Ep. 117: Cheap Truly Unlimited Internet for Your RV | camping tips tricks how-to

Ep. 117: Cheap Truly Unlimited Internet for Your RV | camping tips tricks how-to

So after some last-minute preparations,
we’ve embarked upon a six-week road trip down through New Mexico into Texas, and
starting with next week’s episode we’ll be sharing those travel videos
with you. However, unlike in 2018 when we took a year off of work to travel, this
time we’re actually going to be working from the road — and that presents some
unique challenges. We need unlimited data to be able to work from the trailer, and
we can’t be bumping up against any throttling, or any data caps. We need to
have dependable, unlimited data, and like I said that presented some unique
challenges. But we found a unique solution — for cheap, actually — and we’re
going to share that with you on this week’s episode of Grand Adventure, so
stay tuned! Now, the problem is that virtually all
cellphone carriers either limit the amount of data you can consume per month,
or even on unlimited plans, after a certain point they either throttle the
speed down to the point where it’s essentially unusable, or they degrade
your service where you’re deprioritized on the tower.
Neither of these were going to be acceptable solutions for us to be able
to work on the road. Now in researching the options that were available to us
ahead of this trip, we discovered Visible. Visible is a prepaid plan that uses the
Verizon network. It costs $40 per month including all taxes and all fees, so the
bill every month is an even $40, and it has unlimited voice, unlimited text, and
unlimited data without any capping or without any throttling. Now like I said
it’s on the Verizon network, so you have more coverage across the U.S. than you
do on any other cell carrier. It’s also prepaid, so you pay as you go.
You can turn it on and off at will, so you can turn the service off for the
months that you don’t actually need it. Now you can either bring your phone, your
own phone, in which case Visible will provide a SIM card for it, or you can buy
one of their phones to use as a dedicated hotspot. We picked up this ZTE
Android phone for only $19 and we’re going to use that as a dedicated hotspot
within our trailer. So you’re asking, “What’s the catch?” Well, there used to be
two, and now there’s only one — and we found a workaround for that one catch.
The first catch was that there used to be a 5 Mbps data cap.
However, Visible has just recently removed that data cap for all new and
existing customers. The other catch is that you could only connect one
networked device to the Wi-Fi hotspot at a time. However, we get around that by
using a nano router. Now our HooToo TripMate is a tiny lightweight router that
operates on USB, so you don’t need a 120 volt AC power source to operate it.
In our trailer it networks all devices in our RV, including our phones, our
tablets, connected TVs and more. The power draw is minimal, it’s usually only around
one amp, so it has little impact on our RV batteries while we’re boondocking. Now,
we’ve done a separate video on the TripMate Nano which we’ll link to right here
on the screen, but here’s a quick overview. It uses 802.11 b/g/n
Wi-Fi networks. It’s a single band, it operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency.
The throughput rate is 150 Mbps. There’s a switch
right here that allows you to switch between wired and wireless connect modes,
so you can use this to connect, say, a wired internet in a hotel to your own
encrypted network, or you could add a layer of security while using public
Wi-Fi. Now it does support WPA and WPA2 Wi-Fi security. This USB port supports
network attached storage devices devices like a thumb drive or an external hard
drive, and it has a built-in DLNA server to share media files across connected
devices. Now there are newer and more expensive nano routers available
that have additional features like dual band and 802.11ac support, but the
TripMate Nano remains an excellent value at a lower cost, currently only $21.99 on Amazon with free Prime shipping. Now we’ve included the HooToo TripMate
Nano in our Grand Adventure shop on Amazon, and we’ve also linked to it down
below in the video description. So, what’s the point of using a nano router with
Visible’s unlimited hotspot service? Well, when you connect the router to the phone,
the phone only recognizes that as one device, no matter how many devices you
have connected to the router via Wi-Fi, so it gets around Visible’s one-device-at-a-time hotspot limitation. So, by using a phone, a dedicated Visible phone as a
hotspot device in conjunction with our nano router,
we’ve got unlimited service that we can use across all devices, including our
connected TVs, and allows us to work while we’re on the road on this
trip — all for $40 a month. We’ve also connected a couple of security cameras,
one inside and one outside the trailer, that are also connected to Visible’s
network through the hotspot and through the nano router. All this is on the
nation’s broadest coverage network through Verizon, with no taxes and no
fees that aren’t already included in the $40 a month price. Now, we have no
business relationship with Visible other than being customers; however, every
single customer on Visible gets a referral code, and that has a benefit to
you, and a benefit to us. By using our referral code you get half off the first
month’s service, so it brings the price down from $40 to $20 for you to go try
it out like we did. And it also gives us the benefit of taking $20 off our bill,
so this is a you scratch our back/ we’ll scratch yours kind of relationship.
Now in the video description down below we’ll put the referral code, we’ll
put a link to Visible, we’ll put a link to the phone that we’re using (the $19
ZTE Android phone) as well as the HooToo TripMate. So far, so wonderful. We’ve
been using this service so far throughout our trip to be able to
connect to the VPN at our company and work from the road. This has been an
absolutely exceptional and cost-effective solution to our data
needs while we’re out here traveling. Right now we’re in Cloudcroft, New Mexico,
and we will bring you to Cloudcroft next week, as well as continued videos as we
continue our journey down through southern New Mexico and into West Texas.
So if you like this video it’s extremely important to us: please give us a big
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right down below each video. Until next week from Cloudcroft, please remember…
life is nothing but a Grand Adventure! We’ll see you soon!

