Every Day is a Holiday on Twitter

Every Day is a Holiday on Twitter

(upbeat music) (elevator rings) (whistles) (groans) – Oh come on, not again! – Happy National Cookie Day! (cheering) – No, shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up, everyone! – What, it’s National Cookie Day. It’s only the sweetest, crumbliest, ooey-ist, gooey-ist day of the year. – I call it National Biscuit Day. – It’s all over Twitter. – No, this is another one of those meaningless Twitter holidays. It’s a fake holiday. – No… This is a real holiday. – It’s not! This is just like yesterday. (whistles) Whoa! – Happy Carmen Miranda Day! – Come put some fruit on the Miranda head and sing some banana carols with us. ♫ Day-O ♫ Me said day-o – Stop, stop! There’s no way you all
knew about this holiday before you logged onto Twitter. – Of course we did. – We love Carmen Miranda Day. – For real.
– Yeah. – No you don’t! No you don’t, this is just like yesterday. (whistles) Whoa! Where is everyone? – They all went home to see their families for National Calico Cat Appreciate Day. – Who keeps coming up with this shit? Do people really care about
Calico cats that much? – Yes, of course they do. – Well then why are you here? ♫ It’s sad to be an orphan on ♫ National Calico Cat Appreciation ♫ Day Shane? – Sorry, it’s just not everyone
has a home to go back to for National Calico Cat Appreciation Day. – Oh come on. It’s not a real holiday! – [Shane] Yes it is! – This is just like yesterday! (whistles) Whoa! – Happy National Sweater Day! – I call it National Jumper Day. – Wait, wasn’t that yesterday? – Yesterday? (whistles) – Whoa! – Happy National Jumper Day! – It’s the day we reflect
on the song Jumper and the movie Jumper. – Oh, oh. – Yeah, we don’t need
to wear these sweaters, we’re just cold. – I don’t care. – You might wonder about it tomorrow. – Yeah, you seem like you’re still a little shaken from yesterday. (whistles) – Whoa, what the– – [Co-worker] Happy Human Centipede Day! – Nope! Worst than yesterday. Whoa. – Happy Jeans That Fit Just
Right Appreciation Day. – Wait, if it’s Jeans That Fit Just Right Appreciate Day, then why
are you wearing a dress? – It’s also 80s Prom
Dress Awareness Month. I can’t believe I have to
share it with jeans day! – And what the fuck are you doing? – I just think that National
Jeans That Fit Just Right Appreciate Day should get
back to its religious roots. – What? – Trap, this is not that confusing. It’s just like yesterday
and the day before that and the day before that. – Happy Toothpicks In
Sandwiches Awareness Month! Happy Just A Giant Shirt Day! (playful music) – Happy Broken Wheel On A
Shopping Cart Awareness Day. – Uh-Oh. – Never heard of that. – Oh you’ve gotta go on Twitter, everybody is celebrating
it even back in England. Oh, except in England
they say trolley instead. A broken wheel on a shopping
cart awareness trolley. – Well what a fun thing! I’ll never get tired of this. – Sister, you should’ve
been here yesterday. – Happy Shoes on Your Hands Day everybody! (group muttering) – Hey, where’s Trap? – Oh I think he’s visiting his family for something called Thanksgiving? – Oh well, time for the
exchanging of the shoes! (group hums) (calm music) – Hi I’m Cynthia from College Humor. Click here to subscribe,
click here for more fun stuff. And now for a wipe break down. Star wipe! Diamond wipe. Venetian wipe. Iris!

46 thoughts on “Every Day is a Holiday on Twitter

  1. Ever notice?
    He’s late every time, he whistles every time, he says “WOAH” every time.
    Yet, still surprised EVERY time.

  2. Sweaters and jumpers are two different types of jackets?I love the British vs American words though. “I call it national biscuit day”

  3. Everyone on Twitter: Happy awareness for autistic children’s dads that are doctors in the Middle East day!
    Hey, where’s Trent?
    Doing this thing called ‘Easter”.
    Wow, some people have weird holidays that nobody knows about, huh?

  4. You cant call it a cookie because cookie is a stupid american word
    You cant call it a biscuit because biscuits haven to be cooked twice
    You have to call it a simulcuit (cooked once)

  5. Shane probably hid in a bathroom stall and just started huffing the balloon and crying about being left behind.

    I feel bad for Shane 🙁

  6. it's actually ingenious if you think about it, if you make everyday a holiday then no one will ever have to come into work, and the oppressive US government will be defeated

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