Episode 1 – Vlog of Purple Summer: Backstage at SPRING AWAKENING with Andy Mientus

Episode 1 – Vlog of Purple Summer: Backstage at SPRING AWAKENING with Andy Mientus

Okay, I think we’re recording. Hi America and the world, my name is Andy and I’m playing Hanschen in Deaf West’s new Broadway Revival of Spring Awakening, which is really surreal and exciting for me because I did the show a couple of years ago in the first tour of its original production and I had always hoped that like maybe maybe if things had gone well on well on tour and the team is happy with what I was doing that I might get to do the show on Broadway and then the show closed on Broadway before too long and then the tour went on after that on its own there is no way Broadway production for me to go to and I had an amazing time I never thought that I would do this show again any where let alone on Broadway I thought ya know it wouldn’t happen for a while, or I was too old whatever but through a really crazy chain of events here I am and our first day of tech at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre in Spring Awakening on Broadway! Come along with me and learn about the show. Here we have some of our ladies Alexandra and Kathryn and Lauren. You guys all share this room, that’s sweet. We were talking about colors like we want to make it really pretty. You must. It’s essential. This is our first day in the theatre as I mentioned and so it’s not looking super cute in here yet. Yet. But you just wait and see. It has a solid base though like it’s inspiring. It’s got good bones they’d say on HGTV right?. We’re gonna get some crystals, of course. It’s ess ential. You must. Let’s teach them a sign here at home, a catch phrase we used around here we used a lot is, you must as in you must. Alright. Well how do we say in that in ASL? We say You. Must. It’s a little hook. You must. We invite you to try it at home. You must. Well if you really want to emphasize it you must do four. I don’t know that one, that claw, that’s really nice
That is fierce. That’s advanced. So here we have more folks, we’ve got Van Hughes our musician swing, We’ve got Lizzy who is our hearing female swing, we’ve got Robert our hearing male swing, we’ve got Ren our deaf female swing. You better get it right. We got Daniel, that’s your name right? Daniel who is our adult men standby. What’s the difference between a standby and a swing. Principal contract or an ensemble contract. Yes. That is correct. this is a really cute, cute room. Apparently, this is normally the star room, because it’s the biggest one, I think is what someone said. Well, you’re a star. I mean look at all the stars on the door. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Oh my God are there seven of us? No. One, two, three, four, five, six. How are you feeling? Overwhelmed, It’s crazy! I think it hit me when I walked into the theater and I was like, It’s real Yeah, it’s pretty wild. It’s beautiful here, so gorgeous here. I love that it looks like it’s from the 1920s that’s cool. It feels romantic because there’s background music, right? This is truly documentary like. Here’s the marquee. Here’s Austin, Austin how do you feel? Sick. Austin is a little sick, But this is sick, right? It’s sick to be on Broadway. Here’s Sean Grandillo. There’s Daniel. He’s taking photos with a very fancy camera, look at that ooh and a microphone every one’s vlogging. Here’s Josh Castille. And Alex Wyse. Josh, how do you feel this is your first day on Broadway ever? I cried a little bit. You did? Yeah because I saw Sandy coming on the stage she was signing Mama Who Bore Me and I was just like “She’s so beautiful” and then I saw everyone else on stage I get experience this record amount of Broadway debuts and get to experience this amazing talent and I was like here I am three years ago watching you and Krysta on TV and now all you in this show together. It’s the best doesn’t get better than this. Here we have Broadway’s Krysta Rodriguez, Hello? Back where she belongs in the theater district. How do you feel? I feel great, it’s our first day of tech. It’s going swimmingly. It really is, I love it. Very chilled out in there. Very chill and we’re really excited to be doing this show. We’re doing a walk and talk, yeah. Its where I’m my best acting Give me a fake cup of coffee and a mark that’s at least 100 yards away and I am Meryl Streep OK. So Krysta Rodriquez and Alex Boniello are going to demonstrate for you the game that we play in tech to keep ourselves occupied. Basically you say a word at the same time you consider that word and then you have to try to say the same word at the same time by trying to meet in the middle. You’ll see. We’re very nervous we’ve not played this together. OK. Ready, one, two, three. Water. T-shirt. Water and t-shirt. Ready? I’m OK, yeah. OK, ready one, two, three Contest. The Beach. The Beach and contest, Alright I know what I would say. Ready? One, two, three SURFING. And that’s how you play the game. So this is our interpreter Cath and here we have Amelia. Hi, I’m Amelia and that’s my name sign and I’m Treshelle and this is my name sign. How do you guys feel our first week on Broadway. Yeah, it’s really exciting to be here. It’s shocking that we’re here it’s unexpected we went from a 99 seat house to Broadway in a year. That’s not usual. Well honestly I am feeling so inspired by this it just such a, I want to roll up my sleeves and do it more and ooh my gosh it’s just, I mean I could cry right now, but I’m not going to. I don’t want to cry right now, sorry I don’t want to cry right now. What are you guys excited for the people of New York to get from this, now you’re going to a new city and a new audience. What excites you the most about that part of it? Interesting from this show from Spring Awakening?
