[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.53

[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.53

[Run BTS]
[BTS short trip -1-] Run, BTS! [Members look so excited]
Let’s get it! Where are we now? [No need to talk]
We’re on a bus. [Why are they on a bus?]
Why are we on this bus, director? Today’s theme for Run BTS
is a short trip. Short trip! [Today’s Run BTS!]
[BTS short trip -1] [Members ride a bus to
go to the destination] [What they need to
is listed on a schedule] [Members need to move
according to the schedule] Our outfits are now… [A.k.a A-Grub!] [Grubby V on Achasan Mountain]
It’s Taehyung. It’s V. V. He earned this nickname
on Achasan Mountain. [A-Grub was born
following Ha-Grub (Grubby V in Hawaii)] [What are you talking about?]
– Achasan Mountain what? – Sorry? – Sorry? [He has no idea]
Achasan Mountain group? [Like-minded]
– Grubby. – Grubby. – Oh, grubby. [Members customized the T-shirt]
We also decorated it. Did you do that? – Yes, I did.
– Me, too. [Oh, oh] [Today’s schedule for a short trip]
It’s your schedule. Check it out. – Run BTS short trip schedule.
– We will hit the road, shop for groceries,
and arrive at destination. [Good, good]
– We’ll play badminton. – Badminton! We’ll play a board game
and have some free time. [Concentrating]
Then, we’re going to write letters. After having dinner,
we will have a singing contest. [Finale with camp fire]
We’re going to have a campfire before we sleep. [Good, good]
Good! What games do we play? [Run BTS!]
[Games to get snacks] [They’re going to play games
in the bust until they arrive at the destination] [They randomly pick one out of
7 games to get 7 snacks] [If they win out of a match with
the staff member, they’ll get a snack!] [Run BTS!]
[Games to get snacks!] [Snacks] [Fried chicken, Gimbap, chips,
boiled eggs, gummy bears, beverages, dried squid] [Games] [Say Nonsense
– Members need to say nonsense
when asked questions] [Hunminjeongeum (Korean alphabets)
– 7 members need to say a word
made of given consonants] [Timing Game – 1 staff member plays
together. Members should not be
the last one to say a number] [Cham Cham Cham
– 2 members need to avoid hits 3 times] [Guess Who Clapped – Members need to
guess who clapped
when one of 3 staff members claps] [Minus One – 2 members need to win
when playing rock paper scissors minus one. [Can You See My Hand – Guess which
finger the staff used to poke a member’s neck] [Listening carefully]
Will you pick a game and pick a snack? [All together – Snack first!]
Let’s pick a snack first. – After picking a snack.
– Suga, please pick. [Suga is responsible for lucky draw]
– Let’s pick a snack. – Snack! – Dried squid.
– Dried squid legs! [Will it be dried squid as they want?]
Dried squid! [The first snack is gummy bear!]
– Gummy bears. – Gummy bears. – The game is Cham Cham Cham.
– Who is confident? I’m not confident.
I lose all the time. [J-Hope and Jungkook will challenge!]
– I will. – Me, too. – Do you trust me?
– No. – Please say cheer up.
– Cheer up! – Go for it! [J-Hope lost confidence]
– I think I will lose. – I think so, too. – Cham Cham Cham.
– Okay. Cham Cham Cham. [J-Hope succeeded!]
Good. – Jungkook, I want to eat gummy bears.
– Okay. [Desperate hands]
Cham Cham Cham. – Cham Cham Cham.
– Good. Cham Cham Cham. [Jungkook succeeded
and earned gummy bears!] [So excited] We’re doing so great
from the first round. [Will what he said come true?]
This could be our last snack. – Enjoy.
– Thank you. [Game for the 2nd snack]
The 2nd snack is… – The 2nd one is…
– Dried squid legs! [Shouting for fried chicken]
It’s fried chicken! – Please win.
– We must win. [2nd hand: Can you see my hand?]
– Can you see my hand?
– How can we guess that? It’s too difficult. [First challenger Suga]
[Touching softly] [Dumbfounded]
– How can we guess? – I didn’t see that. [Thinking hard]
– The possibility is one out of five.
– It’s easier than you think. [Jin and V are poking and guessing]
– Because… – Just guess.
– Does it seem easy because I saw it? – Pressure wasn’t that strong.
