Extreme MEXICO CITY STREET FOOD TOUR with 5 Mexican Guys CDMX!

Extreme MEXICO CITY STREET FOOD TOUR with 5 Mexican Guys CDMX!

(muffled crowd chattering) – Good morning, I hope
you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Mexico City. (traffic rumbling)
Before coming to Mexico City, I got an email from Moises,
and he watches our videos, he loves to eat, and he said, “When you come to Mexico
City, I wanna take you around, “I wanna show you some
amazing Mexican street food.” So I’m on my way to go meet Moises now. He’s gonna take us on a Mexican street food tour of Mexico City, especially focusing on
the center of Mexico City. We’re gonna visit some
of the legendary markets. But first, we are gonna go eat breakfast at this stall which is in La Condesa, that is known for, well,
OK, I’m gonna show you. We’re on our way there now. This is gonna be an awesome
day of Mexican street food. (energetic drumbeat) – [Man] Not Moises, but he’s
waiting for you over there. – (laughing) OK, cool.
– Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. Moises, what’s up man?
– Nice to met you. – Nice to meet you.
– How are you? Torta de chilaquil. Maybe we can say it’s
a chilaquil sandwich. Green and red. These are my friends. – Hello.
– Hey. – Nice to meet you. – Ignacio, and Julia.
– Hola, nice to meet you. (woman speaking foreign language) (man speaking foreign language) – [Mark] And a torta is, it’s a sandwich, and so they start with a loaf of bread. I think they fill in frijoles?
– [Man] Frijoles. – So beans, and then they have all the ingredients laid out here. – Chicken, and then you have to choose between the green chilaquiles
and the red chilaquiles. – [Mark] OK, and that includes cheese? – [Moises] Uh huh, and cream. – [Mark] And cream, and
what’s in the chilaquile? Is it chips?
– It’s tortilla with salsa. – Fried tortilla.
– Fried tortilla, OK. – Fried tortilla with salsa. – It’s like crunchy, but then it turns kinda saucy with all the salsa. – [Moises] Yeah, exactly. (people speaking foreign language) (traffic rumbling) (person whistles) (car honking) (woman speaking foreign language) – Grab your–
– Ah, my tortas. – Tortas.
(talking over each other) (Julia speaking foreign language) (man speaking foreign language) – I like more green.
– That I agree. – Green…
– I also like more green. – I think maybe 80% of
people like the green. – Like the green? Oh, OK. OK, so green is one of their top sellers. – Yeah, exactly. – Yeah, they told us that they were done with the green ones for
today like ten minutes ago. – Wow, already, and it’s only 9am. – [Man] Yeah. (laughs) (birds chirping)
(truck honking) (traffic rumbling) – [Moises] Really, really good. (Julia speaking foreign language) – [Julia] Si, this is green. (men chattering) – [Mark] Gracias.
(Julia laughs) On the inside is actually a milanesa, which is a fried breaded
piece of very thin chicken, and then they put in
some beans at the bottom, they put in some cream, she adds in the, you can see those are actually like fried tortilla chips which are kinda crushed up and then added with the sauce, the green chile, to make it kinda saucy. (energetic drumbeat) Mmm, oh. The bread is crusty, but
like really fluffy, soft. You’ve got that thin
layer of fried chicken. You can taste the green
chile in there for sure. And then it has like kind
of a, I mean the chips, they’re not crunchy
anymore, but that creates kind of like a tortilla sauce, which just explodes with flavor in there. You’ve got the creamy taste of the cheese, yeah, that’s very good. What do you think? – I think it’s awesome.
– Pretty good. – And I think your
review was very accurate. – [Man] My favorite part is the chicken mixed with the sauce. – Oh, yeah.
