Equipment Tour! – It’s Finally Here!

Equipment Tour! – It’s Finally Here!

oh darn you Birds got a poop on
everything this is awesome this is the first real
thunderstorm we’ve had come over us good thing I just brought the drone in it was
up in the air a second ago they’re dumb oh yeah he’s gonna hit us
hard Wow I don’t know how much rain we got
yet but there’s water on the ground and it looks good and I’m happy
it’s been fun we’ve been watching it on the negative side we were gonna go do
the whole farm equipment tour problem is the buildings were got to drive to or on
dirt roads and they’re wet now and muddy yeah a little gooey so we’re gonna hold
off on that until hopefully it firms up a little bit but they’re gonna clean the
shop down that’s the plan well we’ll try to stick with a plan let’s clean up chop
and then we’re gonna look at toys and stuff all right don’t worry this shop is so clean that’s all she
wrote folks that uh that system just moved over us that’s the kind of rain we
get this time here it’s not rainstorms like it’s more or less a thunderstorm
that comes over that’s why it still crackling above me and then it’ll rain
whatever there but that one went right over the top of us it was perfect so I’m
gonna walk over here let’s see what the gauge says okay
here’s the rain gauge four tenths of an inch
yes that is awesome today wasn’t even supposed to our rainy day that’s
tomorrow and Friday which means we could get another I don’t understand another
half inch at least we just barely got almost a half inch of rain right there
praise the Lord all right first up let’s hit the trucks
semis okay we have a 1990 Peterbilt with a 3406 B cap motor we’re figuring it’s
probably four hundred to four and a quarter horsepower set up it’s got an
18-speed transmission in it does this pretty good thanks dusty dire this
straight here is a 1992 Peterbilt it’s got a n 14 select Cummins in it it’s
about 350 to 400 horsepower somewhere in that range it has a nine speed
transmission it awesome truck and this one right here you guys know pretty well
it’s a 1986 9370 International Harvester one of the last years that they produced
him before they got bought out it has a big camp three and it’s probably 300
horse to 400 horsepower in that range it’s got a 13 speed in it you guys know
all about this one as you see there’s no trailer it’s pending we’ll figure it out right here we have a 2011 Maurer trailer
it’s a steel trailer 40 foot spring suspension roll tarp white paint works
pretty well right here we have a Leyland trailer I believe that’s what it’s
called not sure exactly but it’s like in 1983 to 1986 steel 40-foot trailer we’ve
had it for a while right here we have a 1994 vulval white GMC it’s got a Cummins
and 14 select but it is rated about 330 horse nine speed transmission on the
drop deck we’ve got two two thousand gallon water tanks both paula mera on
the front we have a 1250 gallon tank so we have a total of five thousand two
hundred fifty gallons of water capacity we have the handler cone induction
system as well as room for shuttles and barrels and other stuff right here we have a 1983 GMC 6,000 350
in it four-speed transmission two-ton truck and on the back of this 6000 we’ve
got a 2000 gallon galvanized water tank right here we have a 20-foot 1984 Wilson
trailer little pup we use it once in a while ok my turn I wanna talk about it
nope not gonna happen right here we have a 1986 international 4300 it’s got a big
cam 3 it’s definitely tuned up not sure the
horsepower but it’s fun to drive it’s got a 13 speed in it and as you can tell
it’s a dump truck and at one point this was a semi with a sleeper they converted
it into a dump truck this right here is a 1965 allis-chalmers
100 it’s a non turbo engine which is a 10,000 series we rebuilt the motor in it
got it for real cheap it’s got a little slopping it but we use it a lot you’ll
see more videos on it trust me as far as vehicle trailers go we’ve got a custom I
don’t know if it was a camper but 16 foot made gooseneck trailer we got a
sled bed that leg arms built for a snowmobiling that we hardly ever did
then over here we’ve got a wheel Ray manufacturing 26 foot with beaver tail
17,000 gross right here is a 1972 Chevy Longhorn only three thousand three
hundred thirty ones these made right here is called a camper special six
inches on the frame and six inches on the box the engine in this thing has
been rebuilt but it needs tuning in a few things we just haven’t gotten to it
original miles on this thing about 50 mm and this beauty right here is a 1961
Mercury Comet three on the tree shifting 4-door will keep it keep a few of our augers here we’ve got