– This. [Playful back-and-forth]
– No, this. – That means… [Suga guesses logically] [Sharp eyes]
it wasn’t the index finger or middle finger. [I chose it] [Suga’s choice: Ring finger]
I’ll say it’s a ring finger. [Wrong! It was an index finger]
You said it wasn’t the index or middle finger] [Members starts blaming him]
– I meant… – You said so. [Logically] [Right]
– It was soft, it means
the finger can work delicately. – Right. [Disappointed]
How can I guess that? [Next challenger Jimin] [Members put pressure on Jimin]
– Jimin, you must guess right.
– He can do it. [Index, middle or ring finger]
I guess it’s one among three. [Is he a reaction machine?]
Oh. One out of these two. [Chose the index finger] [Let’s shout out loud
even though we don’t know answer yet] It was precisely wrong!
Precisely! [Kookie wanted to have fried chicken]
We lost our chance for chicken! [V challenges again]
Let me try. – You can’t guess. It’s so hard.
– Very hard. [Touching with a pinkie] [Staring hard]
I feel the spirit of fried chicken. [Can he guess it right?]
It’s too hard. [Please, bro!] [Chicken chicken chicken]
The answer is! [Wow! Chicken!]
This. [It’s nothing]
– Did he? Did he guess right? – V! [Surprised]
How can he do that? – Thank you. – Amazing.
– Taehyung, give us leftover. It feels like we travel together. [Nice younger brother let
an older one taste first] [Yum] [It’s delicious]
Delicious! [Suga moves on to the next game]
Next snack is beverages. [Great timing]
Good! Fried chicken and beverages. [Caution: Looking into Jungkook’s eyes
may make your heart race]
– We need it. – Now. [Easy one… Easy one…]
I hope it’s easy. I want some drinks. [3rd game: Say nonsense]
– Say nonsense. – Say nonsense. – Jimin will challenge.
– Challenge! Jimin will try. – 1+1 equals to?
– Dangerous! – Are you hungry?
– Be careful! [Hilarious]
– Careful for what?
– Wheels are round! [One question is left – Cool-headed members]
– One more. – 3 questions. – One more. [Q. Who am I?]
A camera’s shape is square! [Chewing] [Kookie is eating well]
Camera director was about to come forward. [Members raised an issue]
1 plus 1 equals to dangerous. Are you on our team
or on their side? [Oh, my mistake]
Right, I’m on your team. [That thing]
The 3rd one makes sense. [The youngest keeps eating]
Careful for what? Wheels are round. If wheels are round,
they may be dangerous. [It’s so unfair]
The director didn’t raise an issue. Why are you… – Shall we do 3 more questions
for drinks? – Sorry? [Too busy eating to hear]
Coke! Coke! Hey, try yourself. [Groundless confidence]
I’ll be amazing. – Who am I?
– Gummy bears are chewy. – Delicious?
– Trees are green. – What?
– Why do Jungkook’s glasses look like that? – That’s a bit…
– It makes sense, too. [Frustrated] [Talking fast]
What? Jungkook’s glasses are round. Does it makes sense? [Sudden confession]
We can’t ask a question. Right, if you end a sentence
with a question mark, it won’t be over. Right, I confessed.
I did it wrong. [The youngest one who is growing]
– Jin. – Do you have more chicken there? – Chicken! Chicken! Chicken!
– Here you are. Give me one. [Jimin challenges again]
I will try! I’ll let you eat something else. [The question is a bit weird]
You got something on your mouth. [Like a speech contest]
BTS won the grand prize! – Which prize was that?
– They’re going to come back! [Sorry?] – When?
– They’ll be back with a mini album! [It’s a regular album]
– Hey, a studio album. – A regular one. [Correction]
It’s a studio album. – What are you eating now?
– They’ll dye hair black! Perfect. [Jimin is so good at Say Nonsense game]
He’s an expert of this game. [Envious]
They’re so good at this. [Next snack is boiled eggs – Guess Who Clapped]
Next game is Guess Who Clapped. Guess who clapped,
out of the director, the assistant director
and the writer. [Strong recommendation]
– Guess who clapped? – Let Namjoon play it. I’m too far away. There must be a reason for
him to pursue music for decades. [Chewing] [Several decades? He’s only 25]
You said several decades – He’s young.
– but he’s only 25 years old. [Following J-Hope’s direction]
Namjoon, lower your head. [Except for RM, everyone stares]
1, 2, 3. [Clap!]