100 thoughts on “Ep. 117: Cheap Truly Unlimited Internet for Your RV | camping tips tricks how-to

  1. Wow this is awesome news! I’m curious if this is your only cell service? I just wondered why you were using such a cheap phone? I’ve got my iPhone 7plus paid off thru Verizon and while I’d love to upgrade to the 11 I’m very disappointed that my paying this phone off is not a good enough credit – they won’t let me finance another phone! What a fine howdoyoudo ? So I’d love ❤️ to continue using their towers for a straight third of what I’m currently paying

  2. So I have a question. We can have one dedicated phone with the Visible subscription. We can cancel our other phone contracts and hook up via the router which is tethered to the visible phone as a hotspot? Yes? Can I plug the router into my laptop?

  3. Thanks… I just checked their app and confirmed the uncapped data speeds, in spite of the web site that clearly has not been updated. I ordered the $19 phone and used your referral code. Thanks again.. PLEASE SEE UPDATE BELOW….

    10/25/2019 UPDATE: Well, it is a couple of days of using the Visible R2 phone and service. I cannot get the hot spot above about 5.5Mbps on my PC. ..Measuring Ookla speed test on the phone itself is not any better. I really wanted this to succeed. I went around the neighborhood looking for better response and even drove around the Verizon tower located by "Network Cell Info Lite". no luck.. always maxed out at 5 -5.5 Mbps, even on the phone itself, without hot spot running. I am going to try this for the rest of the month. I am hoping to try for better speeds as we move around, especially in the RV. I hope this small non-controlled experiment was just Data Management and De-prioritization on a congested tower, and not Capped 5Mbps.. I think the "Visible" phone and the phone service are both good and a great price at $40 all in.

    JUST AS A COMPARISON, At home, "side by side" my t-mobile "LG 7+ phone" runs my computer at around 40Mbps on 4GLTE. Even with a VPN running my LG7+ just gave me 15-24 Mbps on the PC. Phone speeds alone are 60-72 4GLTE. Normal 3G speeds on t-mobile hot spot to a PC, are 5-8 Mbps. I am not saying t-mobile is better, but in this neighborhood, if there is Data De-prioritization, Visible is not going to work as well. Remember, I really wanted this Visible to succeed. So that where ever we traveled (RV) either Visible or t-Mobile would have a usable signal and speed.

  4. Thanks for the video! I had the same question about internet service when we travel (only part-time) so I would only have to pay for it when I need it.

  5. Gang, when you're chatting with the Visible rep, you can click on the little email icon at bottom of chat, have transcript sent to your email, thereby having a record of their claims! Also, you can copy and paste their words to the next agent. Example of c&p from their website
    "More speed on the best network. Unlimited data, messages, and minutes all on Verizon’s 4G LTE Network. Plus, for a limited time, we’ve removed our speed cap – free for as long as you remain a member." Try asking different agents what that means. They will ALL (but one) say that means the phone's data speed is unlimited at this time. One rep even asked, "What is your point?" then answered himself "False advertising?" LMAO. I responded with 'your words, not mine! lol'

    Most answer with this (C&P from one transcript): Ashaya : Visible offers unlimited data to use. However, the hotspot does have a capped speed.

