Expectativa VS. Realidad: Campamento

Expectativa VS. Realidad: Campamento

Camping Expectation
Reality Expectation As I was saying Pato,
We have finally arrived I knew it was a great idea
to name you guide Suárez! Reality I knew it was terrible idea
to name you guide Suárez! We’ve been lost for
5 hours, jerk! Okay, but… And, Pato disappeared
since we left [whispers] Be grateful that I have
GPS in my phone whatevs… Expectation Ah, all right! Reality Don’t even dare to look Why do I have to help you?
What about the girls? Because they also need
to the toilet I got sick by eating
those beetle larves! And I am guarding her
so that no bug bites her It bit me! It bit me! But it’s a spine of a plant Oh, yeah That’s good I’m starting to think that
something bit Pepe What do you mean something… Freaking Suárez Expectation ♪ I want to rest ♪ ♪ My mouth in your mouth ♪ Reality [screams] Shit, we ran out of fire! Can someone explain to me
why we don’t have a tent? I mean, I brought one but When you buy online,
the size is not always mentioned Did you read until
the end of the page? Freaking Suárez! And be grateful that we have a flashlight
so we’re not in the dark Whatevs… Expectation Reality Freaking Suárez! You were right, the current was strong Ew! Freaking oil companies!
The river is filled with oil Oil? Freaking Suárez! Expectation Thank you very much! Reality Which part of uncontacted tribes
you didn’t understand? Sorry, I didn’t know who else to ask
how to get out of here and Manuela? Has anybody seen her? Don’t worry! I’m fine Not anymore Freaking Suárez! [screams] Wait, wait! I can’t go on! I just wanted to say… that I’m sorry Because of me we’re lost, hungry and we lost 3 of our friends Calm down Suárez!
I know you didn’t mean no harm Really? No, you idiot!
Because of you we don’t have anything to eat Wait We may have other options Hey you! Where were you? Pato! Where were you? We lost you
since we left I was at the spa There’s one here at the hostal Didn’t you see it when you arrived? Plus, the buffet is… Oh, nice! We almost ate Suárez What? Hey, hello I didn’t know you were there! If you also want to enjoy this… if you want to WATCH us enjoy this trip, Don’t forget to watch this Tuesday’s making of It’s gonna be very cool How cool? Super cool It’s going to be new and different content
that I hope you like And remember to click here to watch it Subtitulos por José Miguel Pinto
Escuela de Lingüística

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  1. Pedejas como se ve !pendejas! No se coman a juares porque despues los niños hasen eso pedejas todas la mujeres que estaban en este video putas

  2. En el minuto 1:14 quien es el artista original de la cansion o como se llama la cansion por q ya la busque con quiero repsar tu boca en mi boca y no me salen resultados de esa

  3. Así le pasó a mi hermano 😂😂😂😂…se fueron a disque a campar y no supieron poner la tienda, no supieron prender la fogata y olvidaron el abre lata para sus frijoles y los cubiertos 😂😂😂😂😂

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