Extending a tourist visa in Australia

Extending a tourist visa in Australia

Extending a tourist visa in Australia In the bad old days of almost-compulsory No
Further Stay (Condition 8503) conditions on tourist visas from Philippines to Australia,
your Filipina lady came to Australia for a 3 month stay and that was it! Back on a plane and out of there! There were no options for “extending”
or “getting an extension”. The Condition 8503 still exists. It hasn’t disappeared. However whilst I can’t speak universally,
I will say that we haven’t seen one from the Australian Embassy in Manila for any Down
Under Visa client for about 3 years. So whilst we still warn our clients of the
possibility, it’s not something we really expect these days at all. No Condition 8503. What does this mean? It means there is nothing stopping you from
applying for another visa when you are inside Australia. Extending a tourist visa in Australia is a
real possibility. Turning a 3 month stay into a 6 month stay
can usually be done. Not so easy to get a 6 month tourist visa
to Australia in Manila, as many of you will realise. But changing that stay from 3 months to 6
months just before the first tourist visa runs out in Australia? It can normally be done. This same principle applies also if you want
to apply for a partner visa inside Australia (a) if you are QUALIFIED/ENTITLED to a partner
visa grant, and (b) if you are READY. If you are not already married (or in a de
facto relationship that qualifies for a partner visa) and you are aware of how much work is
involved, then you may apply with confidence. How to apply for an extension of a tourist
visa OK, first important point. I use the words “extend” and “extension”
not because they are correct, but because that’s what everyone calls it. The reason I don’t like the term is because
the words imply an easy task. The hard work is done, presumably. A bit like asking for a refill! No, think again! It’s a new application! Yes, you gained SOME ground by being in Australia
already, but the application is still a new one and the visa applicant still needs to
meet the Regulations just as the first application did. Now, we have clients who say “Can’t they
just look up the old application?” They could make you an icecream sundae with
chocky sprinkles too if they wanted! But they won’t! Had someone ask me the other day “Can’t
they look up the international movement records to get my flight details?” Again, yes they can, but why on earth would
they? Visa are grants. That’s the way it is, and it’s our job
to tell you how it is. You apply, and they make a decision whether
to grant it or not. And you sit and wait. If you want another tourist visa before the
current tourist visa runs out and she’s still in Australia? Please contact Down Under Visa. And let us know in plenty of time, because
deadlines are deadlines. Once the current tourist visa runs out and
she has no already-lodged application, she has no more legal right to be in Australia
and will need to leave. Contact us, and be prepared for an actual
visa application to be prepared. Don’t get annoyed and tell us you’ve already
done all that already. How to apply for a partner visa in Australia? I had someone the other day tell me if they
decided to marry at the end of the tourist visa stay, they would get married then apply
for a partner visa inside Australia. I told them they had no chance of that working
out. They would either run out of time and she
would leave, or they would lodge a rush-job visa application that would probably end in
a refusal. Getting married in Australia takes a month
to get a marriage license, so you can’t just decide on that spur of the moment. It’s not Las Vegas. There are no drive-through Elvis Wedding Chapels
in Australia. And ladies, Filipina ladies or otherwise,
do like a bit of romance as a rule. You have a wedding to organize, and this will
take up preparation time as well as real time. And an Australian partner visa can’t be
just slapped together at the last minute. In most cases it takes a few months to prepare
it properly. You are also probably employed too, and need
to do the shopping, mow the lawn and spend quality time together. You will need that few months to get this
right. Well-prepared partner visa applications slide
through the system like butter. No stumbling blocks. Make mistakes and leave serious omissions,
and you risk having the application refused. The other issue is that you WILL find that
there are things you need that are back in the Philippines, which will be hard for you
to get from inside Australia. The key? Start early. Don’t kid yourself that you can deal with
it at the last minute. Discuss it with us, and let’s get it done
right. What happens when the first visa runs out? When a valid application for another tourist
visa (or even partner visa) is lodged inside Australia before the current tourist visa
expires, the visa applicant will automatically go onto a Bridging Visa A. That keeps the
applicant lawfully inside Australia and remains until a decision is made on the new visa application. So no need to leave the country at all. A bridge between the two visas, which is why
it’s called a Bridging Visa. So yes, it can all be done. Just please do yourselves a favour and work
WITH us. If you don’t, you can end up making mistakes
and watch your dreams crumble before your eyes.

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  1. am i qualified to apply a tourist visa? i am here now in Qatar and how many days the tourist/visit visa durations?

  2. Hello sir! I have a question. I have an aunt living in together with he's living partner in australia she' was staying thier about 3 years from now. She have 2 daughters 16 and 24 was with her already with a tourist visa living with her. Can a tourist visa extend up to several years I heard that when you are 24 you cannot take a another visa except you are under 18. Please I want your advice. Thank you.

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