– Awesome. (energetic drumbeat) – Yeah, this is not a
light morning breakfast. It’s heavy, it’s dense. You’ve got carbs on top of carbs on top of carbs, and it is delicious. I’m really starting to get
into the depths of this torta. And it’s just, that
green chile is awesome. And look, more and more
people are arriving. Moises was telling me that if you come at about 11am today, the
line will go down the street. So perfect timing. This was an amazing way to start the day. And we’re on our way next
to Mercado de San Juan, which is a very well-known
downtown market. (people speaking foreign language) (relaxed cumbia music) Wow, that line, as we are leaving, it’s stretching into the park now. We just arrived to Mercado de San Juan. This is known as a gourmet
market in Mexico City, and already there’s a
lot of exotic fruits. This is a really cool market
that I wanted to visit. – (speaking foreign language) cherries. – Cherry? I’ll try. Gracias. Look at the size of those. Wow, look at the size of those! This market is known as being a high-end, very gourmet market. You walk around, you see cheeses, they have all sorts of different meats imported from around the world, but it’s a very nice
market, it’s very clean, it’s very organized, and yeah, they have some very
high-end gourmet foods here. (woman speaking foreign language) (sizzling) (woman laughs) We’ve stopped at a stall
that serves all sorts of prehispanic and exotic
bugs and creepy crawlers. (man speaking foreign language) – [Mark] OK. (crowds chattering) (relaxed cumbia music) (woman speaking foreign language) Esta bueno. It has a strong flavor. (woman laughs)
It’s good. (crowds chattering) – [Mark] He just freshly
fried up some scorpions. They’re not too huge,
they’re little scorpions. He said eat the scorpion,
chase it with the mezcal. (relaxed cumbia music) Oh wow, it’s kinda juicy. Oh! It almost has like a nutty, kinda like slight chocolatey flavor to it, with a little bit of a bitterness. That’s a good combination. That was a tasty scorpion. You still alive?
– Yeah. (laughing) (relaxed cumbia music) – This market is fantastic. You’ll find so many exotic things. But some of the stalls are not that open, because it’s a Sunday morning right now. I’m glad we got to try a scorpion. But we’re gonna proceed
onwards to La Merced, which is one of the ultimate markets of downtown Mexico City,
and there we’re gonna do some serious street food eating. (energetic drumbeat) We just arrived to Mercado de La Merced. This is one of the most
well-known markets in Mexico City. It’s huge, and just
riding here in the car, you can see the energy starts to pick up, it’s getting busier and busier, there’s stall after stall of just everything you can possibly imagine. (crowds chattering) This is just a gargantuan market, so this entire area is all market. We are on a hunt for street food though, but we’re passing through everything from batteries and wallets
to plants to kids’ toys (clacking and squeaking)
to little jumping dogs. Passing through a passageway,
a canyon of shoes. We are arriving to the food
section, or one food section. (crowds chattering) (woman speaking foreign language) (man speaking foreign language) (clacking)
– Si. (woman speaking foreign language) (man speaking foreign language) (clacking) (clacking) (sizzling) – We’re stopping first
to eat some quesadillas, flattening the masa,
and then they’re frying over the hot plate, they’re filling it with some kind of a meat mixture, and then they fold them
up, roll them up, and then, wow, look at that basket full of candy. And then they fry over here, and it’s almost like a wok-looking rounded hot skillet as well. They smell unbelievable. (crowds chattering) – A chicharron quesadilla.
– Chicharron quesadilla. Awesome.
– So this is made out of pork. – [Mark] OK, and there’s
chicharron in there? – [Man] Well, it’s a
different kind of chicharron. – So it’s not the pork skin,
it also has meat parts. – [Mark] OK, and there’s
cheese in there also? – No, no cheese.
– No cheese. – No cheese?
(talking over each other) – Then just the salsa roja?
– Yeah, exactly. – OK.
(crowds chattering) – Hmm. Mm! (laughing) It’s extremely good, extremely good. The tortilla is fresh made
here, and the salsa roja, red salsa, is very good, extremely good. – Look at all that meat
stuffed in there and the salsa. (crowds chattering) (chuckling) Oh. Oh that’s awesome. Oh, oh, that’s ridiculous. That meat is like so
fatty, oily and salty. And then, oh, that salsa is awesome, and then you can really taste the freshness of that tortilla. They grill it over those hot plates so that it sort of gets crispy. Oh that’s superb. Oh wow.
– Look at that. – So this one is cheese–
– Cheese quesadilla. The thing, here in Mexico City, not all quesadillas are
with cheese. (laughs) This one specifically is with cheese. – [Mark] Very interesting. – Yeah, but the cheese
quesadilla with green salsa. (crowds chattering)
(laughing) – [Mark] Stringy cheese? – Esta bueno?
– The best. – OK and next up, this is
the only one with cheese, and it’s also with salsa
verde, the green salsa. (relaxed cumbia music) Yep. Oh, really good. Yeah, that’s like a
mozarella-tasting cheese. (man speaking foreign language) (woman laughs)
– With green salsa. And beef, onions, and tomato sauce. (crowds chattering) (dishes clinking) (laughing) Oh, that’s amazing, yeah. It’s almost like a barbecue sauce. And again those tortillas
are just awesome. And I love how they fry
them, like double fry them, so that they get kinda crispy. So good. Which one is the best? – Chicharron.
