“summer” “summer” “summer” “SUMMER!” “SUMMER!” “SUMMER!” “SUMMER!” “SUMMER!” “SUMMER!!!” Dennis “Finally, I get to play a game.” Natalie “finally, I get to sleep.” Rosalina “I’m BORED already.” “Hey guys, it’s me Natalie and it’s SUMMER!” (sing songy) summmmmmeeeerrr! crickets chirping and now you’re bored. Happens to me every single summer and you have all this free time, and you have nothing to do. Thumbs up if that’s you right now. Hold up not to worry because today I’m going to be showing you easy pranks all under five dollars to get your friends and family and spice up your summer. And the topic of summer I’m gonna be going on the create your summer tour with my best friends, Wengie and Karina Garcia Oh my god, literally the tour starts in 15 days It’s crazy. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to meet you guys 22 different cities with my best friend, Wengie and Karina Garcia literally, the iconic trio. So if you’re also bored this summer come and hang out with us all the tickets and information will be linked down below But you need to buy your ticket today literally before they sell out. Go tell your mom, your friend, your grandparents, your cousin come out with us. Get these tickets are already sold out in the phone cities. Make sure you grab your tickets before they sell out. Time is ticking guys. It’s almost Showtime. (KIds saying “EWWWW”) “Yawns” “NO WAY!” “EWWWW” GASPS (Elevator Muzac) HUH? What? “EWWW!” WHAT?! SCREAMING Maniacal Laughter “Hi sister.” Thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and leave me a comment below with your best friend’s name And who do you think you will prank? I’m so excited to see you guys this summer if you haven’t already make sure you purchase your tickets at WWW.createyoursummertour.com or check out the link down below in the description. I love you guys so much I hope you have an amazing day and don’t forget to live weird or die normal…Byeeee.

100 thoughts on “EPIC SUMMER PRANKS TO DO WHEN YOU’RE BORED! (Under $5)

  1. Happy Saturday! It’s SUMMER!! ☀️ yay!! …and your probably bored ? I hope these pranks pep you up to get creative and not be bored this summer! Comment below your best friends name! ? Would you prank them with these? ?

  2. UHH……. I'm in school and my mom would beat me to death if I did any of these like if your parents would do the same

  3. My bffs names are Luna and Freya like if you love your bffs and would always stay with them in contact even tho their far away.

  4. My best friend's/friend's

    #6.✨ Caitlyn.

    Like if you LOVE your bestie.


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