Enjoy the Pooram festival \ Tourist places in Kerala

Enjoy the Pooram festival  Tourist places in Kerala

Welcome friends, to travel Kerala with GPS part 3 In this episode i wil be taking about pooram now what is this pooram pooram is festival that is celebrated annually in temples across kerala in some places it is celebrated in March end or April start so friends lets catch some glimpses Subramaniaswamy temple, Verapoli, Eloor, Kerala heaven for the kids 🙂 dad, dad….. Taalam, a welcome ritual Friends those who have not subcribed to my channel please subcribe please support my mission of crossing 1000 subcribers I need your support & love a muscial ritual know as, chenda melam. Panchavadyam, is one of the major forms of chenda melam. Ulsavam is celebrated for 5-7 days, across every temples in kerala pooram is celebrated for only 1 day the rest of days are for stage shows, muscial rituals, Kavadi Attam. its a great visual and sound experience friends, i know you liked this video 🙂 pls like it, subcribe, and click on bell icon for future notification we will meet very soon in next episode Till then take care, bye-bye

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