our vocabulary and pronunciation. It's so weird that it seems like I was really there with you guys though I've never been abroad. I'm eager to meet the baby. Take care, Mr & Mrs Smith! =D

  9. Teacher i asked this before but i am asking again;
    For example cardi b pronounce 'me' word like how u pronounce 'may' word and nicki minaj pronounce it as u pronounce and i wanna pronounce it with cardi 's accent . And cardi pronounce happy word like hæppy and nicki pronounce happy word like u pronounce it and i wanna pronounce happy word with nicki's accent ıf i do like that will it be wrong ? Pls explain! i am confused ! If i can not learn it may be i wil go crazy i do not wanna lose my mind helppppp plsssss

  10. What I love the most in Rachel's English videos? It's that Rachel shares her personal experiences with us, like in this video. It makes us feel closer to her, which is a privilege, not to mention the great tips on English vocabulary and pronunciation. Congrats and thank you so much, Rachel!

  11. Rachel, amazing video!!!!!!
    For me, brazilian, these kind of videos are perfect!
    When you have time, can you do one in the stores? Here in Brazil, the conversation between costumers and salers (does this word exist? Kkk) are a little bit diferent…
    kisses! Good luck!

    Mônica Forino
    (Sorry for my “terrible” English – kkkkk)

  12. You told in this video at 8:30 " I think we could have gotten by with one order."
    Could you tell me what does it mean in other words
    Thanks in advance.

  13. Thank you so much, Rachel, for this interesting and useful video. I'm happy to see you so well, with your huge belly ?. The baby is coming very soon! God is taking care of you, and of all your family. Congrats from Rio.

  14. Thank u ma'm I have been having problems With using this phrasal verb that "COME DOWN TO STH" ma'm Can u make me understand this phrasal verb

  15. Hi Rachel,
    The verb to place it's a big mystery for me, for example "I would like to place my hands on this guy". Can I replace the verb to place instead of to put in all cases or not ???

  16. Happy trip .. you look beautiful with pregnant belly … I wish for you the best… any way thank you a lot for good information

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