Experienced Van Builder Creates Masterpiece (4k) | Van tour

Experienced Van Builder Creates Masterpiece (4k) | Van tour

Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome to our van tour. I’m Trent. I’m Ally and together. We are TNT MTV Together so we really learned from the first fan and what we liked and what we wanted to change made a bunch of modifications You can check out our first van tour of the other vans layout which was totally different. We’ll have a link somewhere After living in that van, we realized we’re gonna do this full-time We wanted something a little bit bigger something that we could put the bikes inside the vehicle for a little bit extra security so now we’ve got Pamela van der suits the biggest Promaster they make 3500 Extended one hundred and fifty nine inch wheelbase This fan is meant to accommodate full-time living in four seasons doing multiple different types of recreational activities and Also being able to accommodate working professionally full-time as well won’t y’all come inside and take a look around This is the cab of the Promaster if you’ve been in any of the pro masters, or see any of the videos If you check out our old tour of the video They’re all the same They might have one feature here and there this one’s got like cruise control, which is pretty important they all have defrosting mirrors these mirrors don’t power fold, but it’s a Pretty nice cab. A lot of cup holders a lot of little cubbies. It’s got like two glove boxes Pro Master’s actually front wheel drive comes with a Chrysler v6 I think it’s like the same v6 they put in some of the minivans so it’s cheap to fix Pretty much any mechanic can work on it. That’s some of the reasons to be one with the Promaster. Also, it’s lower center gravity That’s turning radius. Yeah, it’s a gasoline engine so you don’t have to worry about getting good or bad diesel so one thing that it did change about this van is I put a modular center console that goes in in between the front seats makes it so that you have somewhat of a little table to like eat on or have a drink or something like that while you’re driving all these cupholders in here like pretty down and far out of the way and there’s nowhere to really put like a Sandwich or like a snack or like chips and salsa or something like that. So let me show you how this unfolds This is the table here Just regular RV table post that goes down there and There you go you can put Bone sandwich drink whatever you want long as you’re not going down some windy turn erodes Stuffs probably not gonna slide off of there if it does. Oh, Well, that’s pretty much it for the cab. We have a swivel seat here for the passenger and the driver doesn’t swivel because Showers in the way, let’s get back to the meat and potatoes of this operation All right. So this is the swivel seat that I was talking about When the center console is up, you can actually rotate this and do work on the center console or eat here kind of a double Use space just like in all the pro masters you have this over the cab shelf We have a lot of stuff that’s stored up here we have the Sun shades for the front windows This black drape actually hangs down to section off the cab Really helps you be able to control and regulate the temperature of the cab by putting that curtain down When you’re driving or at night? We put it down to block out light or if anybody else from seeing in when we’re in the back We have like some tools a lot of different jackets Spare parts toes strap extra gas can everything all fits up here. So really convenient space So when you first open up the door in the van Obviously you see this big white curtain This is our shower We have the Holtz Brook axe mounted above the shower in case we need to chop down trees Or make firewood or whatever So opening up the shower The shower was one of those things where we wanted to have a place to shower after mountain biking or hiking Things like that when you’re living in a van you get dirty and stinky and that’s fine But it’s really nice to be able to clean yourself off and in the last van we used a solar shower where You shower outside but you usually like standing in the dirt And so when you’re cleaning yourself your feet are still Getting dirty and it’s cold and you’re in public it just it created a lot of problems or presented a lot of problems for us So we decided to section off a big chunk of this van and turn it into a shower bathroom slash storage area so one of the first things Is this cabinet right here? Or this shelf hangs in there holds extra towels extra clothes a lot of Frank’s stuff I think there’s what six shelves in here three of them have drawers and then there’s these pockets on the side That’s a huge amount of storage that we have there So we also have our garbage can which is pretty big or a rubbish bin, whatever you call it wherever you’re from and then This is the Porta Potty it’s a Dometic porta potti five-gallon And also Drinks water dish lives in here and Frank’s toys Now when you get in here fully It’s nice and big and you can do whatever you want. You can fit two people in here if you want you could both shower It’s got a removable showerhead so you can clean all around your body Also a couple towel racks soap dispenser that’s on the wall We put one of these foam noodles that’s