Ethereal: Stories from Narmada | The Statue of Unity

Ethereal: Stories from Narmada | The Statue of Unity

So a few weeks ago I got invited to Kevadia in Gujarat. Kevadia is the site of the world’stallest statue – The Statue of Unity. It’s been just over a year since the unveilingof the Statue and one thing that I can say for sure is that the whole setting in the middle of the nature, with a river flowing on the side and the Sadrdar Sarovar Dam right in front – visually looks stunning. Apart from the statue itself, there are as
many as 18 tourist attractions around the Statue. How you like the statue and these
attractions, is for you to decide when you happen to be there. I was there to interview
the people who are employed at these tourist attractions. While most of them are locals,
some of them have come from outside to take up jobs here and some are the officers appointed
by the government. This video consists of some small little stories of a few such people. To chaliye dekhte hain. Well, she was right. The people of Kevadia live in a virgin world where you fall in love with them. And in this same world, I got to know about the story of an officer who has done some tremendous work in helping the tribal women set up their own handicraft businesses and the Tribal Cafe where I got to taste the local tribal cuisine. One of the places in Kevadia is the Children Nutrition Park. This is the world’s first nutrition themed park. it has a toy train that passes through
five stations that teach about nutrition and healthy eating through its technology-enabled
learning tools, and games. So if you wish to revisit your childhood and learn more about
nutrition well you know what to do. And if you like the stuff on Ethereal – you
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23 thoughts on “Ethereal: Stories from Narmada | The Statue of Unity

  1. You should start a cinematography school or something. Always look forward to your videos. You show new and old places from a completely new perspective. Would really love to learn from you!

  2. Brohh I’m from Surat, Gujarat. And i must say this is the best and most heart touchy #sou video u made😍🥳🤟🏻 i mean, we mean it🙏🏼.

  3. And this is how we gonna look forward in Future, for such YouTube channels……ETHEREAL is one of a kind…..Revolutionizing the YouTube Generation! ❤🙌

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