Ok one minute to get the train! Let’s go! I love cities like this… Cobblestone streets, beautiful old buildings colorful, rustic, it’s awesome. I’m diggin it! The food is good the food is local and I am happy and I have beer! Just got into Budapest! Yesssssss!!!! Oh my god guys! Look at how fricking gorgeous this place is! Woohoo!!! We’re leaving Austria and going to Germany! It feels like getting shoved into a torpedo bay and then shot out into the unknown! How is this safe!? We are on a train to Cologne and this is Carnival in the Rhineland! Bonjour.
Bonjour Monsieur. [Dog’s barking] [Screaming like a baby]

43 thoughts on “EUROPE BY TRAIN

  1. I have literally been watching all your YouTube videos since the past few days. You brothers are extremely talented and I love each and every video of yours. I'm so glad I found your channel on YouTube, you guys are officially my favourite youtubers. You guys totally deserve waay more subscribers. Your videos aren't only a means of entertainment but they're also very informational and educational. Keep up the good work and I wish you guys all the best in your future travels and adventures 🙂 

    P.S visit Pakistan in the future. It's a great country and we need people like you guys to promote global harmony and maybe just improve the image of Pakistan the world has. LOVE YOU GUYS!! 🙂

  2. Last time I was in Europe, I felt like many of the trains required reservations on top of the pass.  Did you notice you needed to book the reservations too or was there plenty you could just hop onto? Maybe I was going on more of the high speed rail lines, don't remember.

  3. Hey everyone!  We're going to make a video about making the most of your Eurail pass, so please leave your questions in the comment box and we'll try to include them in the video!

  4. Man I'd love to travel around Europe but I don't have mates who are diong it 🙁

    Anyone here fancy a trip with a genuie 17-year old? 😉

  5. What an amazing life you guys are living.The stories you will have to share with your kids. I envy you and Louis and everyone else who are seeing the world. Grateful that you are sharing it with us. 
    Big Dave

  6. I love these kinds of tours. So many places I've never thought of visiting before are now in my radar. Nice!

  7. Are you guys still going to NYC? I'm going at beginning of May and could do with your travel expertise! 😉

  8. So I'm curious, all the research I've done on the Eurail passes make it seem that it's only really worth it if you're maybe sticking to a couple countries, or traveling really long distances, otherwise it works out to be a better deal to buy tickets individually.

    I'll be backpacking through Europe this summer (traveling through Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana, Venice, Rome, Florence, Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam, and flying to Reykjavik), and based on my math, it would cost me roughly €500 (that's rounded up almost €100 (true amount closer to €412), in case of any issues or especially expensive tickets in places) to buy tickets individually to all these places, whereas a Eurail pass (a Global Pass, 15 days within 2 months, the cheapest option that still accommodates all the travel and time I'll be spending in Europe) will cost €618 at the time I'm writing this comment. 

    So.. I guess I'm just confused. Is the Eurail actually worth it? In what instances is it not worth it? Am I missing something here? I'd love to hear your input!

  9. Really nice videos.  I like your use of fisheye lenses from time to time.  Great quality vids.  Keep them coming!

  10. Beautiful railways are between Oradea – Cluj, Brasov – Ploiesti, Simeria – Craiova, Timisoara – Craiova, Cluj – Suceava, Salva – Sighet, Constanta – Mangalia. You can visit :

  11. Pls help me! How much is the ticket from Berlin to Amsterdam ? Or Berlin to Brussell. what is the price of the tickets in Europe by train ? Thks

  12. 6 paises en 7 semanas

    1 pasaje

    – Pilsen
    – Praga
    – Budapest
    – St anton
    – Bavaria
    – Cologne
    – Chamonix
    – Berlin

  13. First timers doing 5 weeks in Europe and loving your videos. BUT…you travel around so freely with what seems to be a small backpack in most clips. What do you do with all STUFF, seems like you even have a laptop, where do you find a safe place to keep your stuff? We will have 65L backpacks and I cant imagine having it every moment.

  14. Great video! I got also many great ideas in FREE Bruno's Guide to Discount Flights in Europe

  15. Beautiful landscapes on railway : Ploiesti – Brasov, Oradea – Cluj, Craiova – Caransebes, Cluj – Sighet and Suceava, Fetesti – Constanta – Mangalia.

  16. Hi guys !! well I am seeing your videos because i want to travel lo europe as a backpacker, and I know Eurail is on of the best alternatives ! so can you help me like giving a very interesting rout to go by Europe, with countries an places go. I just have a month (december) so if you can help with that it is so nice ! is my first time. and also how much money do i need. thanks best regards

  17. Thanks for video. Can you explain how easy it is to get around after you get off the stations lugging suitcases around? Is the round trip Euro pass only for 10 countries & you can select your country's or how does it work? Thanks 😀

  18. Hey vaga viewers, I'm planning my own Europe trip 2017 September-October (4-6weeks). I'm looking for one
    or a few like minded travelers to join me. If not, I'll be going solo. I reached out to the bros and they suggested that I try to find some folks via their YouTube comment section. If your interested, email me couch910atgmail
    Budget-3500-5000 (usd)
    Places- Paris, Berlin,Munich,Rome,etc

  19. coming to Spain in September plan to use the euro rail if we have luggage how do we store it? any size and weight? Do you have any tips for luggage and traveling ? 🙂 thanks

  20. Haha awesome that you did the timing just right for Karneval in Cologne 😄 I could've actually been quite close to you that day

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