Oh, it’s easy. – The sound tells who it is.
– Sure. Director. [Laughing out loud]
[Correct!] [Great job! RM!]
There’s a reason why he pursued music for long. – Now I have the reason.
– Wow, awesome! [Great leader got them boiled eggs] – I like this one.
– But it’s hard to peel. [Sweet Jimin]
– May I do it for you? – Please. Put your head close. [Their own game started what Hope said]
– Rock paper scissors! – Rock paper scissors! Rock paper scissors! [Continued game]
Rock paper scissors! [V won] [Hope won] [It’s so exciting to see!]
I’m not so good at this. – Put eggs on here.
– Why? [Who will win at the end?]
Let’s break them as soon as
the winner is decided. [Their own world] [Two of us]
Rock paper scissors! [Congrats, Jungkook]
Why I can’t do this… [It hurts]
Who did it? [Come here]
It’s hard to break it. [Kind brother who hits it too softly]
How do you do that? It’s hard to break. [It hurts!]
It will hurt more. [The egg broke]
Okay! [Suga’s encyclopedia]
No matter how hard you squeeze
a boiled egg, it won’t break. [What?]
You can’t do that. [Egg was broken with a thumb only] [Curious]
– By clenching a fist? – Clenching a fist. – No. That’s for a raw egg.
– I broke it once. No? Yap! [Egg is smashed]
[Sad] [It was a nice egg…]
Hey, you cheater! [If it breaks, it’s not true]
What’s the next game? [Next snack: Dried squid that they want]
– Squid. – Finally! Squid legs. [Timing Game] [Jimin is still peeling]
It’s a Timing Game. – It’s hard.
– Hard enough. [Finally, peeled]
What should we do to win? [Scolding after receiving it]
– You said it was easy. – Why is it difficult? [Jimin did a great job
in a shaking bus] – If I say a number with one of members,
I will lose. – Okay! Let’s play the Timing Game.
1. Let’s do it, 1! [Surprised]
[What’s this situation?] You’re such a coward! [Members are blaming the staff]
That’s unfair. You said like this, one! He badly wanted to win, I guess. [After blowing a whistle,
Jimin and V said 1 together]
– 1! – 1! Did we lose? Did we lose? [Bold]
This means we start. If you do, you’ll lose. [Taetae language]
I didn’t hear the latter part… [Understood]
If we do so, we will lose. Right? [It sounds strange]
– What’s the latter part? – Let’s start. – Let’s start. Really.
– Yes. [V said a number after blowing a whistle]
– 1. – 2. – 3! [Staff]
– 4. – 5. [Sad] [Skillfully]
If we do like this, the director wins. – Okay. I understood.
– This is the last round. – Last round. [RM and Suga said together]
– 1. – 1. [Suga’s shouting]
Suga… [Suga was so sad and disappointed]
1! [about losing the Timing Game]
Hang on. We need to play one more round. [Logical]
Because Jungkook never said a number. [Persuading]
He needs to talk. [Innocent youngest member]
– I said it. – Oh, Jungkook. [Quiet!] [You need to help us!]
Let’s play again. – Say it, Jungkook.
– Right, Jungkook. [Moving on so fast]
– 1. – 2. – 3. – 4. – 5.
– 6. [Surprised]
[Battle between the staff and V] I think director wants to let him win. – 7.
– 7. What? [Hilarious]
You need to say! – He waited until he said.
– Purposely? [Let’s give up and move on]
– We lost. – Failed to have squid. – Let’s play the next game.
– The next snack is chips. – Chips.
– Chips! We need to play Hunminjeongeum
to get chips. Suga got 95 points
during Korean language class. [Dumbfounded]
Does it mean that I’m good at this game? [Smiling]
Let’s start from the front rows. [Given word – ㅇ ㅇ] – English.
– Milk. [Think, V! Think hard!]
Slowly. Ouch! [Suga and Jimin burst into laughter]
– Carp! – Carp! [Suga said it, Jin]
– Milk. – Suga said. [V tells him to say “Wow”]
– Cucumber. – Wow. – Flirtation. – Burdock.
– Wow. – Anyang! [All successfully said words
made of given consonants] “Ouch” was too bad. [He’s so hilarious]
I thought about milk. [Jin helped V]
I told him to say carp! [Anyways, they got chips!] [Yum yum]
[Eye contact] [The last game]
Is this the last game? – The snack is Gimbap.
