Ep. 132: Top 8 Best RV Travel Fun for 2019 | camping hiking kayaking National Parks

Ep. 132: Top 8 Best RV Travel Fun for 2019 | camping hiking kayaking National Parks

Hey folks, welcome back to Grand
Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido and if you were with us last week, we started
Part 1 of our Top 8 Best RV Camping of 2019 episode from our second
full season of Grand Adventure. If you missed last week’s episode we covered
Best Boondocking, Best RV Campgrounds, Best RV Parks, and Best Value. Ihis week
though we’re gonna take a different tact for the remaining four categories and
we’re going to cover fun things that you can do while you’re out RV traveling, and
that’s going to include our favorite National Parks from 2019, our favorite
hikes, our favorite kayaking, and our favorite towns. So stick around! In our first category we’re going to head
back to West Texas for best National Parks that we visited in 2019, and the
runner-up goes to Big Bend. This is a massive, massive, an incredibly
underutilized National Park. You don’t have the throngs of tourists here. You
have plenty of elbow room. We hardly saw anybody while we were there, and the
topography is incredibly diverse. It ranges from 8,000-foot mountain peaks in the
Chisos Mountains to low-level desert right along the Mexican border on the
shores of the Rio Grande River. Now you can learn a lot more about Big
Bend National Park in our episode 119, which as is the case with all of these we’ll
put it …remember… in the description, linked in the video description right
down below. Now for our winner in the best National Park category from our
episode 126, we’re not going to have to travel very far. We’re going to head just a
little bit further north just across the state line into New Mexico to Carlsbad
Caverns National Park. Now we’ve done caves before, but nothing …and I mean
nothing prepared us for our experience in Carlsbad Caverns. These are colossal.
Extensive. There’s something like 30 miles’ worth of chambers that have
already been navigated, explored and mapped, and there’s still more to go. But
just the height of these things, the magnitude of these things … absolutely
there’s no way our camera could do it justice, but we did our best to try to
share it with you in our episode 126. So as far as our National Park system
goes, Carlsbad Caverns is a very unique destination and very worthy of our
winner in our favorite National Park that we visited in 2019. Next category is
going to be Best Kayaking for you paddlers out there. Now ,do you remember
our runner-up in the Best Boondocking category up in the Wind River Mountains
of Wyoming? We’re going to head back up there now for the runner-up in our Best
Kayaking category: Green River Lakes. You may recall that our boondocking spot was
just downstream of the outlet from the Lower Green River Lake. We were the only
people out there on July 4th weekend! We were the only people on the water. It
just doesn’t get more special than that, especially with the beautiful
surroundings of the Wind River Mountains including the dominant Square Top out
across the waters of the Lower Lake. Neautiful blue waters, beautiful mountain
scenery, and solitude — the perfect place to paddle. Now again, you can see more and learn
more about paddling the Green River Lakes in our episode 108, which you’ll
find linked to … you know it right … down in the video description down below.
But for our winner in the Best Kayaking category we’re going to go from freshwater
to saltwater, back to our episode 122, which you may remember we were
boondocking right on the beach in Padre Island National Seashore. Now while we
were staying at the seashore the waves on the Gulf side, the surf was about six
foot in height virtually throughout our entire stay. However, on the bay side of
the island you have the huge Laguna Madre, which is the Intracoastal water
between the mainland and Padre Island. This is lined with salt marshes, little
nooks and crannies to go paddle through and explore. It turned out to be our
favorite paddle from 2019 from our episode 122. Now, category seven that we’re going to look
at is Best Hiking, and for this we’re going to travel back to our home state of
Utah, for both the runner-up and the winner in this category both get a nod to
hikes within our home state. For the runner-up we give it to episode 101
which was our Bears Ears National Monument visit. The thing that makes
hiking in Bears Ears so incredibly special is that around virtually every
turn in every canyon you’ll find ruins of ancient Puebloan people just
sitting there waiting for you to discover,
just like the House On Fire that we hike to here. But we won’t have to travel far to go
from our runner-up to our winner in the Best Hiking category, for in episode 104
we were camped in the Boulder and Escalante area of Grand
Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and while we were boondocking there I
got to do a hike that has been on my list for years and years and years. And
that is to Lower Calf Creek Falls. This is perhaps the prettiest desert
waterfall you will ever encounter. It’s a relatively easy, relatively flat three-
mile-each-way hike to go from the parking lot to the falls. And this hike
needs to be a bucket list item for any avid hiker out there. Now alright, the final category is
dedicated to you sightseers out there, and that is our Favorite Towns that we
visited in 2019. And for the runner up we’re going to head back to Central Texas.
You may recall that we were camped at Cranes Mill Campground on Canyon Lake.
Now that’s right outside of the charming town of New Braunfels. Now New Braunfels
is kind of divided into two sections. There’s the main town, which has a
charm all its own, it really does. As a matter of fact it’s also got more deer
than I’ve ever seen in any place in my life. I think they almost outnumber the
people. However, there’s also the historic district of Gruene. Gruene is a beautiful
little place to go for an evening stroll like we did, maybe taking some live music
at Gruene Hall, maybe get a wonderful meal, some nice smoked ribs, or just wander
around town and enjoy the evening air and environment. It’s a vibrant section
of town as people come from miles around to see Gruene. And we truly enjoyed our
visit to Gruene. We wish we had more time to spend in New Braunfels itself, and we
will definitely be back to take in more of New Braunfels on a future visit. But you can take in more information
about New Braunfels right now by visiting our episode 125. For the winner
in our favorite town it’s not that far away, we’re just going to head a little
further south to along the Texas Gulf Coast and return to Rockport. Now you may
recall that while we were in Rockport we talked about Drifters Resort, that
beautiful RV park that got our winner in the RV Park category. Well, the twin towns
of Rockport and Fulton they get our nod for our favorite town that we visited in
all of 2019. This is a beautiful area right along the bay along the Gulf Coast
with wonderful seafood restaurants, wonderful fishing. You can spend some
time strolling or laying upon the beach while you’re there, but the thing about
the Rockport and Fulton area that really struck us is that it is kind of
semi-undiscovered. It’s not an area that people flock, to and so everything is
wonderfully understated. There’s a ton of see and do in the Rockport and Fulton
areas of Texas and we will also gladly return to Rockport and Fulton someday. You can learn more about Rockport and Fulton in our episode 124. So we really hope you’ve enjoyed
reliving some of our favorite spots and destinations in 2019, and we hope that
it’s helpful in your travel planning for your travels in 2020. Happy New Year!
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you’ll find the comments section where we always love to hear from you after
each episode. Until next week please remember, life is nothing but a Grand
Adventure! We’ll see you then!