cut down the middle Over the handles so that you don’t accidentally bump one of the handles and then it turns the water on because that’s super annoying Yeah, that’s pretty much the shower Has its own light This is our kitchen it’s nice and compact but it does literally everything we could have ever asked for it’s Completely different than the last kitchen in the last van that we had we decided To put it in front of the slider door instead of where most vans traditionally how their kitchen is behind the the driver seat we just thought this was a much more efficient use of our space and allows us to have a Toilet and a shower and just like a lot more Stuff over there The kitchen here has a countertop made out of it was a big butcher block of untreated maple that we got from Home Depot We made Trent made All the cuts himself and we epoxy The top so it’s a nice gloss finish. It’s very durable and tough Which is exactly what we needed for all the torture. We put our kitchen through. We love to cook we needed something Very resilient over here We have a nice wide deep stainless steel sink and then a couple nice stainless steel appliances So this is our water Just lovely This van actually has hot water which was a huge upgrade for me. I’m really happy about that There’s a nice retractable hose in this faucet And then over here one of our major Improvements or additions from the last van is we wanted to have filtered drinking water so we can fill up From anywhere we want you know a dirty river in Mexico or someone’s backyard hose and there’s a three canister filtration system to Purify water for us that can be safe for drinking. So I Forget what it what it filters out. It’s like bacteria protozoa parasites viruses It was like the the most heavy-duty water filtration system we could afford basically and that’s nice powerful stream and Has been extremely useful so far. We also decided to install a little handheld soap dispenser, right? There so we use. Dr. Bronner’s biodegradable eco-friendly soap But it’s nice to just have that All right in the same spot and not have to always be reaching under the sink or looking for the soap somewhere else So those are our nice clean useful Kitchen area appliances. Okay, so moving down across the the kitchen countertop This is a nice useful cutting board space meal prep food prep area but um our last bin we had an induction cooktop that we had to pull out and Plug in every time we wanted to cook and we decided we really need some type of permanently mounted stovetop or oven combination so I Put in a wish list and Trent comes out with all of my requests perfectly assembled. We have a latch over here and then this actually lifts right up and There’s a latch up here in the corner to keep it from coming back down There’s a light in this corner Which is nice and dimmable for if someone is Sleeping and you don’t want to wake them. You can have nice quiet lighting over here. And then you have a three burner propane stove This is amazing. I’m Super excited about this. So this three burner propane stove also is attached to an oven So right here, we have a nice wide oven space for cookies bruschetta casseroles um We do a lot of baking and cooking. So kind of whatever our heart desires behind the Counter top over here. We have a really nice spice rack That was built right into the wall of the side of the van that has been Really nice actually just to be able to see the spices all the time and know exactly what you need Instead of having a dig through a spice rack and then below the countertop There are a bunch of different cabinets where all of our pots and pans silverware cups plates and cleaning stuff under the sink All live everything has its own spot everything fits perfectly Above the kitchen we have two upper cabinets The doors are secured with these little push button locks. So when they’re pushed in they’re locked. You can’t you can’t open them? You push them in the knob comes out and that’s what you can pull To access the inside of the cabinets. It’s just kind of like our pantry for what we need to Munch on for snacks and use while we’re cooking they have nice gas struts to help them stay open so that you don’t need to be like balancing the Cabinet door on your head while you’re digging through and then they just easily close and stay locked with the push of a button so our storage under the sink is Pretty plentiful this first drawer is all of our cleaning supplies. We have all of our dishes and cups and mugs Everything is in a secured cloth lined container wherever possible So that minimizes any rattling while we’re driving this last drawer under the sink is for all of our toiletries So my toiletries trent’s some makeup Maybe like some lotion it’s pretty incredible how much you realize you don’t actually need to take with you when you’re Living on the road and trying to be space efficient So all of our toiletries everything that we could ever possibly need fits in that small drawer We have one big drawer under the stove and oven combo that holds all of our pots and pans. So Here we have cutting boards mixing bowls couple different pots and pans colander for making pasta our coffee grinder Baking trays and it’s funny. We don’t even use All of these we thought we needed one of each size. We tried to pare down We still only use