Enota Mountain Retreat | Hiking And Camping | Campfire Cooking | Beautiful Waterfalls

Enota Mountain Retreat | Hiking And Camping | Campfire Cooking | Beautiful Waterfalls

Rachel: Heys guys we’re here at Enota Mountain Retreat. It’s in Hiawassee Georgia About 20 to 30 minutes from Helen. It’s a great campsite We really love it. We’ve been staying here for about 5 to 6 years now And he’s been coming here since he was 14. We’re just going to give you a preview of what you can expect if you stay here for a weekend, so let’s get going. Rachel: Oh! They got ducks on their thing Nick: They’re like little, they’re like little bums Rachel: Yeah
Nick: Every time someone breaks open a bag of chips. Mine! Mine! Mine! Rachel: The bathhouse and a laundry room there is a laundry room in there Nick: And there’s a really big cabin
above that you can rent if you have like a big family event or something Like two stories up there and then the back porch Rachel: And the bathrooms are really nice they’re good at keeping them clean Rachel: This is Enota’s farm. They got little baby chickens and grown chickens, little bunnies, and pigs, cows, a
goat named Shadow. I think there’s a horse over You can feed them and come and check them out. They’re pretty cool. Nick: So why we eating in the back of the car?
Rachel: we forgot our lantern and yep this is our light source and my little head lamp. Nick: You got to do what you got to do right? Rachel: Hey guys so that was Enota Mountain Retreat. We hope you enjoyed it. If you’re ever in the area stop by and see it. It’s great. We love it. We think it’s great for really anybody. It’s great for families.
It’s got that the farm, the playground, trout fishing, waterfalls, there’s so much
to do for everybody. It’s really great. Thank you for watching our video. Please
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  2. Nice! I'm going to have to visit GA soon. Love those huge roots and waterfalls! Near the AT too. Sweet!

  3. I strongly suspect that people who knew what I ate in the field would be pretty appalled. πŸ˜‚Too late for New Years' resolutions?

  4. Wow, such a beautiful place to hike! Yummm, smores! Thats my favorite part about camping lol! New subscribers here! Would love to become YouTube friends! Cheers!

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