an 82 foot harvest international 13 inch auger and then back here we’ve got a
Brandt 40 foot 8 inch auger and then over here we’ve got 57 foot 7 inch
westfield auger we’ve got a 70 foot 13 inch westfield augers this right here is
a mutant auger that we made a transfer auger it originally was a 70 some foot
10 inch auger but we cut it down to like 40 some feet and it’s PTO driven it
needs little bit of fine-tuning but it moves weed fast right here we have a
John Deere 2010 backhoe think it’s an industrial version backhoe got a little
non turbo four-cylinder diesel engine in it I think it’s due for an overhaul
needs a little work done to it but we’ve dug a lot of holes with this bad boy
it’s not very powerful in this up right here we have a 2 tine rotary rock picker
right weight not our truck not going to talk about it right here is a 1955 u
special Minneapolis Molina that thing’s picked a lot of rocks over
the years my dad knows that thing very well right here is a 1968 Dodge 500 we
put a 350 motor in this one Chevy right here is a 1965 Dodge 500 these two girls have hauled a lot of
green over the years for Walker farms it’s amazing right here is a 1984 versatile 1150 it
was gonna get salvaged so we bought it for the engine put that engine into our
big bud and as of right now we’re not sure what we’re gonna do with this but
it is a beautiful tractor right here is a 1990 Chevy Kodiak this right here is
something I kind of convinced my brother my dad to buy I bought the truck for
1,800 bucks nothing on the back it has a 427 gas in it the digger Derrick Alltech
is the crane I bought that for 1,800 bucks how to modify a few things slapped
it on the back and now we got a pretty good service truck you’ve seen it in the
videos this right here guys obviously you know what I’ve seen him this is big
brute big brute started off as a 2001 Case IH 4375 floater truck we bought it
totally rebuilt it it’s got a big bud hood from the 80s is an actual big bud
hood taking off a big bud pretty awesome the back is an S 1070 Newhall in 2009
100 foot 600 gallon sprayer mounted out on the back of it this thing’s awesome
you guys see it all the time I’m gonna go drive it this 1994 hundred three
hundred four tracks was like arms first ATV purchase they ran a lot of a lot of
miles in the farm it almost killed me it almost killed my brother-in-law now it’s
it’s here engine runs that’s about it this here is a custom ated Icehouse
it’s a tip-up it’s awesome you guys gonna see a video soon we just haven’t
put together yet this guy right here we’re saving for a lot more races big
plans for him you just wait this right here is our 2010 a s10 ten
hundred foot Apache sprayer got it for a number of years been a good sprayer does
a good job honor answer 350 good for wheeler it’ll
run forever 2005 though if anybody’s interested it wouldn’t mind having a
side-by-side so if you can deal one of those talk that there is quickie we
don’t know the year we don’t know the manufacturer we just know it’s awesome
to have in the shop and I got it from a Salvation Army
you have to realize all this stuff that we have it’s been accumulating
throughout years we’ve had a hundred years underneath our belt of our farm so
it’s not like we just went out and bought all this stuff it’s taken a long
time to finally accumulate to what we have now and a lot of it isn’t worth
much it’s pretty old right here on my left hand and my right hand are both
Ford 9000 series trucks we have a 1973 and in 1976 this one here has got a
turbo Cummins I think it’s like a 290 Cummins or something but it’s been tuned
up it’s got some power to it this one here is a non turbo Cummins both have
nine speeds good tan and trucks they’re full 20-foot boxes ones red and blue
ones green right here is a 1989 Dodge Power Wagon
250 it’s got 360 it gets used once in a while and what we have on the back has
the sprayer is a 60 foot summers every once in a while we pull it out to you
small work right here is a really neat old truck that’s been in our family
forever it’s a 1954 dodge grain truck it’s got a
Hemi in it too so that’s pretty sweet one of the neat things about this truck
before the fuel pump went out on it is no matter how old of gas had had we put
a battery in it cranked it just a little bit and it would fire up and run this
thing has been Old Faithful until the fuel pump went out well we just we don’t
have a use for it for small items so it just sitting here but one day maybe this
thing would come back to life again so right here we’ve got a 2012 Brant
green deck this thing’s awesome we use it all the time with our semi trailers
back here we’ve got two Case IH macked on design 45 foot Draper headers these