like two of these on the other side of the kitchen is the refrigerator we have a lot of space a nice drawer that pulls out To put fresh produce in and then the biggest upgrade for this fridge is that there’s its own designated freezer space We like to make a lot of smoothies. We also like to eat a lot of ice cream So that was important and the freezer works quite well without using a ton of energy Above the fridge is kind of a hidden drawer. So this actually pulls out and holds all of our silverware knives kind of like table spoon lighters Spatula scissors measuring cups and it just slides right back in Pretty invisible. So when we designed this man, we knew that we wanted a stationary bed and The last band we have like a modular bed that turned into like a little booth where you could work and eat we didn’t want To give up the space where you eat and where you work, but we didn’t want to have to you know Change the bed around every time we wanted to go to bed or every day when we wake up So we made a stationary platform bed Frank’s enjoying it right now but we also made this little booth area where we could sit facing each other which we found to be very important where you can make a lot of eye to eye contact while you’re eating And then we designed this table here It’s on 500 pound drawer slide hinges or drawer slides 500 pound drawer slides There’s no way that these things would hold 500 pounds, but that’s what it said They were gonna hold so we know it’s really sturdy really sturdy and secure You can sit three people here comfortably and eat we can work. There’s plenty of outlets around here to plug our laptops in It worked out really well Now when we set up these two booths or these two benches that create the booth We wanted to have a lot of storage. We have a lot of different things that need to go in different places This side of the bench here I Created storage where we have extra towels blankets A lot of our camera gear little shelfs that have all the charging stations for all of our electronics Also has our weboost mobile cell booster and Pretty much anything else that just randomly needs to be shoved somewhere It goes into this side of the bench this side of the bench is kind of like a utility cabinet As you can see down here this black grate is actually our furnace it’s a propane powered furnace runs off the same propane tank that the oven and the stove run off of So since I was gonna take up so much space underneath this cabinet This is also the cabinet that we put the instant Propane water heater in so this is kind of like your utility closet We do shove extra shoes things like that That doesn’t matter if they get a little bit warm in this cabinet But this cabinets just kind of an open dry space for the utilities mainly being the furnace and the water heater One thing we learned from our last van after spending so much time in it A lot of people overlook the fact that you need a space for your dirty clothes to go your dirty laundry And especially when you’re out mountain biking and things are getting sweaty and dirty and gross The last thing you want is to put your dirty clothes by your clean clothes or in your living space Or around where you’re cooking or eating so we actually made a desert Laundry chute and we have a Patagonia black hole duffel, which is like an almost waterproof duffel bag We put all the dirty clothes in there. It’s locked away in What’s basically our garage, but it’s also in that waterproof bag. So that nothing gets gross from our dirty clothes Underneath the table. We’ve got a storage cabinet you can probably hear the fan from our Charge controller going crazy right now because we’re pumping out a lot of solar energy This is what we keep the Blendtec’s where we keep the coffeemaker random odds and ends In the very back of here. There’s a false panel in the back. That’s where all of our fuses or breakers a charge controller Pretty much everything that’s electrical other than the inverter and the batteries is behind that panel now this plywood right here underneath here is to 350 amp our V-max tanks deep cycle batteries. That means we have 700 amp hours of battery power which means we’ll pretty much never run out unless we Are crazy and use like multiple space heaters for hours on end or something like that? It’s a major overkill for what we need But if you’ve ever had a van or a battery bank that runs out of electricity when you need it You know that overkill is almost a necessity in situations like this Just to the right of that cabinet over here pretty much in-between the two batteries and the furnace is where Our inverter is located. It’s an Ames power 2000 watt inverter charger and that thing is money if you’re looking for an inverter, that’s the inverter to get In the description below we’ll put links to pretty much everything So if you just scroll down you’ll see a link to pick up pretty much every product in this van I would say 90% of everything in here except for wood came off of Amazon So we’ll put links to everything so you guys can check them out and see if you want to pick some stuff up Okay, so down here below the driver’s side bench. We also have a propane detector that’s really important since the furnace and the hot water and the Oven and stovetop are all run on propane We want to make sure we’re