Episode 8: Get in Losers: Backstage at the MEAN GIRLS Tour with Mariah Rose Faith

Episode 8: Get in Losers: Backstage at the MEAN GIRLS Tour with Mariah Rose Faith

♪ My name is Regina George ♪ ♪ And I am a massive deal ♪ – Hi guys, welcome to the last episode of Get In Losers and listen, I wanted to do something huge. I really thought about the works. I actually contacted someone in Chicago, to try and get actual fireworks. I talked about some guest stars. I was really, really thinking about making it crazy and huge because I have loved this experience so much and I love that people have
actually enjoyed watching this. So. I was ready to do that and then something happened. So I, it sounds crazy, it sounds
absolutely nuts but the set piece that we have in our show that, our bus, that I as Regina get hit by
mid-show, I get hit by this bus. It came out at rehearsal and hit me. I’m okay obviously, but it hit me good and I didn’t know who did it. So this last episode,
unfortunately turned into me trying to find out who hit me with the bus. I uncovered who did it. It was a shocking turn of events, but, yeah that’s my final journey for you guys. I’m really sorry it’s not something more, but obviously someone was
trying to take my role and I worked really hard for it. So I didn’t want that happening. So here’s the last
episode of Get In Losers, a true Mean Girls mystery. The bus comes out of that
little area right there. And I was onstage hanging out. Obviously, ’cause I hang out. And they were practicing the
bus and someone pushed me. I don’t know if you heard but
someone pushed me in front of our bus that comes out mid-show. – What? – And I don’t know who did it. – I don’t know what you’re talking about. – [Mariah] What, don’t
joke if it was not you. David are you trying to get my part? That’s what this is Gaelen! – No, no.
– Somebody’s trying to take my part. (shouting over each other) (slam) – [Mariah] What? There’s only 30 minutes
until top of show that I had to find out. (muffled speaking over intercom) (shouting) – [Mariah] I don’t know who did it. I don’t know who pushed
me in front of the bus and I’m trying to find out
who did it ’cause they’re trying to take my role. You have any ideas? Marcus! Oh, I’m gonna talk to Marcus. – It was Marcus. – [Mariah] I knew– – It was Marcus.
(groaning) – [Mariah] Now we have
some, we have some clues, we have some ideas. Adante, someone pushed me
in the front of the bus. – What? – [Mariah] Someone,
yeah, you heard me right. Someone pushed me in front
of our bus that we use. Someone’s trying to take my part. Who do you think it is? So far I have Marcus and David. – Who’s coming for your part? – [Mariah] Yeah. – Sam. – [Mariah] Sam, okay. Hi Peaches. Someone pushed me in front of the bus. – Oh no! – [Mariah] I know. – Did the bus get damaged? – [Mariah] Yes it did. – Oh my God. – Some people think that
they’re understudy would want to take their role but I know
my standby English Bernhardt would never do that to me. Also she’s playing Cady
all this week so I know, God, I wouldn’t want that
responsibility so there’s no way English pushed me in front of the bus but we are still on the
hunt as to who did it and I’m gonna find out who it was. I don’t know if you’ve heard
but I got pushed in front of our fake bus today. (gasp) – What? – [Mariah] Yeah, so I try– – Did it hit you? – [Mariah] Yes. I’m trying to find out who pushed me. (laughing) So I am, so they’re trying
to get my role obviously. – Yeah obviously. – [Mariah] So I’m
narrowing it down to a few. So far we have David, Sam
and Marcus but I don’t know. – Shawn. – [Mariah] You think Shawn did it? – It was Shawn. – [Mariah] You think Shawn
wants to go on as Regina. – Yeah well he’s in charge of that bus. – [Mariah] You’re right. Jonalyn, did you hear I
got hit by our bus today. Like, actually. – Wow. – [Mariah] Yes and I’m
trying to find out who did it because they obviously want my part. What’d you just mouth? – Nothing. – [Mariah] What’d she just mouth? (laughing) Jonalyn (muffled speaking),
let’s add Jonalyn, Sam, Marcus. – It was definitely Marcus. – [Mariah] David. (muffled speaking) – [Mariah] Niani, someone
pushed me in front of the bus. The actual bus and I’m trying
to figure out who did it. Who do you think it is? It’s obviously someone that
wants to play Regina right? – Olivia. (gasp) – [Mariah] I gotta track her down. Olivia. Did you push me in front of the bus? – Um, I did not. – [Mariah] Oh. – Sorry. – [Mariah] Do you know who’d maybe do it to try and play Regina? – Well maybe it was a spooky
little ghost in the theater. (laughing) (mumbling)
– I have a better guess. David. – [Mariah] David is on my list. He’s on my list. – I thought it was Cady. – [Mariah] No. – Didn’t she? – [Mariah] No in real life. – Oh in real life. – [Mariah] Someone pushed me. – Uh, ugh, might’ve been
me, I’m a narcissist. – [Mariah] It was not you
you silly goose. (laughing) Emma, someone pushed me
in front of the real bus. – What? – [Mariah] Yeah and I’m trying
to figure out who did it. Who wants this part? – You know, I’d hate to start
a rumor but I would say, David. – [Mariah] People keep telling me David. People keep tell, I know
I’m not going crazy. I’ve got David and Marcus,
man they’re out there and I. (growling) Okay. Sarah. – Hey! – [Mariah] Did you hear
someone pushed me in front of the actual bus, me Mariah. – Who? – [Mariah] I don’t know, I’m trying. – Wasn’t me.
