Ep. 102: Goblin Valley & Little Wild Horse | Utah RV travel camping

Ep. 102: Goblin Valley & Little Wild Horse | Utah RV travel camping

Hey folks, welcome back to Grand
Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and we’re camped right at the foot of Wild
Horse Mesa, just outside of Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park. We’re going to check out
the goblins in the valley and also do a little canyoneering in Little Wild
Horse Canyon on this episode, so stay tuned! Our drive up from Bears Ears followed the
spectacular Utah State Route 95, crossing the Colorado River at the former
settlement of Hite. If you haven’t seen our last episode from Bears Ears and
Natural Bridges National Monuments, we’ll put a link right here on the screen so
you may go back and check it out. After three episodes with our Vermonter
friends Colin, Abby and Kari, this will be our last camping stop with them for
the time being. We’re boondocking at the foot of Wild Horse Mesa, conveniently
situated right between Goblin Valley State Park and Little Wild Horse Canyon. Our campsite features stunning views of
the San Rafael Reef, a 75 mile-long anticline of steeply tilted layers of
Navajo and Wingate sandstone that has been eroded into tall fins, domes, cliffs
and deep slot canyons. As we’re camping right outside the
western boundary of Goblin Valley, it’s practically required that we bring
you into the State Park to witness this startlingly peculiar land form. First
noted by cowboys out looking for lost cattle, the park features thousands of
hoodoos — referred to locally as goblins — which are formations of mushroom-shaped
rock pinnacles, some as tall as several yards. The distinct shapes of these rocks
result from an erosion resistant layer of rock atop relatively softer sandstone.
Goblin Valley State Park and Bryce Canyon National Park, about 190
miles to the southwest, contains some of the largest occurrences of hoodoos in
the world. I going to make a fool of myself. That’s your toe… nope. Adventure Dog! I killed a goblin! It’s been an unusually wet spring in
Utah, and today hardly seems like a good day to hike, but we’re camped right next
to one of our favorite hikes in the entire state. Carved into the San Rafael
Reef a mere mile and a half from our campsite, Little Wild Horse is a gorgeous
slot canyon that makes an exceptionally easy and family-friendly introduction to
non-technical canyoneering. So, heading into a slot canyon when it’s raining in
the area is really not a good idea if there’s any chance of a flash flood
coming down the canyon. You have a number of hikers who seem to die every year
here in Utah because of flash floods in slot canyons. However, what we have this
morning is more of a light drizzle. I really think we’re going to be just fine.
Just could be a little wetter than normal in the canyon, so we’re going to go
hike into Little Wild Horse Canyon. This is so cool! I wouldn’t want to be here in a flash flood, though! So, Little Wild Horse is a pretty easy
introduction to canyoneering. Kids can do it, dogs can do it, it’s pretty accessible.
You can either do it as an out-and-back or as a loop. If you do the out-and-back,
you only go as far as you need to. It’s about a mile and a half, or two miles to
the top of the canyon. If you make the loop, at the top of the canyon you head
behind the Reef and cut over to Bell Canyon. You descend via Bell.
Those looking for a little more challenge, the next two canyons to the
south are Ding and Dang Canyons. You ascend via Ding, you descend via Dang, which
is the easier way to do it. Ropes aren’t required; they would prove helpful in a
couple of locations but they’re not essential, and be aware there is one 15
to 20-foot chimney that you have to shimmy your way down. It ends in a
waist-deep pool water. I know I make it sound like a lot of fun, and it is! So we
really hope that you’ve enjoyed visiting the Goblin Valley area of central Utah
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13 thoughts on “Ep. 102: Goblin Valley & Little Wild Horse | Utah RV travel camping

  1. Very deluxe boondocking spot. Thanks again for taking us along on another awesome adventure.
    Superb video capture.

  2. Another great video. I've been to goblin valley and hiked the little wild horse canyon. I did the loop. Loved it. I did it in conjunction with Capital Reef. I think I remember that area you camped at, it's on the way to the slot canyon, several folks were camping over there.

  3. Hey Mark, awesome spot, and awesome photography EXCEPT for that dirty sensor. I have been a pro photographer for too many years now, and one of the necessities is CLEANING YOUR SENSOR BEFORE EVERY SHOOT. It's easy. Just get a good quality kit with swabs for your size sensor, and some cleaning solution, and NEVER have video/stills ruined by sensor dirt. **ALSO the larger the aperture you shoot at, the less noticable the sensor shots are. Get a high quality variable ND filter(s) for your lens(s), to maintain exposure, and shoot wider. Have a look at Hyperfocal distances for your lens/sensor combo, to shoot MUCH wider, while still maintaining your desired DOF. LASTLY, practice better lens changing skills to avoid getting dust/dirt in your camera body, that'll end up on your sensor. Hope this helps!

  4. Thank you for your emphasis on the science and geology of the places you visit! That's what intrigues me beyond the obvious scenery and beauty, and is what makes your videos stand out among the others for me. Thanks again!

  5. Hey Marc. Just catching up. Been away on our own little adventure plus Juliet has had Surgery on her Spine. Great Film not too sure about the chimney climb but looked lots of fun. Thanks P&J👍

  6. I saw you on the Compendium and subscribed to your channel and would love if you would subscribe to my channel please thanks

  7. The names are fab wild horse masa and little wild horse canyon absolutely brill , see what you mean about the canyon and fashion flooding would not like to be caught ! Nice one

  8. I am unsure if you went over it in the video, but I am so curious to know what type of wildlife can survive out in a place like that.

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