EP2 FINLAND🇫🇮| Indian Family Exploring Helsinki Tourist attractions| हेलसिंकी में भारतीय परिवार

EP2 FINLAND🇫🇮| Indian Family Exploring Helsinki Tourist attractions| हेलसिंकी में भारतीय परिवार

We are going now outside towards exit then we have to catch a tram Select Buy a day pass select A & B zone select number of passenger i selected 2 and…… I have to pay 16 euros for 2 person you have to pay by card no option for cash i guess money is deducted lets remove the card. You can pay both by credit and debit card please wait…. ticket came out now This is one day pass valid on all bus and trams we have bought 2, for each adult 8 euros each for adult you can only pay by card in these machines This is valid for 24 hours from printing time not from validation time so lets go to market square which is the mian tourist hub I have reached Helsinki’s Lutheran Catherdral,which is very famous here we get down here first by tram There is a whole square around Lots of historical buildings around too much tourist today Lots of tour buses around but I didnt take any one of them These buses are quite costly in comparison to Tallinn overall also Helsinki is costly than Tallinn This is all square below the catherdral weather is very nice tody We are going now to market square The way is straight from here We have reached Market square and behind me is the Helsinki Town Hall There is whole Market behind It looks like a local market Mamta is looking for berries Sourab: Do you want to buy berries? Mamta: Yes Mamta: Berries are very famous here It looks like these market is very famous for all type of berries veggies too samy is worried whats going on There are berries and berries all around I guess they are from the local farms We are planning to have lunch here Salmon grill with rice is very famous here we are planning to eat that we are at the food stall section of the market mostly there is salmon and different kind of fish I can see potatos but not rice this is very famous lets see what are we going to eat Mamta: Sourab this is the one we are looking for All the food stalls are fully packed, I cant find any place to seat and eat lets go towards the end of the market We are scanning the whole market for different food options at the end we will decide what to eat This stall looks like little empty lets see the food options They have salmon lets order quickly This plate cost us 12 euros each means 24 euros for 2 plate It contains salmon grill, potatao grill, salad and some sauce mamta will comment on the taste tastyyyyyyy Mamta: I wanna buy some berries for samy because strawberry is favorite of Samy We did some shopping, i bought a tshirt for my brother and 2 magnets lets see what else is there in the market we have to catch the ferry also for suomenlinna island also both sides is awesome local market if you wanna buy souvenir,buy it from here frineds this is the main orthodox cathedral of Finland this was manufactured during 1862 to 1868 and also this is a very famous tourist attraction of finland We are going to catch the suomenlinna island ferry This ferry is run by goverment This ferry is free with the 24 hour pass which I bought earlier you can do the private tours also but if you have the Helsinki day pass then the retrun journey is covered in that suomenlinna island mainly consists of a suomenlinna fortress which is build on 6 islands This is also a major attraction of Helsinki The construction of the fotress started in 1748 when Finland was under the rule of Sweden after that it was under the rule of Russia in 1808 Russia tightened the security of the Fortress We are not going out from the boat we will go back in the same boat as we dont have enough time but you can have the tour of the island if you have lot of time then its a good to have the tour of the suomenlinna island so we are going now back to the market place this is all harbour front of Helsinki at my back we almost finish the tour of Helsinki we didnt get down at suomenlinna island Behind me is the Market square The view is very good from here lots of happening ,Samy is also going here and there Its getting cold as time passes our ship back to Tallinn is at 7:30PM we have to reach one hour before departure to the Helsinki Cruise Terminal so now lets find the tram to reach the cruise terminal Friends our today’s trip is almost complete now We have to catch Tram no 7 to Cruise terminal the bus stop is opposite Lutheran Cathedral The tram will come from this side I have reached Helsinki Cruise terminal we will catch the ferry back to Tallinn at 7:30 PM We already have the mobile boarding pass Boarding will start 50 min before departure This is the departure area of the Terminal This terminal looks more advance then Tallinn The ships are at far Our ship has started from Helsinki now There are small small islands Its cold outside at the deck It will take 2 hours to reach Tallinn The ship started before 15 min before departure time

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  2. Dont understand what you are saying but Helsinki is a nice place! If you are back in Finland, make sure to hiking in any of the amazing forest trails there is around. They are really nice! Cheers

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