– It was Star. Oh good job. – [Mariah] Star! Wait I’m sorry we’re interrupting
my podcast interrupt, excuse me English Bernhardt, Cady Heron, how’s it going out there? – It’s going great I got a great team, everybody’s cheering me on. (muffled speaking) With love. We’re getting through. – [Mariah] We’re getting through, woo! I don’t know who did it, I really don’t. And I have been asking everybody,
I mean my gut says David but my heart says Marcus. I don’t know what do you think? – Mariah, I know who did it. – [Mariah] What do you
mean you know who did it? Who did it? Why you crying? – I don’t wanna tell you. – [Mariah] Why? We’re all a family here. – It was Eric. – [Mariah] Eric? Eric Huffman. – It was me! – [Mariah] No it was not you! (laughing) Oh yeah, huh? Oh yeah, huh, you did, no! I’m getting out of here!
– Push! I don’t need this!
– Push, push! My God, you’re never seeing me again. Okay so Ryan I don’t know
if you knew this but someone pushed me in front of the bus. Like, pushed Mariah in front of the bus. – Like on a street? – No our bus in the show. (laughing)
– Oh. We have forms for that. You need to come see HR. – Okay but before I– – That’s disciplinary action. – Ryan but before I do that
I have to uncover a mystery. I don’t know who did it. – Oh, ’cause it was dark. – It was dark and I think
someone wants to play my part. But I already signed the contract. – Oh. – Do you have any ideas?
– I mean I would start with Marcus. – Marcus is on my list! – Listen, I’m not saying for
sure ’cause I don’t wanna, we probably need to go through
all the proper steps but we definitely need to
get something going here. This could be– – It’s serious. – Well this is, yes. – Thank you for caring about me. – First of all they could do
it again and you die and then they go on in your role. – I know. – Two they get, fired. – Yeah well I would prefer
it even, like even though they’re my friend. – Gives me something fun to do. – Oh, Ryan! Morgan, I heard that you
might’ve been the one that pushed me in front of the bus. – What? – [Mariah] And I know, listen,
I think you would sound beautiful on the Regina
songs but that’s just not the way to go about it. – It wasn’t me. – [Mariah] It wasn’t, you promise? – No I promise it was not
me, I saw who did it and it was not me. – [Mariah] Who did you see? (stuttering) – I can’t tell. – [Mariah] Okay you’re being
a good friend and I’m really glad it wasn’t you because I
got really sad when he told me. – I love you so much. – [Mariah] Thank you so
much for not being you, I’m so happy. Olivia it wasn’t Morgan. (growling) (mumbling) – Oh sorry. – Okay the night show is done. I still don’t know who did it. I will find out who did it by
the end of matinee tomorrow. Trust me, I’m the queen of
mysteries and I got this and oh here’s a picture of
me and Megan, it’s good. I got this and I have some
leads so I’m gonna figure out who did it. – [Gaelen] Good luck. – Thank you Gaelen. – Good luck. – [Mariah] Marcus. Marcus I need to talk to you. – What? – I’m confronting you because
everyone told me that you were the one who pushed
me in front of the bus. (laughing) – Most racist thing I’ve ever heard. – [Mariah] Well do you
wanna play Regina or not? – I would never wanna play
Regina because you are racist. – [Mariah] What? (mumbling) (laughing) – It is national swing day,
this is not acceptable. Not, not acceptable. – [Mariah] Sam, congrats
on national swing day. – Thank you baby.
