EuroTrip 2019 Announcement | Fostered Culture Travel (2019)(4K)

EuroTrip 2019 Announcement | Fostered Culture Travel (2019)(4K)

What’s Up Everybody! Glad to have you tuning
in! Shout out to all those university students going through exams, keep up the perseverance,
I’m struggling right beside you! Hopefully this channel can provide you all with some
much needed relaxation! It’s been 155 days since we started this
adventure which is Fostered Culture, and now it’s time for an update! For those of you who are new here, Fostered
Culture is a channel dedicated to Fostering a Culture through travel! This culture is
one which advocates facing your fears, accepting challenges and going out into the world with
the confidence you need to live your best life! Personally, I have found travel to be
the means through which to achieve this, and so I hope I can pass on my knowledge, advice
and know-how, to get you all to reach for your dreams, and to get them! Awesome! Moving on to the big news! Drum roll
please……. I’m super chuffed to be announcing Fostered
Culture’s next adventure! BOOM! EUROTRIP 2019: Summer Edition! For those of you who
have been here since the beginning, you would know I did a EuroTrip in winter, and now it’s
time for the summer edition! This time round we will be taking on the likes
of Rome in Italy (via Kenya), Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Barcelona in Espanyol, Budapest
in Hungary, Sarajevo and Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Split in Croatia, Kotor in
Montenegro, and then maybe some of Albania But don’t hold me on that just yet. Whaaaaaaaat! Crazy right? My bank balance
is not very happy with me at the moment, but it would only be right to put my money where my mouth is, and do what i’ve been telling you guys to do, Which is not to let it sit in a bank account, but to spend it and go do it! So if you are keen to join us on our insane
adventures, please consider subscribing by smashing that red button below. It should be here somewhere Don’t worry, you won’t get emails unless you opted in for them. And be sure to like this video and share it with your friends And let me know in the comments below
if you have any recommendations or just kind words of affirmation. And of course, I cannot leave you without saying Let’s Keep Fostering this
Culture, together!

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  1. Europe was founded in 1848 by Walker Texas Ranger when he rode a horse across the Atlantic, he called it "Eastern USA" which was eventually abbreviated EU

  2. hi friend, Wonderful video my lovely dear friend.Have Enjoyed your times! ! Good luck, stay in touch upward my dear.

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