Explore KALAHANDI (Part – 2) | ODISHA TOURISM |Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary | Khairpadar

Explore KALAHANDI (Part – 2) | ODISHA TOURISM |Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary | Khairpadar

I make ways less travelled into more thrilling, turn my feet into boat and sail along with the wind of persuading dream.. I am a Traveller, have a whole horizon to travel.. I make many destinations in this semi-travelled journey. You might be thinking, as i am not wearing Sweater or Jacket and this place is sort of, like WARM area or not. But i need to tell you that this place, yes, it’s quite cooler here. I can’t say that, it’s a all-weather place but as per Today’s temperature, it’s around 11 to 13 degree C. Now, we have come to PHURLIJHARAN, which is approx. 15 km from BHAWANIPATNA. And, ya, this place is damn like…. …consist of greenery and it’s totally rainforest. Sounds exciting! It comes under WILDLIFE SANCTUARY, which is known as KARLAPAT WILDLIFE SANCTUARY. It’s a unknown place to outsiders and many might not have known about it. Now, i wanna show you the aerial view. Hello, everyone! As i was talking about, I am to this place called KHAIRPADAR which is approximately 5-7 km from DHARAMGARH (my hometown) I will be showing you like, HOW THESE PEOPLE CAME TO BE KNOWN AS THE FAMOUS WOODENCRAFTEE IN INDIAN AND EVEN IN FOREIGN. They export many of their products to Foreign Countries. So, I will let you know how they do it and what made them to make a start. This was started around 1980s. I came to know about this place from WIKIPEDIA Let’s have a chat with them and let’s get some ideas from them. These people are also recognized by GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. Ya, he is ARUN KUMAR MAHARANA(now, he is the head) as he said and he is also a Craftsman, here He just exported some of the products to other Countries. That’s all from my side. Let’s talk with one of them so that we can know more about it. So, Can you please tell me how it was all started and when? It was started around 1980s from the locally gathered woods and then we used SANDALWOOD for crafting. We started from Elephants, Horses and then switched in making wooden Deer-head. As time passed by, his son acquired this place… …and they too continued this skillful start. When Arun Maharana and Mana Maharana acquired from their father, we started making wooden sculptures. Just like these! We are still exploring for more. Where was the last wooden-craft you exported? I mean, to which country? It was to America, in the year of 2016. That’s amazing! Thank You!

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  1. Skimming through small scale wooden art work was a great step to let the urban crowd connect through the troves of rural India.?
    Hexing content guys.. keep it up??

  2. Makadmuha mane… Khali shayari na… But its good that you are showing the beauty of our hometown in a platform like this. Keep on dudes. #shibrat #sourav #prabhudatt

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