not at risk of blowing ourselves up and then over here We have a carbon monoxide detector as well Also just really important if you’re going to be living in a van Or any contained space to have some safety precautions set up. We have a nice little wall clock. It’s those tiny cute Decorative touches that make the space feel livable and like a home Over here. We have a paper towel dispenser. Um Which is a ratcheting paper towel dispenser. So the the towels don’t unravel while we’re driving That’s really nice and handy for right next to the cooking area above that There’s this little shelf of four different airtight containers. These have been awesome actually To just store spices or coffee. We drink a lot of coffee. Um flour sugar stuff that we use Frequently that we just want to have quick access to for for cooking above the driver’s-side bench We have this nice little alcove of storage which is cute but also very functional We realized in our last fan especially if we’re going to be mountain biking or going outside playing hard We need to be able to air out our clothes because they get kind of stinky, but we want to reuse them Which is gross but realistic, so we installed a bunch of hooks this time. So there There are four hooks up here that are nice for airing out clothes or just hanging kind of whatever needs to be hung up It’s just nice a nice way to add some more storage in a small space and then over here again. There are some more hooks and A little shelf that we can put phones in and stuff at night while they’re charging close to the bed kinda That’s basically our nightstand over here. We also have our Thermostat, so this is a huge upgrade. We have a propane run furnace And then we have this thermostat that keeps it temperature controlled So we have it set right now to kick on if it ever dips below 55 degrees Fahrenheit which helps? If we’re camping in the mountains or we’re out somewhere where it’s warm during the day and cold at night We know that we were going to be nice and cozy sleeping It’s also really nice in the wintertime if we want to go snowboarding or skiing We can be sleeping in the snow and still be just as warm and comfortable we decided to go with a 5 inch memory foam mattress we’re both pretty tall and 5-7 Trent is like 6 1 and we have full clearance. We can spread out our toes don’t touch we have our all of our clothing storage So kind of his and hers style cabinets. This is Trent’s side This is my side We have a couple little baskets to hold like socks and underwear and small clothes and then everything else is just Supposedly neatly folded and tucked away it gets a little crowded in here But honestly, this is pretty much all the storage space we need Installed a dual USB charger right here next to the bed so we can charge our phones while we sleep And then this is actually the light switch turns lights off and on and it’s on a dimmer, too So this will actually give the lights Or brighten the lights back up This here is the max air fan remote You can do anything on this remote that you can do on the fan itself You can set the thermostat on here so that it’ll open and start circulating air at a certain temperature We learned from traveling in the heat of the summer in our last man that windows and air Circulation were really important if you were going to live in a van full-time back here These two back windows were part of the van when we bought it They don’t open but we did install this motion windows sliding window The head of our bed and this has been really clutch For when you’re hot at night and you need a little bit of air circulation you just slide this window open or closed and then having the remote control for the fan right next to our head makes it easy to open up the fan and circulate that air creates an amazing wind tunnel that really cools down the van very quickly Trent also installed a Window on the slider door. It’s a CR Lawrence and the bottom panel on one side of it opens So while we’re cooking there’s a little bit of extra air circulation there when you have all the windows open The head of the bed the slider door and the fan Circulating as well air moves quickly and keeps it nice and fresh really comfortable in here alright, so located above the fridge and above the silverware drawer is Our hanging wardrobe. We wanted to have a place where we could hang clothes to keep them mostly wrinkle free This is also where our fire extinguisher is stored Yeah, that’s the hanging wardrobe Alright guys that pretty much does it for the inside of the van I think we’ve gone over every nook and cranny There’s any questions let us know but I think we’ve covered everything except for the garage So let’s jump around to the back of the van. I’ll show you where the bikes go all of our dirty storage things like that Alright, so this is the back of the van Main reason that we did a platform bed was so that we could store the bikes Underneath inside the van where we can lock it in the last van We had people try to steal our bikes off the bike rack While we were sleeping inside like right outside our back door not like made us feel really Uneasy since mountain bikes are pretty expensive. So We built this bed. Just high enough to fit both bikes inside. This is Ali’s Santa Cruz Bronson This is my Yeti SB 5.5 which is a 29. Er with