– Gimbap! (Seaweed rice rolls) [Unexpected offer]
If you win, we’ll give Gimbap and squid. [Rock Paper Scissors Minus One]
– Okay, lets get it. – Minus one. – Who is good at this?
– I don’t know this game. [Example]
Rock paper scissors! Minus one! [Suga challenges]
Rock paper scissors! Minus one! [He keeps shouting when they lose]
Sorry. [They’re playing too]
Rock paper scissors! Minus one! Like this! [Jimin’s try] [Rocks on both hands?]
Rock paper scissors! Minus one! [Members raised issues]
– He let him win. – What’s up with that? Will you do it right? [Changed rules – All members try]
– If 3 member win, – If 3 win? [If 3 members win, they’ll have snacks]
– It’s easy. – Do you trust me? – Yes. Rock paper scissors! Minus one! [He’s not easy…] Rock paper scissors! Minus one! [The staff won]
[V-disappointed] – I’m the god of this game.
– Your disciple will go first. [Do you know why they do this?]
I learned from him. This will help win. – Really?
– I heard so. [Surprised]
I’ve never taught this thing. I can’t do this well. Rock paper scissors! Minus one! [Way to go! The youngest!]
There you go! As you learned! [Calm down]
Rock paper scissors! Minus one! [The staff won again] [Hope-disappointed]
Why can’t you win? [Either way, I would have lost]
If I had given a rock, I’d have lost. – I can’t help.
– One just win, out of us. [No…]
– Nobody won. – Nobody. [Thanks to the staff member’s mistake]
I’ll give you a chance. [Self-claimed god of this game! Jin’s turn]
– I will cheer you up. – Okay. [Trust me]
I’ll encourage you! Rock paper scissors! Minus one!
See that? [He took longer time in speaking]
– Like this. – Okay. Hurry up. Rock paper scissors! Minus one! [Today’s lesson
Don’t trust yourself too much] From now one,
everyone needs to win! [Jimin’s try when Jin is in grief]
Rock paper scissors! Minus one! Too bad. [Are they bad or is the staff good at this?]
Rock paper scissors! Minus one! [Jimin won]
– I won! – Did you? [RM challenges]
– He let you win. – Why are you so bad at this? [Let’s see]
Rock paper scissors! Minus one! Rock paper scissors! Minus one! [Got out of the match] [Hilarious]
You were out in 2 seconds. So hilarious.
I have nothing to say. [The last hope, J-Hope]
Hope, let’s go! – If I win, Gimbap?
– Squid. – Squid. Rock paper scissors! Minus one! [J-Hope won]
I won! – I think he let him win.
– Why does it feel awkward? – The director was a master.
– Why do I feel like this? It’s embarrassing. [Anyways, they earned squid]
– Thank you. – Take it. Everyone, that’s all we’ve got for today. Now you need to shop for groceries
at a hypermarket. Actually, there’s a limit on the weight
of groceries. [What?]
– Really? – 10kg. – We need to buy light ones.
– 10 kg? What if it’s over 10 kg? If it exceeds, you need to
take out some stuffs. – Okay.
– Let’s go to a hypermarket! [See you!] [They arrived at a hypermarket]
– Arrived! – Let’s go!
– How can you drink it after 5 minutes? [Jin is tasting chocolate milk]
It’s magic. [Run BTS! Grocery shopping] [BTS came to a hypermarket
to buy groceries for dinner] [They can buy whatever they want
but the groceries must weigh less than 10kg] [If the weight surpasses 10kg,
they need to take out items] [They can earn items that they leave behind
by playing games at the accommodation] – It needs to be less than 10kg.
– Okay. Let’s put things we need. Instant rice. What about espresso coffee?
We learned how to make coffee. [Quiet]
If we buy this… – Whom am I talking to?
– We learned, Hope. We learned. What is the thing
on top of espresso? [Quiz time: What’s on top of coffee?]
What’s that? [He doesn’t seem to know]
You know the thing, floating thing. [A volcano?]
Magma? [V’s solo song title]
Stigma? It was something with ma. [Guys, crema]
Right, it was something with ma. – We will eat barbecue.
– We need soybean paste. And red pepper paste. [Members are shopping groceries]
We need a small bottle of sesame oil. – Right.
– Great job, chef! Chef Min will cook for us tonight. [Let’s trust Chef Min!]