    ONE agent answered this way:
    *Destinee : Yes it is.
    You : capping speed on what?'
    *Destinee : The download speeds.
    You : on the 4g lte?
    You : cuz I'm capped!
    *Destinee : Yes 🙂
    You : regular data or hotspot? I think that is referring to the hotspot 4g LTE, right?
    *Destinee : Yes 🙂
    You : so, hotspot speed?
    *Destinee : The speed cap is for the download and hot spot speeds.
    You : mine is capped. Ashaya rep yesterday was wrong, asI thought. what needs to be done?
    You : More speed on the bestnetwork.Unlimited data, messages, and minutes all on Verizon’s 4G LTE Network. Plus, for a limited time, we’ve removed our speed cap – free for as long as you remain a member.View our coverage map
    ——->>>>>You : so it's supposed to be removed?
    You : remove speed cap.
    ————–>>>>>>>>>**Destinee : Yes which I can do now.
    You : great, cuz Ashaya said no
    You : just yesterday…per chat transcript.
    You : Training needed for her!
    ———->>>>> *Destinee : I'll go ahead and remove the speed cap, I'll need for you to power off your device.
    *Destinee : One I do the speed cap removal and you power cycle the device I'm more than sure your speeds will kick up.
    You : So, I am supposed to power off (which will disconnect this chat)?
    You : so, I turn it off, wait ??? how long, then turn on?
    *Destinee : Yes, power off the device, wait 10 seconds then power back on.
    You : and you'll get it done on your side? I just reconnect to wifi and carry on?
    *Destinee : Yes.
    You : ok, well, I guess this is goodbye then
    Destinee : I'll stay here and wait to see if the chat ends once you have power cycled the devicd.

    *Destinee : Hey, are you still with me?
    You : is it working?
    You : YEAH!
    *Destinee : I'm here.
    You : so did you get done?
    *Destinee : Yes I did, go ahead and try downloading or surfing the web.
    You : Ping xxx
    You : 0.93 down
    You : 0.34 up
    You : but…….. I'm in a small valley. If you removed the cap, then it's removed, right?
    You : in a national forest
    *Destinee : Yes it has been removed but the network will fluctuate.
    You : ok.
    Destinee : Ok.
    You : well, that's it, i guess
    You : thank you!

    Back to my YT comment – I'm leaving this campground (where I have 4G 1 tiny bar when I set phone in one certain window) today. We'll see hotspot speeds in next campground, although at this national forest's edge (so maybe 2 bars? fingers crossed) #### I have had to chat with them 3 times since this chat with Destinee because hotspot was not even pulling up a page. (Molasses in Jan.) They had 'TO REFRESH SETTINGS', I restarted phone, then I was able to continue on. I am able to play movies and such, even though uploading pics to my etsy shop (RugsOnTheRoad.Etsy.com – shameless plug) has to be done one picture at a time.

    All this just reminds me of the different answers on phone calls with Verizon reps back in my Verizon days. Oh, wait……….. Visible is Verizon's offspring. I see now……….

    I've beaten this dead horse in chats enough. Feel free to get multiple clarifications and let me know your results! Namaste!

  6. Hello from Los Lunas New Mexico (near Albuquerque) great info. I have had Verizon cellphone service for years and never knew of this. I think in will be checking it out soon and will use your referral code. Thank you and wishing you safe travels.

  7. I signed up for Visible because of the Hoo Too router described here. But when the phone arrived, tethering was Via USB only. IS this true on your phone too?

  8. So I switch today, I used your promotional code. So I'll be letting you know in about a week or so how good it is.. metro by T-Mobile now visible

  9. I live in my mini van, I get free internet. when I want to use it I just park in front of any business (that I patronize) that has.free WiFi. i can get online with my laptop or my tablet.

  10. Just now buying a Motor Home and was happy to see this Video. I am retired and just need this on the road as I am a information freak.

