Essential Gear You Need to Start Car Camping | Outside

Essential Gear You Need to Start Car Camping | Outside

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  1. By car camping I thought you were sleeping in the back. I ditched my tent last year and now sleep in my 4Runner. I make this possible by using the same toe system. I run a tarp off the side of the truck and use custom screens for the windows. It's comfortable, quick, and organized. Also one thing I'd say you missed which is essential to camping is a good table. I bring a 6' folding table. You can check out more of my set up and ask me questions on my instagram @48thStateOverland

  2. yes but you forgot to tell them the first thing you need to go car camping is a car lol lol😂😂😅😅 😆 ok car camping here what I got 94 ford 1/2 ton long bed pickup 2 wheel drive 96 dodge 3500 3/4 ton long van 99 Lincoln navigator all wheel and four wheel drive 2000 blazer s four wheel drive and I don't do tents I say in my car C😎😎L

  3. Same exact way I car camp. Bins are awesome. If I go rock climbing I just grab the rock climbing bin. If I'm going Scuba Diving I grab the Scuba bin. Bins rule! 🙂

  4. Bins are good at home keeping things ready, however on a trip they take up the same amount of space whether full, half full or nearly empty. (Note bins in video, none are full) Also they are set shape/size so may be difficult to fit in your vehicle, especially cars. Why put sleeping bag, tent, etc in a bin. I use river dry bags and those bags they sell a stores so you do t use the plastic bags, by end of trip some are empty a folded away. If you have a big tent, buy those moving blankets (about $3 at Harbour freight, get free light too). The blankets are used to pad the floor. Less holes in gear, gets rid of noise inflat. Mattress makes when you turn over. And yes, table and large water container, or make DIY shower.

  5. Nice and simple… I don't recommend cooking on your YETI ice chest, I had a similar type of stove that I put on a plastic table… it melted it… Check out my camping setup video. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Bins are bulky if you don't have a big car or a truck. I use very sturdy canvas tote bags so they fit so easily in my car. Basically the same storage idea. They work really great. Just remember to put them back in the car at night in case it might rain, or the critters mess with them. Critters get into bins too I guess. Happy camping.

  7. Are you kidding me?! 3,4, 5 (!!!) bins / ice chests? Seriously, consider a backpack. What the f****k do you need a 6 person tent for?! Speechless….

  8. Yeah, RTIC cooler! I have that. Way cheaper than a damn Yeti (which I also have … what a fucking waste of money that was).

  9. I aways thing truck are for work but your set is real cool I would get a double cab put all the bins in the back seat area put in a air bed in the back 2 could sleep in there I would add chairs & the beer but love the bin idea

  10. Thumbs up O. Love the bin idea. I'm on the road to making these ideas a reality with the idea of going car camping … within the year.

  11. The bins are great. I use them too. The tent however is a pain in the rear. Get yourself an 'Instant Cabin Tent.' Mine is bigger than his and erects in less than a minute. It takes longer to stake it down than to set up. Coleman makes good ones but don't be afraid of the Walmart tents. They have an Ozark Trail Instant Tent that's 14'X10" for less than $180. It sets up in a minute.

  12. I swear by bins as well. That's how I was able to decide on Friday to go camping when my 3 kids got home from school. Grab the buckets, load the car, stop at the market on the way out of town. Done. Not to mention, when you get home, you don't have to load stuff back into your kitchen. You have designated camping stuff, including some food.

  13. I’m new to your channel! Thank you for showing all your neat and essential things for camping.

  14. I keep my stuff in totes too. The last time I went car camping with the family I had so much crap I looked at my Tacoma and the bed was literally packed full. I was looking thinking wtf do I have so much shit? I had two totes which is my cooking stuff in one and keeping bags and stuff in the other,cooler,lantern,propane tanks,stove,giant mega tent cause the wife needs a massive tent the size of a mansion just to stand up in,now she has to have a air mattress,three bikes, and firewood. It’s jus overwhelming how much crap I had to pack and do all the work myself. It makes me not even want to go camping their is so much to pack and unload.i feel like I’m moving and not camping.