– I trust you, Suga. – Let’s trust Chef Min. [Hope and Jimin buy fruits for dessert]
We need some dessert, right? – Stalks are cut nicely.
– Let’s have tangerines. – Green grapes.
– Let’s put it in the cart. – We need it.
– Kimchi. [Right]
– Kimchi. – It was there. [V left to run an errand]
Please bring one. [Others are choosing meat]
– What kind of meat shall we buy?
– Meat, right? – Pork belly meat.
– Okay. [V is trying to buy a pack of Kimchi]
Will it be enough? [Struggling alone]
400g. [Okay, I decided]
This will be enough. – How many will have this?
– 7 of us. [A lot of meat]
I think 2,1kg is enough. [Not knowing what to say] [2,1kg?]
– Well, we’ll buy that. – That’s a lot. [Wow!]
I’ll give you an extra chunk for free. Amazing customer service! [Somebody shouts for shrimps]
– Shrimps! – Ice cream! [Members know how to enjoy a barbecue party]
We can buy shrimps here. [They found sausages]
Sausages! Let’s take some. [RM tries to stop Jin]
You can buy it later, personally. [What is that?]
– What is it? – Beef Brisket! Delicious! [I know how delicious it is…]
– I like it. – It’s going to be out of limit. [Hope-Solomon came up]
Add it. Take it out later if it’s over. How many cups of salt do we need? [Chef Min came to get salt]
2 cups? [V is choosing a firecracker] [Holding it tightly] What about beverages? [Members worried about the weight]
If we put in the drink, that’s it. We can get what we need
from the game. [Dreaming of a big picture]
– Right. – All in for drink. [Can they get the drink from the game?]
– We can get the drink. – Okay, let’s go. – Rice puffs are light.
– Let’s weigh them first. 10g, 5g. [Rice puffs are in]
Let’s go. [Checking the weight]
– Put on the meat first. – Meat first. [3kg for meat alone]
– Already… – 3kg. [Staring…3kg? Already?]
We bought 3kg of meat. Don’t worry. Put in the important things first. [Battle with the weight]
Already 1kg for two packs of rice. [I want to see]
What do we have to keep? – Lettuce!
– No, that’s too much. [500g to go]
– 200g. – Wow, we only have little left. You got 400g of meat for free, so we’ll take it out of the total weight. [Calculation done]
Then we can add 0,4kg more. [Lots of food still left]
– Maybe fruits. – Yes, fruits. – Grapes are light.
– Let’s make reasonable choices. Or take out one rice. [Big brothers listen to the youngest]
– Okay, rice is out. – Out. So much lighter. – Good, good.
– 9,84 kg. [Gotta find a lot lighter item!]
Something light. [Now 0,2kg left]
We still have 0,2kg. [Really curious]
– Why did you get the fireworks? – This? [Must have item to boost the fun]
– It’s fun. – Party time? [Fireworks added]
Now, sesame oil. [Sesame oil puts an end to shopping!]
[Good] Finished! [10,38kg. Grocery shopping done for BTS] Put in what you couldn’t buy
because of the weight. [First the fireworks]
– These are for the game. – Okay! [Hands moving quickly than ever] How about ice cream? [Agrees]
– Ice cream! – Gotta have ice cream. [Worried]
Wouldn’t it melt? – Director!
– Rock, scissors, paper! [What will you do for ice cream?]
I’ll give you Jin. [Confused] [Betting on whatever]
Jin will skip dinner. Or walk home. [Walk home?] [Big brother is the best]
– Walking home. – Mukjjippa! [All the way to the house?]
– Walking 8km? – 8km. Okay, as long as a camera man
and a writer come along with me. – How far is it?
– It’s an uphill. [Uphill?] Hey, but why me? [Big brother’s complaint accepted]
– Okay, rock, scissors, paper! – Among us. – Just one person.
– Just one. I’ll do it. I want to walk. [Confused…]
– Really? – Why, all of the sudden? Then who will go with Jin? – Okay.
– How long does it take? [Staffs surprised by the long distance] [Jimin’s love for the big brother]
– You’ll go with him? – Really? – What’s going on?
– I wouldn’t stop you. [The god of Mukjjippa]
I was the king of Mukjjippa. – Let’s go!