– Chicharron by far. – Chicharron.
– I didn’t have any! – I agree, that chicharron
was unparalleled. Muy, muy bueno.
– Gracias. – It was absolutely amazing. OK, we’re movin’ on. (crowds chattering) (sizzling) (man speaking foreign language) There’s so much meat in the air. – Tacos, tacos, tacos, tacos. – [Man] We need salsa. (sizzling) (chopping) (crowds chattering) (man speaking foreign language) – [Mark] Gracias. – [Man] So there’s green,
there’s red, and there’s– (talking over each other) (man speaking foreign language) – [Mark] Whichever one is very spicy. – With, or with… – [Man] (speaking foreign
language) ’cause we had red on this one, so the green. – [Mark] OK, we can try both. (speaking foreign language) (crowds chattering) – Salted beef, they also in this taco have French fries, nopales, and onion. (laughs) That’s a plus. – The deal breaker here, the game changer, is that they add on a whole
handful of French fries. That’s like a whole pack of French fries on top of your taco. You’ve gotta really like
squish it down to get this all. Look at, it’s just
overflowing with French fries. (relaxed cumbia music) Cheers.
– Cheers, man. (Moises laughs) – Oh, wow. Oh, that’s amazing. Oh, the salsa in there,
then you’ve got those oily, crispy French fries, the beef,
it’s salty, oh it’s awesome. – [Man] They add texture,
right, the French fries? – Look at all that. OK, now I gotta try this onion. (crowds chattering) Oh it’s so sweet and juicy. (man speaking foreign language) (he laughs) (crowds chattering) Never in my life have
French fries on a taco tasted and sounded so delicious. That was absolutely awesome. Here, we gotta try this. – It’s the same meat, but–
– OK. We’re right down the
lane from where we just ate an exploding French fries taco. OK, hola.
– Hola. – It’s called pancita.
– And it is the? – Beef stomach.
– Beef stomach. – But it’s in a spicy
broth with smoked chiles, I think it’s guajillo, and pasilla. Those kinds. And the beef have four stomachs, right, so it’s different texture
for (laughing) each of them. – [Mark] Cool. – Squeezing.
– (laughing) Squeezing. – [Mark] Hold your stomach in.
(he laughs) – It looks like it’s a clay
cauldron just full of soup, red soup, and it’s called pancita, which is a variety of cow
stomachs within a soup. And it’s gorgeous, you can see just herbs overflowing in there. There’s a paddle there she uses to stir it with, and she just dishes it out. This place is bumpy. (dishes clinking) (crowds chattering) (soup splashing) (woman speaking foreign language) (crowds chattering) (Julia laughing) – Mm.
(they laugh) – Esta bueno?
(dishes clinking) (crowds chattering) – The first thing that you have to admire here is the size of this spoon. That’s a good-sized spoon. I’m gonna dip it, I’m just gonna taste the broth first before I do anything. They added some onions, some cilantro, and some lime as well in here. (crowds chattering) Oh. Has like this smoky flavor to it. Can taste like a roasted flavor. And it does have a little
bit of an organy taste to it. That’s delicious, I got
some onions in there too. OK, now to try some of the chunkier bits. Oh, how ’bout this,
this chunk right there? Oh yeah, that looks like
it has some texture. (crowd chattering) It’s really tender. Mm, it is a little bit jiggly. That broth is awesome though. It’s made with roasted chiles, so it has that wonderful
smoky chile flavor to it. – [Man] Green salsa,
this is like guacamole. – [Mark] OK, and also maybe that chile. (crowd chattering) Thank you so much.
– Oh, you’re welcome. I think it’s better in taco. – That’s the way everybody’s eating it, if you look around this
massive dining room. – It’s very oily, yes.
– Very que? – Oily.
– Ah, very oily. – And spicy.
(dishes clinking) – Hold on, I wanna get that chile. That was a little bit chewy. A little bit rubbery. But delicious. (crowds chattering) In the kitchen back here, they’re boiling more of the soup, and
that just bubbles away. That’s a serious boil. And then I guess once it cooks here, then they transport it to the clay vessel at the front, that’s where they distribute it, that’s where they serve it. And then, wow, I can feel the heat comin’ off the tortillas over here
that they’re making fresh, and by the way, the tortillas here are also top-notch, excellent. (crowds chattering) Not only was that food
amazing, but it just… It will arouse your senses. That’s so visual,
there’s so much going on. (crowds chattering) There’s enough food in this
market to make you go dizzy. Pambazo, yeah, I’ve never tried that. (sizzling) – Pambazo?
