Ep. 127: Roswell | New Mexico RV travel camping

Ep. 127: Roswell | New Mexico RV travel camping

Hey there, welcome back to Grand
Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and in this episode we are in Roswell, New
Mexico hunting aliens. Now, we haven’t seen any yet. We’ve got our eyes out. If
they’re running around we’re not going to miss them, so stay tuned. So this is Bottomless Lakes State Park. It
was built in 1930 by the Civilian Conservation Corps as the very first
State Sark in the state of New Mexico. Now, it’s built to surround what are
known as the Bottomless Lakes. They’re sinkhole lakes, caves that have collapsed
into the underlying bedrock and filled with water. We are in the Lea Campground,
which is right on Lea Lake. There’s another campground by some smaller lakes
a little further north for tenters. Now, New Mexico State Parks are known for
affordable camping, and that is the case here. The full nightly rate is $18 per
night including full hookups — water, electric and sewer. If you have a New
Mexico State Parks Pass, which is $250 annually for a
non-resident, that takes $10 off the price of camping, bringing it down to $8
per night. So if you do a lot of camping in New Mexico State Parks, the State Park
pass may make sense even for a non-resident. As a matter of fact, if
you’re a tent camper with the New Mexico State Parks pass it drops the price to
free if you don’t need those hookups. It’s a beautiful park. There’s a lot of
spacing between the sites, and we’re really enjoying our stay here. So I think we got some new neighbors.
Let’s go out and meet them. These guys have been at it all night
long. There’s two in there. Hi. How are ya? Are you guys, uh, finding camp alright? Comfortable? Now, normally this park’s only about a 17-mile drive from Roswell.
However, earlier this month some flooding rains washed out a bridge just north of
the park, so the only way to get to Roswell is by going south to Dexter and
all the way around, almost doubling the length of the drive. But it’s a pretty
drive. It’s a relaxing country road, so let’s take a trip into Roswell and see
what we can find. Roswell would be just like many other
small towns in the US were it not for an obsession with UFOs and aliens. In 1947 a
US Army Air Force balloon crashed on a ranch near Roswell. Even after the US
military confirmed that it was a nuclear test surveillance balloon, conspiracy
theories surrounding the event persist even today. The citizens of Roswell have
nurtured a cottage industry catering to UFO tourists who travel to this
southeastern New Mexico town because of what’s been described as, “the world’s
most famous most, exhaustively investigated, and most thoroughly
debunked UFO claim.” Even the town’s McDonald’s, currently
undergoing a remodel, is shaped like a flying saucer. But not everything in
Roswell is about UFOs. The Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico
maintains a museum in the 1912 home of James P. White, one of the area’s
wealthiest and most influential men of his time. This free museum, which accepts
donations, not only provides a timeline of the area’s development, but is
outfitted with period furnishings, many of which came from the White family. It’s
well worth a stop while you’re in the area. Now it is definitely fall! When we got
here it was in the mid 70s,. Yesterday we had a cold front come through, and we
just had a drizzle with temperatures never getting out of the mid 40s. It’s
warming back up today with the sunshine, so let’s get out on the lake with
the kayak. So we truly hope that you’ve enjoyed
coming to the Roswell area with us! Now if you’re not yet a Grand Adventurer,
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38 thoughts on “Ep. 127: Roswell | New Mexico RV travel camping

  1. Thanks Marc… beautiful and humorous review. I was wondering, from the drone aerial footage, what those white dock like structures were by the landing along the lake. Do you know?


  2. Marc… Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. As always, enjoyed tonight's episode very much.
    Safe travels my friend and have fun always.
    Randy in Des Moines. ???✌

  3. Great episode ?
    Racoons are funny characters!
    About the aliens, I don't know, I don't trust those guys in DC… But at least is odd that, in the age of technology, we don't have concrete proof if the really exist.

  4. Hey Marc. Glad your able to get out on kayak. You just glide along there. Looks like a great stopover spot to do some site seeing. I think you were the first that I at least I remember that did a Roswell stop and didn’t just show the alien ? stuff. That looked like a cool museum. Worth checking out. Enjoy ? stay safe… Happy Thanksgiving ?

  5. I was at Bottomless two years ago. Loved the area. Wished they had more hiking trails though. The flies were a bit much when I was there. I'll have to remember when that was. Cheers Marc.

  6. Well Marc, we can always depend on you to find something worthwhile to explore! I traveled through Roswell but didn’t even see the raccoons much less any aliens..??

  7. I heard that NM Parks Permit was a really good deal. Glad you had no alien abductions, we need you to finish traveling all of America first . . . then you can travel the Galaxy. Thanks for the Adventure Marc

  8. That park looks like a place to really relax. I can’t believe how reasonable the rate is. We always appreciate your efforts in creating such quality content! Safe travels!

  9. We were there last April and got our non resident pass. Weather was nice and warm. The campground has mostly first come first served but there are some reservable. Campground filled up every evening so get there early for first come first served sites. Water and electric was $4 with pass. I road my bike to the bike trail but hiked that trail the rode back to the campground.

  10. I can’t believe how Roswell is taken over with the ufo craze. Thanks again for a tour of another cool place on your journey.

  11. Love all of the kitschy alien stuff! My husband has a t-shirt with 3 or 4 little aliens in UFOs and the caption is something along the lines of: “hey, let’s crash in Roswell!”
    Great price on the campground – enjoyed the kayaking and your little extras “friends” – both the raccoons & aliens! ?

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