– (Sydney) Eric is about to win!
Eric is about to win! Eric won! – (Tori) Are you impressed, Sydney?
– No. – (Tori) Gabbie, so in the nicest way,
what are you doing here? What were we doing with you today? – We were reacting to my own video,
which is always awkward. ♪ That’s right, I’m single
and I can’t keep a man ♪ – (Tori) What are you expecting
the YouTubers to say when they come in
and film this on Sunday? – I mean, I hope that they like it. I hope that they relate. I don’t think anybody
would talk [bleep] on camera because they know that
I’ll be seeing it and, you know, colleagues or whatever. We’ll see. Your guess is as good
as mine, honestly. – (Tori) So I know the past too
there was a trend where it was like
the Roast Yourself Challenge, but it was a lot more
humorous and lighthearted. What was your sort of idea
to take it in this more serious route? – Well, I just wanted to use
the Roast Yourself as a bait and to that– and that
was the whole purpose of it, was like, oh, we’re joking
about hating ourselves and it’s like, oh,
just kidding, I do. – (Tori) No, it’s because it’s true. I feel like a lot of people
are self deprecating and stuff, but then it’s mostly just to cover up
what we’re actually feeling, which l think is what your video
is kind of trying to express exactly. – Yeah, that was the vibe. – (Tori) All right, I’m glad
you came in for a second time. – Me too.
– (Tori) I’ll let you know and see what happens on Sunday
after all the YouTubers and everything. – Tell me if it’s safe to watch.
– (Tori) Okay. I’ll let you know.
– I’ll wait for your stamp of approval. – (Tori) JC.
– Yes? – (Tori) Whatchu got
going on this weekend? I know Sunday’s a big shoot day,
and just throughout the week even. – This week is
a very busy week for me. Today, I’ve been looking up
a bunch of Japanese commercials because we’re shooting
Japanese commercials with the YouTubers on Sunday. We’re gonna cut it off
before they show the product and guess, like, what is this gonna be
or what is this advertising? For most of them,
you can’t really tell because they’re so different and outrageous,
and the last one that we play is really, really, really funny,
so look out for that. – (Tori) So then Friday
is pretty much a big prep day because you need
to be ready for Sunday, like basically have everything
on the laptop already, so that when the YouTubers come in,
it’s literally sit down and let’s film this.
– Correct. Thursday and Friday are big prep days. Thursday, the full team is here,
the full OG team is here. And then Friday,
it’s just me and Kyle, so it’s a little bit less
but we have most of the episodes done by Friday. The remaining half or whatever,
we kind of pick up the slack or, you know, for whatever
was leftover on Thursday. – (Tori) Shoot, it’s
a busy weekend for you. – It’s a busy weekend.
I’m glad it’s Friday and I’m glad it’s the end of the day Friday,
but I’ll see you tomorrow and then I’ll see you again Sunday.
– (Tori) Oh, yeah! Megan?
– Hi. – (Tori) I’ve got a question for you.
– Yes, Tori. – (Tori) So this is your first time
planning the React party thing, right? – Yes.
– (Tori) How has it been? – Well, I mean, it’s clearly been
smooth sailing at all times. No complications. Nothing weird about having
that many guests at a venue. A total breeze. I really think I nailed it. Actually, okay, all right,
if I’m being honest– there’s so many people.
We want them all to come and try to find
a place that’s super cool to fit that many people. You know, it was a bit of a challenge,
but we did it and I think it’s just gonna be
the good gosh darn best party of the summer!
– (Tori laughing) – I made the first couple ones. – Find me in five years
with my chili on my white shirt. – Let’s go! Let’s go! Woo! Come at me! – Hey! Hey! Hey!
– (Eric) How’s the party going so far? – I’m loving it.
It’s the best time of the year. – (Eric) What is it like for you
to just see it grow every single year? – It’s hard to describe. Any time I think what are we doing,
I think about this party, and when I’m at this party
and can see it all in real life, it just makes me feel so good
of just in the world today to have a place
where people of all kinds and all ages feel like a family, and now that the staff is here too,
there’s really nothing like it and it’s a unique thing,
I think, in entertainment and I’m so proud to be part of it. – (Eric) What are you guys doing? – We’re gonna go to the bounce house
like real adults. – (Eric) When was the last time
you guys were in a bouncy castle? – It’s been a long time.
– I was 16 maybe. – I saw some kid who
tangled up in the side and that’s gonna be me.
(giggling) That was my worst fear
and it happened! – Whoever planned this
was just amazing. I mean, she really thought about it. But, no, it’s fun. It’s fun watching everybody walk in,
watching them take in what’s going on
and being really excited to see people that
they don’t always get to see. It’s been wonderful. – (Tori) Today is
the YouTubers React shoot, so there’s a ton of YouTubers here. There’s less people in the office,
so it’s busy and there’s people here, but yeah,
you’re gonna follow me throughout the day.