  11. Thank you for this video — I had been using a Digi WR21 with a Verizon SIM. The costs got pretty high in heavy use months — especially since I couldn't allow throttling that other unlimited plans have. I signed up for visible and used your code. Thank you!

  12. Question for you. I already own a verizon 4g hotspot box. Can this be used in place of another phone as the hotspot?

  13. Damn you Suk, I love Cloudcroft. the trees smell the best in the world and its a scent you can't forget nor get tired of.

  14. Based on your post I tried this. My advice to ALL who are thinking about it is to RUN from it. Poison. They sold me a 200 dollar plus phone, couldn't and haven't to date been able to make it work, took my 40 bucks for service, got my carrier to drop my phone number so I can't use my old phone anymore and they can't get my new one to work. So I am WITHOUT a phone, though I have PAID for two services. Their "customer service" representatives are a joke. No two give the same answer to any question. You can't "chat" with a supervisor or chat with or talk to any technical support people. You're STUCK chatting online with MORONS. If they last six months I'll be surprised. ANOTHER get all the money they can and disappear scheme. It happens so often we oughta be used to it, and the phoney "users" who are paid to "advertise" are NOT your friend and NOT telling you the truth.

  15. Has anyone used the Visible service with the TL-WR902AC travel router? I contacted TP-Link and they said it wouldn't work that way, I don't know if the person I chatted with knew for sure. Thanks

  16. Just ordered the phone and a router on one of your links below. By the way, I used your referral code, thanks! As of now the website says a 5Mbps data cap, as I have seen the discussions in the comments. I don't know what's happening, but just thought I'd through that out there. Anyway, for the value and it being pay as you go, and the coverage it offers, it might serve our purposes, (emergency phone, entertainment, internet) as we have run into spots on our trips where we didn't have coverage with our carrier. Will try it out on our next trip! Thanks for the info. Good travels. Enjoy your videos.

  17. Well, the Rav Power is now unavailable as is the Hoo Too. Because I am technically illiterate, I am trying to figure out if one of the other ones will work. The TP-Link seems to need to be connected via an ethernet cable but that is not possible to the phone right? Have you done, or will you do another video showing exactly how these parts of the system are set up? Thanks so much!

  18. Mark, thanks for the video! Since Amazon was sold out of Hoo Too routers, I picked up the TP Link AC750 & also the Visible ZTE, however, I am not able to connect via wi-fi. On my ZTE, there is only an option to tether with Bluetooth or USB. No wi-fi option. Do you have an option on your ZTE to tether via wi-fi or are you using some other type of work around? Any advice you may have would be greatly appreciated!

  19. Wow that is a great deal!!! Thanks will look at getting, I currently have AT&T on my phone but have found Verizon to be the best when out on the road. And unlimited, wow. Thanks will share your video. 🙂

  20. What about the many of us seeking RV Life to Escape the Wireless Radiation from our homes Smart Meters, WiFi, Cell phones ?

  21. I’ve spent months looking for affordable unlimited Wifi for a 6 week road trip so that my son could do his online homeschool work on the road. We wouldn’t be able to road trip if he couldn’t do his schoolwork on the road. It was Devine intervention that this video showed up in my YouTube recommended videos. Since Amazon didn’t have the HooTo in the video I got the HooToo that is also a power bank. It all worked great!!! I got the R2 phone. Cheap and worked great. I had no problem with the devices or service. In fact it was a better Wi-Fi than the free motel Wi-Fi. I loved just putting the HooToo and R2 and cables in a dedicated pocket in my backpack so that we always had Wi-Fi hiking and the HooToo was an emergency power source for the R2 and my phone if needed. Absolutely the best, most helpful video I’ve seen. Thank you! I’d never heard of Visible! It made our road trip possible. Oh, and I never had any streaming problems. Both my son and I would watch video off it at the same time and no problems.

  22. Try canceling a Visible account. It won t happen. Gave them my credit card and shipping info and they disappeared, no receipt, no confirmation, no nothing.. Customer service in India. Can't delete my account, they said not to worry, so now I have to get a new card. They don't take referrals any longer. They only give $15 off first month for new customers.