– Has it been a nice day for you? – It has. – [Mariah] I am so glad. Marcus I swear to, okay well
fine Marcus, it wasn’t you. I’m sorry. But then maybe you should
talk to everybody in this day company who said it was. Specifically Ryan Lympus who said it was. – Oh Ryan Lympus, his last
name’s Lympus that is weird. – [Mariah] Brien was it you? Did you push me in front of the bus? – Yes I did. Yes, I got a great business. – I accept that, I accept it. David, everyone thought it
was you or Marcus who pushed me in front of the bus
so for the last time, was it you or was it not you? – I don’t know what you’re talking about. – [Mariah] Was a great
shove, it was a great shove! I don’t know who did it. I don’t know. – I’m so sorry. – I don’t know who pushed me. – I’m so sorry. (laughing) It wasn’t Shawn. – It wasn’t, it wasn’t,
I know it was not Shawn. It wasn’t Jonalyn, I did
the math, you weren’t there. It wasn’t English. – Wasn’t me. – [Mariah] Brien says it
was him but I don’t know. Hey guys it’s me. So we’re in intermission
of our Wednesday matinee. I have to hand off this footage
to be edited and I’m still not sure who pushed me
in front of the bus. It’s not Marcus, he why’d
I ever think it was Marcus. David is still up there in
the running but I just– – [Announcer] This is your places call. Places please (muffled speaking). – And now it’s time for places
and I have to know who it was by the end of this dang show. – [Announcer] (muffled
speaking) Back to the stage for some stool-ography. – And there’s stool-ography happening. – [Gaelen] What is that
stool-ography, that sounds dirty. (laughing) – Well Gaelen that’s because it is. – I just had some
stool-ography in the bathroom. – [Mariah] Yeah I have
stool-ography in the bathroom multiple times a day. – We don’t want that. – [Mariah] No I love it, it’s who I am. Hey it’s, oh I look like a clown. That didn’t help. Okay, listen, shows done. (laughing) I really have not, I’m
not doing too great but I gotta find out who pushed
me and I don’t think it was David I sat through it all
back to Gaelen and I don’t think it was him and the more
I think about it the more I think it was someone who’s
been right under my nose who I trusted this whole time. – [Gaelen] Who? – I don’t know but I’m thinking
back to who I’ve talked to and you know, Megan said
it was Shawn, I just don’t think it was, I think he
doesn’t wanna be in, like, as a cast member. I think he’s fine on crew,
I think he enjoys it. You know what? I talked to MK and MK said it was Eric and then she made a joke out of it, which is
interesting ’cause I didn’t think much of it but then it
makes sense that she would protect her friend. They’re so close. Gaelen, I think it was
Eric, this whole time. (dramatic instrumental music) Oh my God. It was Eric. I’m certain of it now. And I need to catch him. Do you think he’s backstage somewhere? – Go get him! – I have to get him! Okay, all right. (muffled speaking) Eric Huffman! – What? – [Mariah] I know it
was you who pushed me in front of the bus! – No, it wasn’t me! – [Mariah] You cannot hide from me! Say hi to broadway.com! – [Crowd] Hi! – [Mariah] No, spoiled again by me. – I just want to play Regina. – [Mariah] I know you do. Get off the ground it’s really dirty. And just like that, we’re done. Guys thank you so much for
being a part of this with me. Sometimes it was really hard
to get footage with a busy week but most times this was a lot of fun. I thank you to my entire
Mean Girls company who put up with me with
a camcorder backstage for many weeks and thank you
to you guys for joining us on the ride. This has been delightful. Thank you to broadway.com for having me. I never thought I’d have
a broadway.com vlog and there we are. We made it happen. So yeah, we aren’t gonna get sappy. You’ll see me around, I ain’t
going nowhere, except I’m, I am going, I’m not doing
anymore vlogs for this. Right now. All right, bye. ♪ My name is Regina George ♪ ♪ And I am a massive deal ♪

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