  15. I found that Rubbermaid Roughneck bins were the best overall for long term storage. They came in 10 and 18 gallon sizes and two colors. When empty they nest. When stacked, the base of an upper one nests into a recess of the lower one. The plastic doesn't get brittle in the winter. The lids have no moving catches to break, snap in place.

  16. I thought for coming you are supposed to keep your cooking gear and food away from your tent to keep bears out of your sleeping area

  17. As somebody with a small car, that's way too many bins to bring along. I have a cooler and one bin. Everything else like sleeping bag and the tent stays out. You can stuff them in smaller places that way. Want a towel to swim or shower with, a body size pack towel or the REI one. I don't even bring a lantern anymore, just a headlamp. Have a giant car? You can bring tons of stuff. Have a small car? You figure out what you absolutely need.

  18. ** Count how many times you say "kind of" and/or "sort of". Notice how it makes no sense to "kind of" and/or "sort of" these things. Either you do it or you don’t. Either it is or it isn’t. ***

  19. It does look like a nice tent. Thank you for sharing your camping setup and the tent. You have given me some ideas.

  20. I live in my car I like the bin solution for under bed storage keeps it organised 👍.. also have a big pop up tent when I’m staying put 😁

  21. Yeah those bins are big! I think being able to see your stuff through the sides is a plus, but size is prohibitive. Dry or river bags also come in clear fabric— the small ones do, anyway. I like the way this guy categorized his load of gear.

  22. A FIRE EXTINGUISHER! Campers are starting fires all over the west. Put your fires out. Take a fire extinguisher.

  23. If you have a van or suv then just sleep in it instead of outside in a tent. Sleeping inside your vehicle is way more secure than sleeping outside in a tent.

  24. I solo camp in the REI 6man Base Camp. People are stupid when getting a 2 man tent for two people when car camping. I call my tent the Tent Mahal

  25. Great video, here's a pro tip: Choose bins of same size/height, that way you can use em as a bench if you put them side by side.

  26. Bins are ridiculous.

    I’ll never understand YT videos like this where people think they’re going to “teach you” how to camp. And their lesson is how to pack bins.


  27. Amazing review ❤️ I bought the The Original Pop-Tent after watching your video from Terra-Explore,com and it’s been working amazing thank u again for reviewing

    (replace comma with a dot can’t post link on YouTube) thank me later ❤️

  28. This is what I suggest guys
    So leave your house without packing any thing well if u have stuff that u sure u need then drive out of town but stop by a mall and buy the things u need

  29. Great information. Thanks for summarizing your bin system. We're always trying to get more organized and recently added another bin. I'm kind of curious if you use this gear just for Summer camping or if you add anything else for Spring and Fall camping. Nice production quality, btw. 🙂

  30. never haev alight on at night your just letiting drongso know where u are stealth is the wordcook late arfternnonn wrap all food in alfoil keep in tent for later camping es[peciallay cold wetaher at 4am your hungry keepp cooler in tent all bags etc and lock cars thesee batsrads wheter human or aninals are cunning

  31. also have atorch for light and allready have alill spot to take acrap made not too far from tent you can always cover in morning take apiss well just tsand up in tent and piss out door also if u get teh tummy bugs apsro clear is best so keep sum wyater and cup in your ice esky incase also have a phone charger and plenty of credit in phone let soemoen know your wherebaouts and movemmet and know the local cops number etc etc etc especialaly atwerp like this

  32. solar powered lights like luci do require abattery u ididodt there solar ones so if they fukk up your fukked nvere rely on solar take normalbatteries and at leats three etorches remmeber if yiur cooking ib the dark stay unseen most peole fukked iwth when camping is cause they give themselves away and most predtaors hunt at dae rk

  33. try and rets during day u may get the spooks at night espaecially if u hear a dog or see one enarby that means the hillbillies no your there be safe unlike this twerp

  34. thisi idot didint show u how fukking long it takes and haowmany pegs tp put the other layer ove rtent in rain and guess what it isnt wateeer proof thsty why the fool got oit for 50 an dmy god it mist poong an old tent like taht that smellss DISGUSTING

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