– Rock, scissors, paper! [Jin gets the first win]
Let’s go. [Dramatic]
Muk, Muk, Ppa! [Scared]
Wow. [Jin attacks] [Making the audience nervous] [Competitive game going on] Let’s go, big brother. Mukjjippa! [The god of Mukjjippa is dead] [That’s okay]
– Good job. – Any challenger? [Sad]
Fighting, Jin. [Jimin challenges]
He is walking home for sure. – Want to bet all seven ice cream?
– Yes. – Okay. [Will J-Hope’s dream come true?]
I think Jimin will win. [Staff attacks]
Rock, scissors, paper. [Other members are more excited]
Look at Jimin’s fancy plan. Right. He is different. [Dodging successful]
He dodged. [Interesting] [The fate of Jimin and ice cream?] [Jimin fails] [Never-ending]
Another challenger? [The youngest called on by the oldest]
– Jungkook can do it. – Let’s do it, J-Hope. Jungkook is in. Come on, now! And if you lose,
then you will be walking home. [Next challenger : Jungkook] [Shrugs]
– I trust Jungkook. – Let’s do this! [Relation between Mukjjippa and exercise?]
You’ve been working out for a reason! Rock, scissors, paper! [I’m Jungkook from BTS!] [Sighs] Why are you so good at rock, scissors, paper? [Nervous] [Good job!] [I bet my all on my five fingers] [And?] [There you go!] [Two members in despair]
But you get to eat ice cream. [Sad smile] [Excited] [Making it worse]
Now you can climb the mountain. With me and V. [Next dirty members] [Happy] [Sad] [Comforting each other]
I’ll take a lot of pictures for you. Thanks. Is it all we are getting? [You’ve shopped a lot…] Put them in. [Two youngest happy for ice cream] Jin was so cool when he said
‘I’ll walk.’ And he really is walking home. [Shopping ended with penalty for Jin and Jimin]
Let’s go! – Thanks for the ice cream, Jungkook.
– Thanks. Thank you Jungkook. – Shopping is done.
– Yes. And eating ice cream. [Flow of consciousness]
– There’s is dumpling cafe. – Dumpling cafe. [Hooked]
One of us gets off. Rock, scissors, paper! [Oldest and youngest argues]
What will you give up? [Saying whatever]
Will you walk on your hands? [Also saying whatever]
I like that. [Jin and Jimin walk from here]
[Bye] I’ll go, Jungkook. He looks lonely. See you. – Bye.
– Bye. [Warming up before climbing the mountain] We enjoyed ice cream,
thanks to their sacrifice. I can sleep now,
thanks to their sacrifice. It feels so empty without them. [BTS shines when there are all 7 members]
BTS has to have all 7 members. [Good call, Jungkook.]
Let’s see how they are doing. Let’s go! [The two losers, Jin and Jimin]
– First, let’s take the picture. – Okay. [Proof shot first] [Mad]
Gotta count 1, 2, 3! [Just happy]
Haha. – Oh, wow!
– Great waterfall. [Amazed by waterfall] [Where are you going alone?] Let’s leave without Jimin. [Worried about the two]
It’s probably quite tiring. Very difficult. – Let me send a message to Jimin.
– To say what? [To. Jin and Jimin]
You are in trouble. Don’t we need to sing
when we walk like this? [Jin and Jimin’s happy picnic]
Nanana~ [We’re happy if you are] [Don’t go crazy, Jin] [Stopped]
Young Forever concept. [Worried]
[Don’t lie in the streets, Jimin] [A shot from Young Forever]
1, 2, 3. [Word of wisdom] Let’s not forget about
Jin and Jimin’s sacrifice. [Suga and Jungkook thinking in dream]
Even in dreams. Brother!
Your pictures came out nice. You are a great photographer. [Wherever you are is the photo zone] [Making memories] Want to see your pictures? You are such a great photographer. [Gathers]
It looks great. – Just like in Young Forever.
– Great photographer. [Just like in ‘I Need You’]
‘I Need You’ [V taking attention]
But V is in the middle. [When will you go?] – Trust me.
– Good. [Bus arrives as the two are making memories]
Arrived! We’re here. [Excited up on arrival] – Good job.
– Is this where we are staying? – Cool!
– Great! – Where are Jin and Jimin?
– Exactly. [Jin and Jimin playing with puppy]
White puppy. [Feeling comfortable]
On your belly? Sorry, we need to go now. – Bye.
– Bye, the white puppy. [Members moving into the house]
[Song for World Cup] Got here safely by car. [So loud]
Looks really nice. [Who are you saying hello to?]