the front wheels off they mount on these fork mounts and My front tire stores over here and her front tire stores on this side So since we had to make the bed this tall in order to fit those bikes it really opens up a lot of storage Well, you probably can’t see This lower compartment only goes in here maybe a foot and a half and the upper compartment goes all the way in this is a spare picnic table or Workbench or whatever it needs to be that we carry around Normally, we’ll have some camp chairs and then just extra storage space for larger items is kind of located here But from here to that back wall underneath there is the 33 gallon freshwater tank We kept the freshwater tank inside the vehicle so that in cold climates the water didn’t freeze and we don’t have any issues with that This is also spare parts for the bikes bike tools case we need to work on something on this side we’ve got Both of our SI sucker bike racks a couple different hydration packs For mountain biking and hiking Some more spare bike parts Now My tire comes out my helmet hangs here Some knee pads Ally’s helmet this ladder right here is a collapsible Eight-foot ladder or nine foot eight or nine foot. I don’t remember big enough to get on top of the van That’s all we really need it for Then there’s also a collapsible bike stand that’s in there In the very back That’s where our laundry is. If you remember from inside the van when you open up that little laundry chute This is the back of that cabinet also the inverter and the water pump and water filtration System is all located in there as well. So not the pretty part of the van. This is definitely the utility oriented part of the van But everything’s got its own little space in here helps us keep everything organized So we installed one of these hanging shoe racks and we use it for mountain bike shoes chain lube sunglasses rags Basically anything we need when we’re getting ready to go biking So you grab your shoes and your pads and your hydration pack pull the bikes out and you’re ready to go And I think that’s about it for the back For the garage and I think pretty much the only other things that we have that are outside is the Weboost RV cell booster. It’s that white antenna That’s what actually receives the weak signal and then it boosts it and repeats it to an antenna that’s inside the vehicle Which is located inside that electronics cabinet under the passenger side bench Then we have the two solar panels there 24 volt 280 watt solar panels so wired in series is 48 volts and 560 watts, which is definitely Overkill, but like I’ve said before Overkill’s and necessity when you’re living in a van and you don’t want to run out of electricity because you need it Blue cheese stuffed olives. Mmm Davina Well, we want to thank you guys for watching our van tour number 2 to Pamela Anderson’s debut on YouTube If you guys want to subscribe to the channel You can follow us around on our adventures We put out a lot of exciting content We try we try maybe it’s not it’s not I don’t know If you subscribe, it really helps us out. You just click the little button that says subscribe Right below the video If you want to do that right now We’ll wait. Well, we’ll pick up You know where we left off as soon as you get done clicking that? Now that you’ve clicked that there’s a little bell that’s actually next to the subscribe button that turns on notifications and then YouTube will actually when we post videos instead of you having to like look us up or search for it or Occasionally it’ll recommend a video click that bell right now then you’ll get like a notification It’ll tell you when we post videos so you can watch all of them. And then if you could just like the video That would be great too. And then like every other video of ours that you watch also I know it gets really broken record. It’s kind of annoying but it helps us out and All you got to do is click your mouse. So why not? We’re gonna be traveling around the United States and Mountain biking hiking running climbing yoga all of the outdoor things If we’re near you we’d love to hang out with you. Give us a shout out in the comments if we’re coming through your area Yeah Converting a van is a really fun process whether you’re gonna live in it or whatever your end goal is I highly recommend it It’s been a great experience for us If you have any questions about the van build itself trend here could answer all of them I would be happy to point you in history You guys have any questions about the build by any of the specific products? Like I said earlier I’ll put links to all the products in the description below if you want to shoot me any questions in the comments that you have about building a van or how to get started or Basically any questions along the way I’m more than willing to help Also, it’s usually quicker to get a response from us on Instagram So if you jump over to instagram and search tnt MTB shoot us a message on there That’s usually a quicker way to get a response than on youtube Frank wants to thank you for watching this video and Frank says smash the like button Make sure you subscribe He’s biting me, but that he’s he’s controlling my arm to tell you guys to like and subscribe Please please just like and subscribe Thank you boy

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