haven’t seen any use in the farm yet but the gun of this year can’t wait they’re
both 2150 to s exciting stuff this here’s my dad’s old 250 Kawasaki it’s a
fun motorcycle I used to drive away back in the day it needs an overhaul we’re
gonna do it someday get it running again because just things pretty fun we’re bold international truck I don’t
know the year on it but it’s an r1 ten series no idea never seen it run I don’t
even know if it was ours or if it was some land that we purchased and with
that dad used to spray in this pickup yeah nothing the story is my dad used to
spray in this lot to confirm it but when they first start spraying they put a
tank in the back had some modified booms and then you just put it in a gear and
go well this here is our graveyard and a lot of this stuff we just use for random
park laughs it’s not worth anything and when someone’s gonna get scrapped some
day when the higher prices go up so let’s walk on the line and take a look a
couple of trinkets in here that are awesome old John Deere swather I’ve got
some old rock pickers used that one back in the day that’s a really old ripper
back there old bed off a Dodge truck here’s some of our grave markers we use
flighting out of these things on and off bearings tubes
here’s an old drive over grain deck that we built we use it for a number of years
and then we bought that Brant grain deck and we have the use of things since kind
of a shame this is an old for dump truck I would love to turns into a rat rod
someday it’s pretty hacked up it could be a better condition so far as
restoration goes not gonna happen but if you kept it with this look and ran it
that’d be pretty cool and it’s got old fly head in it here we got an old valemar spreader you
see this for Fargo back in the day when you wild out spreading we don’t use it
anymore not worth anything so we just kept it here like a lot of stuff right
here we have a 1955 Chevy 6,400 v8 this truck used to be a grain truck hauled a
lot of bushels through its years and then it got nominated as the dump truck
and the water truck right here we have a 1985 Dodge one-ton pickup had a gas
motor in it I put a 360 in it automatic transmission I put this together a years
ago for a quick service truck and we don’t use it anymore so it’s sitting
here we had some thieves yank off the emblem
off front of this Chevy whoever you are shame on you this pickup here I traded a
car for cuz it was kind of a beaner pickup ran but the mice ate the wiring
harness in it and and it doesn’t really run very good right now so it’s parked
there’s an old International Harvester baler that we used to use we used to
have horses a long time ago we actually should swath and Bale some hay not a lot
but uh tiny mechanism more out and we got rid of our horses and it wasn’t
worth anything so it’s here toget scrap right here is a 1973 Ford 3/4 ton this
used to be our spray pickup if you saw that sprayer on the back of that old
Dodge that used to be mounted to this thing this has got a 360 unit manual
transmission right here is an M&W grain dryer back in
the day when used to get wet crops they’d send it through here with propane
and dry it out put it in a bin pretty expensive in slow process here’s a really really really torn down
frame of a John Deere harvester of some kind I don’t know the model number on it
it was sitting out there and when scrap thieves went rampant we pulled it over
here and dropped it off so they couldn’t take it
another ripper they used to use back in the day to pull under the sod it would
pull the rocks up out of the ground and they could pick the rocks back in the
day when there was a lot of rocks out there in these fields thank you
grandparents for cleaning these fields up for us and old John Deere distro
right here we’ve got two 7,700 John Deere combines what happened was this
one right here was actually the first common leg arm that I learned to drive
it was a brand new 1978 3700 turbo this was the last year they made them it was
a really good combine very high hours what happened was like arms decided to
be graduated to cut around the power pole and with the auger sticking all the
time it clipped it bent the auger so one year when we were getting more acres in
our Commons were small we decided to find this parts combine this 7,700 that
we bought pretty cheap robbed the auger off it to rebuild the auger on that one
this 7700 did run it was very thin wore out in a lot of places and we decided
when our 45 20 John Deere engine cratered they’d go ahead and pull the
engine out of this because it had the better Bosch injection fuel pump and the
engine was tuned higher so we put that in our 45 20 unfortunate that means this
combine is now retired this girl’s a 1958 international TD 18