Hello. [Surprised by the great look]
Good. Halli Galli is there. [Groceries]
Don’t we need to put these in? [Separates into five]
Very modern. Wow, swimming pool! Put in the meat first. [Moves on the youngest’s order]
Meat in first. There is a camera inside the refrigerator. [Random]
That camera is really cool. [RM organizes quickly] Karaoke! [The #2 Memory of Wind?] [Great harmony, RM and Jungkook] We need to check the timetable. [Next is badminton]
We need to play badminton now. [Good]
Badminton. [Jin and Jimin need to get here]
When are they coming? When are they coming? [Walking as they enjoy the view]
Do you have your wallet? [The bag is in the car]
Yes, in my bag. My bag~ [Jimin’s picture came out black]
[Unexpected] It didn’t… What’s going on? – Brother.
– Why? I’ll give you a piggy back. [In this uphill?]
– Too tiring. – I’m ready. I think it will be more tiring. [Jimin doesn’t listen]
I think it will be more tiring. – More tiring to be on my back?
– Yes. You get my bag. [Jin gets on Jimin’s back]
I think it will be more tiring. I don’t think so. [Grumps] Wow, so comfortable. So comfortable. [Changes mood]
So comfortable. [Jimin’s little tired, Jin is relaxed] – Tired, huh?
– Nope. I’ll give you a piggy back here. Okay. [Must have been tired] [Jimin gets on before Jin changes his mind] [Swivels] Oh, wow. Oh, wow! [Really steep uphill] [Jin and Jimin arrived] [High-five, brother!]
– Seriously… – Wow… [Good job walking all the way up!] [Gah~ Gah~]
Water, please. That sounds like Jimin. It really is Jimin. – It does sound like Jimin.
– It is Jimin. [Can’t understand]
– That ‘Gah’ sound? – Yes. [Jimin mimicking crows]
Jimin came up and said ‘Gah’. [Understood] [Gah~ Gah~]
Now I understand what that sound was. [Woa, Woa~]
[The weird birds, Jimin and Jin] Good, good. [Members got together]
– Jin! – Jin! – Good job.
– It’s really nice. [Feels like several years]
– Good job. – It’s really nice here. [Complete BTS in 40 mins]
Good job. [Still taking off shoes] [Wiggles]
Hard to take these off. [Curious]
How was it to walk up here? [True singer with the mic]
It was… Became friends with crows
on the way. Yeah, we heard you. [Suga still in shock]
I thought there was a crow that sounds like you. [Woa, woa, gah!] – Jungkook can harmonize to this.
– Harmonize with him. [Worldwide BTS harmonizing to
the sound of crows] [Satisfied] Let’s check out the timetable
for the picnic. Time for badminton now. We’re here,
and the shopping is done. – Now is the time for badminton.
– We need to play now. [With all 7 members, let’s play!]
Let’s play badminton! [Gets up]
Let’s go. [Off to play badminton]
Let’s go! [Preview for BTS Picnic 2]
[Let’s warm up our bodies] [Badminton to BTS is…]
Okay, good! [First, nervous] [Second, nervous]
– I’m nervous for Jin. – So nervous. [Third, nervous again?]
– Like this? – Not sure. What should I do then? [Talks and acts differently]
You do it, then! [Blockbuster drama for badminton]
Now the foot volleyball. [Unidentifiable foot volleyball] [Almost like a Champions League from a far]
Good. [From near…]
Just kick once! [It’s just their own league] [It maybe a comedy] [But they sure had fun] [Ready to laugh along with BTS?] [Run BTS]
[BTS Short trip -1-]

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  1. JK: There’s a camera in the refrigerator!
    Suga: That camera is really cool.

    Suga making dad jokes 😭 he must be missing Jin too much.

  2. 16:25
    i dont know if there's anyone that will understand what im saying but someone made an edit with the goblin theme song (kdrama) but i cant find it..if someone has the link or video, please send it to me

  3. 18:14 if you look closely the director let kookie win (he made his move after jungkook made his) how cute omg i love the staff

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    BTS Saranghae❤️❤️❤️🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰. We all will be with you till the.

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  7. BTS is so caring to each other and Jungkook said "It feels so empty without them" it really Touched me this is why they're so succesful it's that they work as a not just a team but a family
    BTS, Saranhaeyo!! As well as to ARMY!!

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