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  1. Hey Friends! 😃 I hope you enjoy this second episode from Moscow. 🇷🇺It was truly an eye-opening experience for me after only knowing this place through rumors and media!
    Also, respond to this comment with an emoji if you're part of my notifications squad! 🔔I appreciate you guys so much!! 👊
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  2. Little did you know that you would coming home witha Russian bride:) You make a great good will ambassador! The drone shots are really amazing and the city looks beautiful! Really am enjoying the series, can't wait for the next installment! Thanks for bringing us along!

  3. Thanks for this Gareth. I learned a lot about Russian food from this vid. Its also nice to see Mike fearlessandfar in this vlog. Im sure many filipinos recognize him 🙂
    Waiting for the the next vlog..

  4. Beautiful spots! 😍
    Love dumplings and veal 😋
    Interesting soup.
    Aww no…Bromance Honeymoon ruined… I blame the Tandem Bike😖

  5. Your channel is definitely fantastic! It's nice to watch your videos and see fabulous places! hugs friend and keep traveling and enjoying pleasant adventures!🤗

  6. Wow, your videos are so professional. And that first restaurant looks amazing. They even let you wear the costumes! It actually did a good job summarizing Russian culture in such a small space, while having that warm atmosphere of being in a babushka's kitchen.

  7. Friends, how engaged and free all the media in the West are, you could see before, during and after the Russian World Cup. Before the World Cup, all the media in Europe and America literally begged their citizens not to go to Russia telling them all kinds of terrible tales about Russia and the Russians. Then, when people nevertheless went to Russia and began massively posting videos on the Internet about real Russia, about its beauty, hospitality and kindness of Russians, the safety and excellent organization of the tournament, the tone of articles about Russia in the media changed dramatically. They began to cover what was happening in Russia either neutrally or positively, because it made no sense to lie, too many independent, private videos from Russia were posted online by ordinary people from around the world. But after the end of the World Cup in Russia, the Western media again took up the old and familiar thing – pour mud on Russia and Russians. They again started telling stupid stories about them, making films about vicious, aggressive Russians and about "backward, depressed, dangerous, mired in corruption and doping scandals "Russia. All the media in the world is a cesspool designed to brainwash people with lying shit.

  8. three points here: 1. that Jolly and fun breathing Gareth in Japan is still present in this Russian vlog.
    2. You well achieved presenting Russia in a different perspective. And, 3. A great bonus (surprise)..you tamed this Fearless and Far guy Mike…heheh! Really good vlog, Gareth!

  9. Awesome as always bigbro. Stay safe! Hope you visit Philippines again. With Mike Corey. (FearlessandFar) he's one of the fighterboys. Haha godbless you bigbro.

  10. wow Russia🇷🇺 you were right!!! eye opening it is 😳 enjoying watching the video😁 can't wait for next one😆

  11. Thanks, Bro! Your life will always be good, because you look at life correctly. "In one window looked two, one saw rain and dirt. The other-foliage green ligature, spring and the sky blue .Two men were looking out of one window…."

  12. Oh la`la`la`la` Gareth, juste seul tes bras tellement magnifiques me font vraiment etre completement mordue de toi, je dois avouer…!!! <3 <3 <3

  13. За "наздоровье" жирный дизлайк. Не знают собственную культуру. Позорники

  14. Особое спасибо,что вы показали миру православную службу и просветлённые лица моих соотечественников

  15. Очень профессионально сделан блог, сразу видно серьезный подход к приятному делу 🙂 Если вы к России с душой относитесь, то и она вам отвечает взаимностью 🙂 Успехов вам!

  16. Rather budget trip. Hostels and double-decker train. It has quite a few room in the compartment. Regular sleeper number 1 or 3 is much better.

    The salt upon the bread is not for dipping the bread in. It’s just a decoration and kind of a symbol of hospitality. You should have eaten a morsel of bread and thrown a bit of salt through the left shoulder. Epic fail. You may have ended up in GULAG for violating ancient traditions.


  17. Amazing Russian food feast, we never try even 1 of dish or drink in the video lol so good to bring us along in the video😋

  18. В кафе с русской кухней я забыла, что вы в Москве, как будто бы в деревне были)) очень понравились съёмки с православного праздника! Шикарно продуманная программа!

  19. классное видео. Добро пожаловать в Москву! Удачи в вашем путешествии!

  20. Даже я проникся русским духом, в церкви, очень хорошо снято,удачи.

  21. очень приятный и симпатичный блогер))) жду с нетерпением следующий сюжет про путешествие по России.

  22. Very informative video! I’ve learned a lot about Russia, and of course enjoyed everyplace you’ve gone! Thumbs up Gareth!👍

  23. Greetings from USA! Great video. I LOVE RUSSIA ! We should do this People DIPLOMACY ! We should visit each other, make friends, LEARN about Culture. Ordinary people are much wiser than politicians. Peace and Love to the world !!!

  24. русская народная еда – щи и репа. они даже сказку про репу придумали.

  25. Каким надо быть извращённым уродом, чтобы поставить дизлайк?
    А наши люди очень красивые)))!

  26. Как классно ты снимаешь и выбираешь темы и локации. Круто

  27. We are not that different Russians and Americans. I hope people realize it sooner. Russia is a beautiful country! And I love her dearly ❤️ hopefully you will too

  28. Приятно видеть людей, которые хотят понять других, знакомяться с жизнью страны, изучают, а не поучают.

  29. Гарет, спасибо за видео, ты молодец, добро пожаловать в Россию, но ты взялся за очень трудную задачу, для того чтобы бегло показать своим подписчикам всю Россию тебе понадобиться несколько лет.

  30. Ох уж эта сталинская православная церковь) Не та одухотворенная музыка этим попам подобрана, ой не та))

  31. Боже мой ну какой еще лимон с водкой???? Кто Вам такое подсказал??? гренки поджаренные на сале + чеснок + шпроты + соленый огурчик)) нюхаешь закуску, выпиваешь водку, нюхаешь закуску и закусываешь) а Так в целом идеальный монтаж и очень красивые виды) удачи в путешествии по России)

  32. Life in russia seemed pretty normal to me.at least in moscow.i'm looking forward to seeing the whole series as you travel deeper.i heard poverty is still a problem.don't know about their political climate but i guess i will find out more from you.love the orthodox church,everything wrapped in gilt and the ceremony, more like a catholic church celebration.thanks G.be safe😇👍👏.

  33. Зачем русские говорят На здоровье? Они нашу культуру по голливудским фильмам учили?

  34. Dear Gareth, thank you so much for sharing your experience. Hopefully people will start think form them self, and not base their opinions on what they see or hear on TV. Enjoy our beautiful country 🙂

  35. У вас просто обалденный кинематографический видеоряд съемок! Спасибо и очень талантливо! Добро пожаловать!

  36. Another great video!…thanks for sharing Gareth! I’m surprised they let you keep “Don’t come to the Kremlin” haha. Can’t wait for the next video. 👍

  37. There’s no ‘cow’ in Moscow! It’s pronounced Mosco! Gareth! What are you doing supporting a awful regime like Putin’s Russia! By traveling there you are saying the way the government (oligarchs) treat their people is fine! There is so much poverty and governmental controls over the way the people live. Please don’t add to the propaganda.

  38. So glad to see foreigners in Moscow where I was born. I hope that in the near future there will be more tourists in our city because we lack the international presence. You are always welcome, guys!.

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