it’s been highly modified I got the bright idea one day saying hey that’s
100 horsepower the internet wasn’t this is 100 horsepower let’s put it in here
so we retrofitted the 404 non-turbo John your engine that ran and put it in here
didn’t work out very good we need to put a different engine in this thing funny
side note though with the RPMs less engine wrap and close to 2,400 rpm and
the old one only maxing on like 1500 this is probably the fastest bulldozer
in the country it might do as much as like 15 to 20 miles an hour
it’s insane we’ll get it running someday for you guys this here is an old dune buggy that leg
arms built it was originally a Volkswagen bug with the post cylinder
air-cooled Volkswagen engine and the engine never really ran very good so it
eventually just got parked here these two here are very heavily parted out
faced tractors I don’t know but years on them
I hardly vanilla model number if not even ours are on a farm to my
grandparents purchased years and years ago and they sat along a fence line for
the longest time we brought them over here because scrap thieves again we’re
running around stealing stuff and we don’t want these taken neat old machines
I don’t think I’ll ever run but they’re cool to have this GMC 6000 sitting up
here we yanked the transmission out of this truck it was a neighbor’s truck
that was sitting her yard for years the ass picking up a transmission they said
yes and again we figured we just take it out of their yard and put it here
because that way it’s safer for scrap and for parts rather than having someone
else steal it because the place is kind of out there so it’s resting safely up
there I put it up there I’ve got a video on this project make sure you guys watch
it the links right here click up and I got a video yanking the engine out of
7700 here click on the card above it there right here is a 1955 Minneapolis
Moline g/b could use a little love probably
does run it wasn’t our track originally it was again a piece of property and it
came with the property and it got parked in well it never ran again it needs a
few updates and they can probably run and this here is an old WK 40
international tractor this the family did actually use I’ve never seen this
thing run it’s been parked here my entire life has a custom cabin they
poured concrete in the rear wheels to add weight this is a really neat tractor
I would love to see this thing restored we’re probably gonna put it in our yard
so it’s closer but still a very neat machine there are harvesters old cars
derby cars trucks fighting me a tractor who knows it’s here
when scrap peeves we’re going rampant when iron prices hit the roof we freaked
out because cars were getting stolen off our farm we’ve had a couple of them
taken and we decided enough of that we’re not dealing with that so we ran
around with the trailer and a tractor and we leg arms and I picked all these
items from random scrap piles out on our farm that we’re gonna be totally stoled
we want to done it we’ve hollow right here right here’s a frig stad this and
not another one back has covered many many acres throughout
the years they’re kind of retired now right here is the right way it’s an 80
100 series it’s a 70 foot Harold this is a 38-foot grouse heavy disc this is our
primary sweet plow leaves us to cultivate when we need to we don’t do it
often because we’re primarily no-till but every now and then we got to take
this out it’s a 60 foot it’s an 80/20 on the back it’s got a 70 75 series coil
Packer on the back good combination it’s been a good plow we’ve had good luck
with it here’s one of our air drills you guys see all the time this is a 57 foot
nine inch space seem flexible the tool is a 2000 and the cart
4350 2004 and over here this is a 2005 flex coil 57 foot 9 inch spacing tool
and drill it’s a 38 50 card on it you guys see how the videos – typically the
series one pulls this the series two pulls that right here we have the John
Deere 844 1980 this thing used to have a John Deere v8 motor it was ripped out
well we acquired this loader from a neighbor and we put in 8.3 liter ISC
Cummins at 300 horsepower did the engine swap you guys have probably seen the
video on this thing but it’s a beast this girl right here is our beloved
45:20 it’s a 1969 and it has the power shift in it which I guess is kind of
rare it’s been a good run in tractor until the engine created this is that
engine out of that that a 7700 turbo and it runs like a top it needs a little bit
of adjustment to it but it’s awesome if you guys want see the video of us
putting the engine of this tractor and make sure come the card right up here
this tractors mainly used to run this grain back it’s the 5,200 year ant vac
