Étudier en tourisme et hôtellerie au Collège LaSalle

A feature of the tourism programs at LaSalle College is that we aim for innovation. The goal is for our students to be quickly integrated into the industry, as early as the first session. From the start we get them to participate in events. LaSalle College is always aiming to innovate. For example, these rooms that you see at the back are new. They are implementing new teaching experiences. We, as students, don’t feel like we are in regular classrooms anymore. We can turn the tables around, we can change seats, we have boards where we can write down ideas and share with others. It makes the experience of learning at LaSalle College more interesting. We teach the reality of tourism, we teach the reality of hotel management, what are the jobs out there. So many different possibilities. I teach my job. I have been in the travel industry for over 30 years. Our teachers are part of the industry, they are still active in the industry. That way they add value to the program, since they can talk about concrete projects related to tourism. A special feature of LaSalle College is that we have a large international clientele. So many students come from all over the world. It improves the quality of our teaching since they can share about other tourist attractions which are not necessarily known here in Montréal. People who graduated last year are already placed: Air Canada Vacations, Aimia, Luxury Retreats … I was accepted at Aimia. I started my internship with Aimia and they kept me. It has been a really good opportunity to be part of the work-study program and already starting to work in the industry. Entering the labor market is very easy because we are in a market that is growing and in demand.

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