  23. I did an online chat today and they said that all caps and limits have been removed. It is no longer on their website because there are no caps or limits of any kind now.

  24. I live on south padre island and saw that episode and am intrigued with the info on this episode. Dropping my spectrum internet service would be nice!

  25. Wow, I pay Century Link $40 mo PLUS TAXES just for internet for my tv and tablet. Need a cell phone so will check this out. I was going to get $30 phone from Fred Meyer next month as a birthday

  26. Another video stated Apple iphones don't have 1 hotspot restriction. Believe another phone too, but can't recall name.

  27. I plan to sell crafts on the road. I wonder if that cheap little phone will handle credit card payments with my Square card reader?

  28. Visible just created "Party Pay" with up to 4 people in the party, for every person in the party your bill goes down $5 each a month… $35 for 2, $30 for 3 and $25 for 4. I joined a party from the Visible Facebook page and now my bill will be $25 a month. Anyone with a Visible account can join your party. Everyone still is responsible for their own monthly payment, you just join together for the discount.

  29. I bought the ravpower router in your link but couldnt get it to work as a bridge using mobile data. Rav power tech support says it wont work with mobile data that way.
    Has anyone been able to get it to work? Or suggest a router that will?

  30. Awesome info I found some crap issues in each idea for tech needs and it all seems all about screwing the customers and no one wants to share what works! Knowledge is sketchy, I am good with hardware, not so good with software but this is greAt advise for travel! I hope to travel more in my future!

  31. I’m thinking I may have found the way to get rid of one of the uncontrolled money hogs in my brick and mortar life. Portable to the non-B&M life. Thanks so much!! To anyone who can answer – I’m thinking this would allow streaming of netflix? Correct? (Yes, I’m one of those people who can barely hang onto the edge of technology as it advances like crazy.)

  32. I bought everything you said to buy and we CANNOT figure out how you connected the router to the Visible android phone. We read all the directions, googled it, everything, no use. Can you please put step by step instructions. I bought the Android $19 phone and the tp link router.

  33. So am I correct to conclude that with the phone wirelessly connected to the nano router, you can surf the net from a laptop on the nano router's wifi network?

  34. I'm sure you already set up the visible party group and have maxed out with 4 members. If not I'd love to join! We don't know any other visible subscribers. Thanks

  35. Get T-Mobile and tether your phone for free. Verizon sucks. T-Mobile is a much better service and the fact you can tether your phone via WIFI for FREE is a huge bonus!!

  36. 11/7/19, it was going to be in stock this month but now it shows as unavailable again on Amazon and no more information on when from HooToo. I just got off the phone with HooToo/RavPower tech support and they said that the RavPower N300 would NOT connect to a cell phone's data hotspot that it had to be from a wired or wireless router. Has anyone used the N300 to disprove this information?

  37. Nice tip Marc. I just installed the Togo Winegard C2 hotspot, only good with ATT. Not quite as good of coverage at Verizon, but it provides unlimited and unthrottled data for $360/yr. The unit installs pretty easy on top of the RV, but the activation process with ATT can be frustrating. It works good though, after successfully activating the SIM card.

  38. Just got Visible after seeing this presentation. I absolutely love the service and have it connected using a TPlink AC750 travel router. I have joined a party billing plan they now offer that can reduce my cost to as little as $25 per month. I joined another user at https://www.visible.com/p/GladSavings. She set up the party and by simply clicking on this link you can join until we reach four members. You will then be billed only $25 beginning the following month. We now have two members so we need two more people to join. Thanks

  39. I currently use a Verizon hotspot with antennas. Is there any way to get a new sim card for my hotspot? Can antennas be connected to the Visiible R2 phone? My service cuts out without the antennas, and there are no other options I know of.