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  4. Wow Marc… that's allot to take in.

    I really liked your commentary on Big Bend and the video footage. You had perfect weather for your Texas tour.

    I found it very interesting to see that you two are very attracted to the sea coast… you definitely have a disposition for those kinds of areas. No doubt the reason you lived in the Sarasota/Bradenton area of west coast Florida.

    I love the water myself and I really looking forward to this spring when I plan on visiting these same places on the Texas Gulf coast.

    All the best,

  5. I think i said it before now I'll say it again.. Quality of vidoe and interest of destination make GA a great channel.. I've added Calf Creek falls to my list of Utah destinations.. Although i can't get over the Wind River Park.. Thanks for introducing me to these great destinations !!

  6. Great look back at 2019, great year for you guys! Loved the kayaking of course, but Carlsbad Cavern will be added to our list! Great editing on this video!!! Keep it up, much success to you in 2020!

  7. Hi Marc, so kayaking at Padre Island was better / more fun than in Ep. 95: Green River Kayak Camping | Utah kayaking Canyonlands National Park? Just asking because to me the Green River looked more beautiful and fun.

  8. Great video. Next time you head down to the Texas coast let me know. We like the Rockport area and have done a couple rallys in the area.

  9. I heard you say that you would be back to visit certain places again. Do you find it hard to go back to a place you’ve already been to when there are so many more places to go and see?
    We’ve only just started out in trailer camping and the two places we’ve been to were great places, but I don’t know if I would want to back to them again, when we could be going somewhere new and different.

    On another note….I do not understand why you are getting “thumbs down” votes.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your trips in 2020!

    Thanks Marc!

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