it’s a good back we’ve had good luck with it
just good package keeps running while back I was looking for a truck that had
four doors cuz single cabs and three guys in the farm is not necessarily the
most pleasant found this sucker so this is a 1999 / 2002 / 2003 / 94 the engine
itself is a Cummins 12 valve that’s tuned up 1994 chassis is a 2003 bodies
in 1999 wiring dash is a 2002 this trucks a fun truck this truck is known
on the farm as the foeman’s this is a 1994 Dodge Cummins 3/4 ton 12
valve good truck it’s a 1990 454 3/4 ton and manual transmission those are pretty
much our work trucks look at this for me to be but someone would need some work
because their work trucks this piece of machinery gets used on the farm a lot
it’s a 2003 270 John Deere skid steer it’s got the two speed in it it’s a nice
skid steer a little hard start in the winter that we found but other than that
it does a good job this is a case International 7140 Magnum tractor we’ve
got a really good deal out at the time came with an ice bucket on the front
it’s like a 1989 or so it’s got good power it does we need to do this is a
McCormack farm all my mom grew up in this tractor we brought it back to the
farm it’d be neat to see this thing running someday and I’m sure it will run
just needs some TLC this thing’s basically a combine without
the header on it not self-propelled either you gotta pull the tractor these
are just some old pieces that were either donated to us or from our
homestead it’s like an old swather head right here
this one’s an old cedar of some point it looks like all the disks are off of it
got an old disc right here this right here is one of my grandpa’s first cars
suppose he took my grandma out on a date in it I don’t know if that’s true or not
but it used to be on our homestead again we brought it over here to keep it from
the scrappers classic-looking gangster this is some unknown roadster we have no
idea what the make of this thing is for the highly modified or the custom back
on it and I don’t know it’s someone wanted to make a look like a roadster
but we thought it was cool so we put it up right here an old moldboard plow I
was doing into us we left it here on the farm and front if you think it’s cool
same with this one here too just neat pieces they’re classics we like to have
that stuff to know front because it just reminds us of the past this is my cannon
put it together a couple years back we shoot bowling balls if you haven’t seen
the video click up somewhere up here click up watch it we don’t know the year
on this thing but it’s probably late 40s early 40s in the 40s but it’s a Chevy
pickup this here you guys know is mutant mower there’s a video on that to make
sure you click on the card above just hit again
right here we believe it’s the early 70s we don’t know exactly the year but it
used to be an HN 250 it’s had a couple different engine swaps few other things
now it’s at the 435 horsepower that ends our n 14 select Cummins right here we
have a series to Big Bud it’s a 1978 it has 1150 Cummins in it it’s rated
about five and a quarter horsepower about 50,000 pounds just under pretty
neat tractor and if you guys want to watch the videos the restorations on
these two girls make sure you click on the cards above we’ll be back to back so
make sure do that here’s our new addition to the farm
these girls are new and we’re excited around on this year this is a 2013 8230
case International this is a 2012 1830 case international
and we can’t wait to run and make sure you click on the car above – because
there’s videos and we got these guys fun video check it out this is an unfinished
like ours project someday this beauty here is a 1956 Chevy Belair two-door 3
on a tree this was my mom’s car growing up it probably won’t take a whole lot to
get it running we have plans this car is just not gonna happen anytime soon
finally guys this is our beast on the farm this is a 1979 series 3 big bud 525
50 we picked it up in like 2008 ran it but it needed a serious makeover runs
great just even make or if you guys haven’t
seen the series on it there’s a series that I’ve got click above to check out
the playlist but we’re gonna finish this thing soon and it’ll become a 600 slash
50 because it’s tuned about 600 words power there we go was that fun or what thanks
for watching this is the Walter farm 2019 equipment tour baby and a couple
years we’ll do it again and require some new things you know what that might be
we got kids look Barney things I hope you enjoyed the video guys definitely
like subscribe so take care guys god bless we’ll see you next time

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