  40. and I want to go ditto of what this man here saying that talking about the cheaper cell phone calls and internet with a new service or fairly new called visibleI went ahead and tried it out for 30 days by buying one of their phones I like it I will upgrade but also now they have a party and you can have four people in your party and save $5 in each person

  41. We feed $55 monthly for fast wifi router and 2 laptops. Can I use an android device as a hotspot? Or get this gadget? Is this like freedom pop? The one that was "free internet for life" sort of deal? I wish they would take my money now if I could buy a device and kick my feet up in the air like that.. You are living the dream. Me and my wife talk about going on road trips and camping and how liberating it could feel. Cutting ties with fiat monetary systems. Our hair blowing in the breeze. Dog having a drink of cold fresh mountain spring water in the surrounding body of nature. Just don't get much better than that. I like the calm intro! Nice vibe 🙂 keep up the good work

  42. i could not sign up fast enough. I am beyond pleased Visible ships overnight free. I have been using AT&T but receiving horrible service. I've bought 2 different routers and a antenna, and still cannot keep connected. I'm in San Diego, right in the middle of everything! I could understand it if I was in the middle of nowhere. I have Verizon cell service, but of course it has a limited hotspot- which I'm about out of data. I work from my RV and have been scrambling to find a way around it. If you contact the carriers directly, they will never tell you of options like these – they tell you "no one offers unlimited data and no throttling" WRONG. All I have to say is thank you thank you thank you! You may not realize the difference you are making by just sharing info. Also thank you for the Hoo Too tip, I am ordering it from Amazon today. This is such a huge relief off of my shoulders!

  43. I just now went to your nano router link and it says the product is unavailable and they don’t know when or if it will become available.

  44. So when I got the phone I turned it on and it said you need to update the phone so I updated it and then it turns off sudden like I never bought the phone and got a Sim card like I’m starting over again and I wants me to purchase a phone and a Sim card… So I eventually found a way to go around that I did call customer service and they’re from the Philippines which I’ve had a bad experience with other companies that had customer service from the Philippines because they don’t know what the hell they’re doing they don’t know sh’t they lie! So I tried it a few days later after being mad at the customer service in the Philippines I got to where I finally get somewhere to pay for the service but it wouldn’t let me do something I don’t really remember but it wouldn’t let me finish so I have it ask the Philippines to help me well guess what the man took about 10 minutes to tell me how much she will help me so he goes so what can I do to help you I’m saying you didn’t listen to what I said I already told you what is going on it was all yes sir Mr. Kevin I will help you oh no I got don’t say that again I’ve heard it for 10 minutes already so I will put you on a home is that OK with you are you really really really sure yeah yeah yeah I said sure go ahead and do it and never came back it was like 20 minutes out now I hung up I never got the phone hooked up If you’re seeing this Visible/Verizon, get rid of customer service that’s in the Philippines if I was the owner of the business and found out what they do to customers I would fire the whole bunch because they’re just waste of money and time believe me I know them very well so is T-Mobile because now after complaining for three years about what they use down there in the Philippines now I get people in the United States they can get shit done!

  45. The HooToo TripMate Nano router is no longer available, do you have another that you would recommend? I really enjoy your channel and looking forward to learn more. Thank you for sharing.

  46. Thanks Mark, the problem appears to be with my computer (perhaps my current extremely slow internet service). I was able to use my phone and follow the links. I also was able to use the referral code and get the first month for $20. I'm hoping to use this as a solution for my home internet service. Thanks so much for this video. By the way the next router on your list is sold out too.Thanks,Chris

  47. I'm electronically challenged !! I have my visible connected to my TP Link AC750 travel router and that much works, along with my laptop, but I'm not getting any Internet access. What have I done wrong ?????????

  48. I read that the speed is limited 5 Mbps when using the phone as a hotspot. So does that mean anytime that the nano router is connected to the phone it will be limited 5 Mbps? Thanks for making this video!

  49. I purchased the HooToo Tripmate nano and the phone and plan you suggested through your links but the system does not work. After trying everything all comments have said it still does not work. Google Play and amazon say the phone is not compatible.

  50. Marc, I know you are inundated with questions on this topic and I apologize if I'm missing something in another reply. Per your recommendations I picked up the $19 ZTE phone and a Hootoo unit from a second party. My confusion is this: the hotspot feature on the phone only shows Bluetooth and USB as sharing options…no WiFi. The Hootoo only appears to be Wifi and Ethernet capable. I'm not sure how to get the two to recognize each other. Also, the Hootoo Tripmate Nano app referenced in the user manual doesn't seem to show up in Google Play (although there are a bunch of other loosely related apps).