Yeah bringing this production now to a whole new batch of people. Well I would say, once they see the show hopefully they’ll feel inspired. I hope they know that they’re not alone, that we are all connected, we are in this together and to make sure not to forget about yourself, that you have that core, that you have that strength, you have that strength to continue no matter what . I also want to show that it’s easy to work with deaf people, not to be scared of us. It’s proof that we all can work together. When you’re not being a diva. When you’re not being a diva? You specifically. No. Not me, I’m a sweetie. Well of course I want to make sure people are signing right, but that’s when I become a diva. Only if necessary, right? Yeah. If you can’t understand people in the first place, how can you understand them, that simple. She gives me a lot of notes, a lot of good notes. Alright thanks so much you guys, enjoy your dinner break and thank you, Cath.
Thanks. Thank you for asking us, love you. This is Alex Boniello, aka Noodle, aka Bonnie, aka, yeah, he’s eating noodles. We call him noodles. He’s kind of noodly aka the voice of Moritz. It’s me, Hello. Alex was cast through Twitter. Like truly so have a good Twitter account kids at home if you’re hoping to get cast in a Broadway show because it could be the difference between getting cast and not getting cast. I guess so And Alex is a fellow gamer him and I both play games. What are you playing during tech-week to keep yourself sane and occupied? Well right now I want to make sure I get the names right so that I don’t, so I downloaded Lumosity which is like one of those things that trains your brain. Right it’s like it’s supposed to be good for you kind of? I don’t know Sean was talking about it. I play a lot of Hearthstone Hereos of Warcraft. We love Hearthstone. This is like a card game type thing, and then today Andy made me download Pokemon, what’s the puzzle, what is it? Shuffle. Get it right. It’s basically just Bejeweled but with Pokemon, so I don’t really know how this is gonna- I don’t really appreciate your tone. I don’t know if it’s going to catch. I’ve got this cool game that my cat plays. Yeah, it’s called Cat Fishing. What? I currently hold the highest score which I guess is not fair. I’ve heard of catfishing in the modern age but this is something else. So I guess ideally it’s hard for a cat because they are stupid because they are cats right. We are like whoa.So that score 860, that’s me that’s not actually my cat. So you play a game that’s literally meant for animals to play and you are proud of your highest score. It’s a good score. Welcome to Alex Boniello everyone I want to give my cat something to strive for. Thanks for talking to us. Yeah. Bye. Okay I have a really very special treat we are here in our Mamas’ House, these are our mamas. Welcome! Welcome! We have Camryn Manheim and Marlee Matlin. You can tell that we’re mamas because we have candy for all of the cast members would you like a kiss? I would love a kiss. I need one. We have just finished a very long day Got really good work done these ladies just did their big letter scene. This is Jack by the way. Hi. Jack is Marlee’s interpreter. What else can we tell you? This is our couch where everybody comes just relax. How are you guys enjoying being roommates? We love it, my favorite thing about the show, is this woman she is awesome. I second her. She’s a good mama to me. And you are both making your Broadway debuts, correct? In our little play, how do you feel? It’s unbelievable because it’s like a dream I never thought that I would be able to do it I never thought that it would actually come true. I bartented in this theater about 15 year-no more. She knows a lot about alcohol. Oh my God. It’s amazing to be here. Do you remember what show you were bartending for? Really you’re going to ask this? I’m just curious. It was the original production of Hamlet. It wasn’t 1985 was it? It was like ’83. Well we’re so happy to have you here. ’83 was the year I graduated from high school Shut up. I am definitely the oldest person in this cast. What are you most excited for to bring this show to New York? I’m excited of course you’re going to be on stage that’s exciting and there with every talented person it’s the most amazing thing the most amazing cast but I think I’m most excited because I left my husband and four kids at home and they’re going to be able to see all the hard work that I put into this when they come to New York and they’re going to know that’s it’s all worth it I’m very excited that they come and see the show. Same I’m excited to just bring this amazing show back to Broadway with a different take on it with another added layer of intrigue I just think it’s never it’s never too late to talk to your children and tell them what’s going on in the world and I hope that this show will remind parents to do that because it’s harmful to their health when we’re not honest with them. That’s beautiful, from two real life mamas and our mamas No, no. Mama Bears. Let me just say that I do tell my son all of this stuff that we talk about about in this play, and all he wants me to do is just shut up, so It’s so beautiful come and see our show, we’re so proud of it. We love you Broadway.com. They’re going to love that, they’re gonna use that forever, well thanks for talking to me after this long day of work I really appreciate it. Thanks for coming in and talking to us. Yeah, I’ll be in soon for more candy. Thanks for joining me and my cast as we move into the theatre for the first time. Let me know what you want to see, I’m sounding crazy right now because we just finished a 10 of 12, and we have another one tomorrow, and another one the day after that and we’ve no day off until our first previews so we’re working really hard here at the Brooks Atkinson but we’re so happy to be here, I’m so excited to share this show and hope that’s coming through in his videos, but yeah let me know like what you want to see, I haven’t done this in a long time and now I’m an old man and the internet has progressed in ways that I can’t understand, so let me know what do you want to see, I’m going to introduce you to the rest of the cast in the next video and hopefully be able to show you more of the theater, trying to keep things secret so as to not spoil anything, I have to be careful what I film and what I don’t, but I will try to show you more of the theater and more of the staff and the rest of the cast, and I can show you my dressing room which is coming along nicely but it’s not done yet. So thanks for watching, tune in, it’s going to be a wild ride. Good night.

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