We’re going to be filming some After Reacts
and YouTubers React. Yeah, let’s go see
what’s going on today. So, Ryland and Morgan, are are
officially done with you guys here. How was the first experience?
– I liked it. – It was good, yeah. – I liked seeing all
the different setups in the rooms. – And it’s oddly relaxing
because you get into a dark room, you put on the headphones,
and it’s just like you’re watching YouTube
on your couch at home but you’re here. – (Tori) You haven’t done
the YouTubers wall yet, right? – No, I haven’t. – (Tori) Since it is your first time,
I think you gotta do it. – Why did you guys
make the Elders React look like a gravestone.
– (Tori) Wait! No, no, no, no, no. It’s not supposed
to look a gravestone. It’s supposed to look like
an old timey intro card thing. But you can sign
the YouTubers wall over here. – I will. I will. I’m sorry.
I’m getting a little distracted. Thank you. Thank you. – (Tori) Thank you, everybody.
– So much. My fans.
(scattered applause) – (Tori) Awww! Thanks, y’all. So how are you doing now? You just finished filming with us.
– Yeah, I’m doing really well. That was actually really fun. – (Tori) So not nerve-wracking
or anything at all then? – Not really. I think being a YouTuber
makes you a little bit more comfortable when
you see other YouTubers, and also, I’ve been watching
Fine Brothers for a while, so, yeah, it was really fun.
I would definitely do it again. So I was mentioning to them before
that 10 years ago, when I was 14, 15 years old,
I sent a message asking– it was super casual, like,
“Do you guys have any openings for Kids or Teens React? Let me know!”
Never got a reply. Well, I technically did on Twitter
10 years later at 25. – (Tori) Did you
take it up with Benny? Did you yell at him? – I actually did
take it up with Benny. I told him, I just like,
“Dude, so this happened.” He’s like, “I legit
want to find this email.” I’m like, “Dude, it’s
probably gonna be under MSN or AOL, on some
cringey number system sort of name. – (Tori) All right, and you did great. I was in your shoot with you. You’re already a veteran at this.
I could feel it. – Aww, thank you.
Thank you very much. – (Tori) Sydney’s in
the junior break room right now. We had a very important
question for you. Who would win, an adult
with toddler strength or a toddler with adult strength? – I think toddler with adult strength
would definitely win. – (Tori) Really? Oh! – Because you’re tiny
and they can maneuver, and then when they punch–
they can crawl between your legs and then punch you in the butt. – (Tori) So since we have
the YouTubers in the office today, we’re also filming After React,
which is on our super cool new set with a whiteboard
and everything, but Julie isn’t here today,
which means that I’m gonna be running the cameras and stuff
here on After React. So I’m doing the vlog today
and After React. It should be a ton of fun. Sean, you’re back!
– I am! Hi, everyone!
– (Tori) …React with me. – Yay, I’m back with Tori. She’s back with a camera–
– (Tori) Okay, I do want to ask you, though, because this is my first time
running it by myself, how did I do? – You did fantastically!
– (Tori) Be mean to me. No, no, no, no, no.
Be mean to me. – No! You did super well.
I’m never going to be mean to you. – (Tori) Oh, okay.
-PMA, positivity! – (Tori) Do you have
any idea of what videos you think you’re gonna film today? Do you ever think about that
when you come here, like, okay, what am I
gonna get myself into at FBE. – Yeah, I’m kind of worried
that they’ll make me react to my own videos someday,
which will never ever happen, but I’ll clam up when that happens. – (Tori) So, wait, the last time
you came into the office, it was your first time
here at FBE, right? – Yeah.
– (Tori) Do you feel like a veteran now, coming here
and feeling like, “Oh, yeah, I got this.”
– No. I don’t know how to react to things. My reactions are like,
“Oh, that’s good.” (sighing) Should I ham it up?
Should I go overboard? Should I be realistic?
I don’t know. But this time, I’m more comfortable. – (Tori) We’ll just have you
do more dancing. – Yes! – (Tori) It might be
the ‘lings challenge. – Yeah, I did it wrong, but I memed
the shit out of it, so I was happy about that. – ♪ …and beside me ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I want you ♪ ♪ And I need you ♪ – (Tori) So Jacksepticeye
was the last YouTuber that I had to film for After React.
It was great, though. I go to do the vlog and then
also talk to the YouTubers for After React.
It’s been a busy day. But it’s the end of the day,
which means we go home now. Hope you enjoyed the vlog, though,
and seeing the behind-the-scenes of what’s going on,
and then also the React party. So see you next time. Bye! – Let me just say I do have that hat. – Shut up. Really? – (Sydney) Yeah.
– You have the Klondike hat? Pound it. – (Sydney) [Inaudible]
at the meet and greet. – Oh, my gosh.
It is so cool to see you again. Thanks for coming to that.
– I know! I was gonna bring it up,
but then I was all like, “It’s fine. I’m never gonna meet him again.”
– And here you are!

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