  51. If you're having trouble connecting and configuring everything, here are some simple instructions that we've provided other commenters:

    1. Activate the phone, and turn on the phone's hotspot feature. If you bought the R2 phone and you're new to Android, realize that on Android, mobile hotspot is in the settings that you access by swiping down from the top of the screen.

    2. Boot up the nano router.

    3. Grab another device, other than your Visible phone that's running hotspot. It can be another mobile device or PC, your choice, but IT HAS TO BE ANOTHER DEVICE. If you chose a mobile device, install the router's iOS or Android app on this other device and connect that device to the router's SSID. Check your router's manual, or even maybe the back of the router for the router's SSID and password.
    If you chose a computer, connect that computer's WiFi to the router's SSID and visit in your browser. (If you have a nano router other than the HooToo, check your router's documentation as the IP address may be different than, although most seem to use that IP.)

    4. Now that you're in the router's administrator configuration interface, go into network settings for the router and choose the Visible phone's SSID to connect to.

    5. Voila! You're done. The second device or PC, and every other device that you connect to the router's SSID, now has Internet.

    The router's settings should be persistent, so it should save the last known SSID it connected to (in this case the Visible phone) each time you power it up.

  52. Notice capped at “ 5Mbps””WiFi calling available on select devices.
    +Mobile hotspot speeds capped at 5 Mbps and limited to one tethered device at a time.”

    Notice the “while offer last” “We make it easy: a $40/mo, single-line unlimited plan that’s got it all – including unlimited high-speed data, free for as long as you remain a Visible member, while this offer lasts.”
    Notice “ for a limited time we have remove our speed cap””Unlimited data, messages, and minutes all on Verizon’s 4G LTE Network. Plus, for a limited time, we’ve removed our speed cap – free for as long as you remain a member.”

  53. Wow! After trying a Verizon HUM and Ellipsis for close to 6 monthw I am excited to hear more from you. Planning a one plus year adventure following the loss of my sole mate and having a severe photo habit I hope to follow your adventures with MIMO my Mini Prarie Schooner.

  54. In some rv park with a very weak cell signal,what is the cell booster antenna that you think will work with the Visible plan ?

  55. I have not switched to them yet. I will wait until after Thanksgiving, but I am anxious to know what you learn and if it is the same as what I was told.

  56. I am looking into going this for our RV travels…everything about this looks good, but has anyone any info on how video quality is when using this hotspot to stream Netflix, Roku, or say my dish app?

  57. Good tip. I have used my cell phones hot spot with unlimited data for a few years now. Never needed a router but I can see how some would. Safe travels

  58. So what kind of performance do you get with this setup? Can you watch Netflix and surf the web at the same time? Is the up speed different than the down speed?

  59. SO I got the phone and the TPLink Router. The TP link will NOT accept USB as an input for internet, It only has cat5 and wireless for internet access.
    However, the phone will NOT provide a wifi hotspot access. Seems like the only way to set it up as a hotspot is bluetooth or USB>

    ANyone have any ideas about a router that will accept USB or bluetooth as the WAN connection?

  60. Thanks for your thoughts. NOW is there anyone who knows how this could be used in Canada. Even if I have to get a virizon phone. Any help would be appreciated.

  61. Going to set this up, but got a major glitch… the HooToo Wireless Router Nano link you got for Amazon is out of stock. is there another router you would suggest?

  62. This is a very basic question, pardon me if it's been addressed before. I want to keep my current service and phone number. I want to get the basic phone you discussed and the Visible service, will they assign me a new phone number?

  63. I think they are on to us… this was running well with great signal – Until the phone started dropping internet. I mean the WiFi connection stayed good along with cell signal. but cell data stops. EVERY 15 min on the nose like clockwork, no joke. We learned it comes back up when we do nothing but simply tap a button on v2 phone to wake screen, that's all?! …it has changed to every half hour now… anyone else has this issue ?

  64. Ok what is the amazon code for the ZTE $19 Android phone , and the Tripmate Nano? I do not want to order a wrong item. Thank you people

  65. Make sure you tell people about getting products on eBay too. Often can get them at that site for less money than Amazon and free shipping without membership.

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