Okay Sonny Boy. I couldn’t keep it a surprise any longer. I made you a Christmas sweater. Oh my gosh grandma This will be perfect for the ugly sweater parties -Yes. Ugly Sweater -I mean it just looks so stupid Oh every holiday season ever Hi. We’re so excited to have you home for the holidays! Yeah your mom and I have missed you so much Actually, I wanted to talk to you guys about that. I don’t think I can make it home for the holidays What? Yeah, it’s just the flights down there are getting so expensive I can’t afford it. But patty-cakes, we– we bought the flight for you. Right Uh, What I meant was the uber from the airport to your house Oh, it’s really expensive, so I can’t I can’t. But, Were picking you up at the Airport. Oh Yeah you know what i meant. I meant I died! Oh, sweet Jimmy Johns. Are you gonna be okay, sweetie cakes? Yeah. I’m just dead that’s it. Really?! Yeah, totally completely dead *gasp* Um, But have a good holiday! um, love you! still send presents though Okay Bye every holiday season ever wow There’s so many to choose from Okay, calm down kiddo. We have to make sure we get the perfect tree Hello Michael I believe I’ll be the perfect tree for you and your family Not only am I relatively young but I haven’t reached full size yet, which is ideal for not hitting your ceiling ooh Sure, I’m maybe a bit taller, but with age comes experience Plus I have so many needles with that wonderful Christmas scent . Hi Daddy Don’t listen to those other trees. I’m the perfect one for you Not only is my base perfectly shaped and robust But I got real thick branches for you to hang your great big ornaments on Plus I know you’re imagining covering me from top to bottom in that white stuff, mhmm, and that’s exactly what I want Yeah, that’s right. I want you to flock me isn’t that what you want to flock me all night? I do want to flock you I want to take you home, mount you in my living room, put on some katy perry, light some candles and FLOCK YOU! What?! um oh this one has this one looks good Oh yeah! That is nice Every Holiday Season Ever! *laughing* All right time to carve the turkey Um are you sure honey? Yeah, maybe we should just call a professional this year. Oh nonsense Don’t worry Richardson family Daddy’s got this Aah? A little Leathery? Ah I just gotta beat this meat you know *screams *knife snaps* *gasps* *screaming intensifies* Oh *more screaming* Every holiday season ever Ah, finally winter break. some time away from those bullies at school. Just two weeks of pure unadulterated relaxation Hello hey hey Chet Who is this? Ron! Ron the kid you bully in second period! what do you want? Hey? Hey uh? Look man. I’m bored out of my mind And I was hoping that maybe you could come over and bully me like you do in school. Yeah, I can’t dude I got to hang out with my little brother over holiday brea so. I’m bullying the crap out of him, oh Okay but like I Don’t know maybe I could like, like cyber bully you Yeah, I’d really like that. cool. cool. all right. Text me sounds good Every holiday season ever Hey fellow co-worker how was your holiday break? It was pretty good Avoided my family cool. Yeah. picked out a Christmas tree and got cyberbullied. Oh, yeah, what about you Uum… *sad music plays* *sad music plays* *Starts crying* was good Good, yeah cool, yeah for sure every holiday season ever Hey guys. Thank you so much for watching this video And I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season If you haven’t yet seen every grandparent ever click the box on the left and click the box on the right if you want to Watch every family gathering ever and also we have new Smosh holiday sweaters that you guys can get right now by clicking the box in The description below a portion of those proceeds go to dosomething.org that way you can feel warm, and you can feel good about yourself So good job!!!!


  1. Shayne cried because he's balding and waste tons of time while not having single penny through holiday

  2. So I just noticed that in the first scene Noah looks like he texting on a cell phone. There isn't a cell phone there at all.

  3. Like the nice detail that during the Skype call Courtney’s screen was HD but the parents screen was really low quality

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