– Pampazo con todo. – Si. (sizzling) (speaking foreign language) – [Man] Roja, por favor. (relaxed cumbia music) – Hola. (Mark laughs) – [Mark] Wow, what’s
the name of this again? – [Man] This is a pambazo. It’s a bolillo, which is bread, and it’s fried and
dipped in a tomato sauce. – [Mark] So that’s why it’s
red colored, the tomato sauce? – Yeah, that’s why it’s red colored. – [Mark] Coating all of
the bread, and fried. – (laughing) Yeah. And then it’s filled with potatoes, and chorizo mix, and
they also put lettuce, cream, and cheese on
there, and salsa of course. (he laughs) – Gonna eat it here?
– Just eat it. – [Man] Let’s go. (crowds chattering) – Cheers!
– Cheers! – Cheers!
– Pambazo cheers! (relaxed cumbia music) – Oh, yeah. Oh, wow. That is flavorful. Can taste the chorizo in there, you can taste the salsa, the cream. The bread is pretty cool.
– Not healthy, but very good. – Yeah, definitely.
(he laughs) – The chorizo is really good in there. (crowds chattering) The chorizo in there,
that’s what rocks it. That’s what flavors, that’s what powers this entire sandwich, is that chorizo. How is it?
– Extremely good. – Gracias.
– Gracias. – You will not believe how many different types of salsa and meat juices are all over my fingers and
all over the camera. All over the camera. (laughing) (relaxed cumbia music) This market is just out of control. There are just masses
of fresh ingredients. Any kind of Mexican food
you can possibly imagine, you can buy the ingredients here. Do you need a pinata? You have about 1,000 different choices, from dinosaurs to Power Rangers. Mamey.
– Mamey. (man speaking foreign language) (man speaking foreign language) – Provecho. (laughs) – (laughing) So many people here. I got sandwiched. This is a fruit called mamey. It kinda looks like an oval egg shape. This is a fruit I’ve never tried. And on the inside it
looks similar to a papaya. (crowds chattering) Mm. Oh. – It’s like meaty, right? – It’s really sweet. It’s almost like a
condensed, non-juicy papaya, with a very sweet, almost
honey sweetness to it. It’s a very dense fruit. It’s like condensed sweetness. (crowds chattering) we have just emerged from
the depths of the market. If you go the to dictionary,
and if you search for culinary wonderland, La Merced, this market will be
one of the top results. It’s amazing. If you love food, you will just be in awe. I was just walkin’ around with my jaw open, my mouth drooling. There’s so much food, there’s
so many fruits and vegetables, there’s so much color,
there’s so much energy. (man speaking foreign language) – [Man] Do you want it with chile? (man speaking foreign language) (traffic roaring) – [Julia] Yay, gracias. – I just love how they cut the mangoes here into like a bouquet. It looks like a flower. He sprinkles on quite a nice
layer of that chile chamoy. I think I got it all over my chin. Oh, that’s delicious. The mango is sweet, and then you’ve got that salty chamoy, which contrasts it. (laughs) I got it all over my chin. (woman laughing) Yeah, the mango’s sweet. (energetic drumbeat) (traffic roaring) – Hola, buenos dias.
– Buenos dias. (Moises speaking foreign language) – We’re on our way now to downtown. Micah also got a mango
without any seasoning. He ate the entire top half. Oh hi, Micah. (energetic drumbeat) So this is the center,
downtown of Mexico City, and we’re going to a place
that’s called El Moro. And they are legendary. This is the place you come in
Mexico City to eat churros. The takeaway line actually snakes all the way down the outside, but the line for sitting in is not that long, so we
decided to get a table. We’re gonna sit down, we’re gonna sample the churros here, the original. We’re getting permission
to enter churro paradise. (crowds chattering) – Gracias. (man speaking foreign language) (sugar spilling) – This place is as crazy
and as hectic as the market. But in a totally different,
churro kind of way. I didn’t want to stay in
the kitchen for too long, because it’s so hectic, and
they have such a system, I don’t wanna get in their way. But they allowed be to just go back and see how they make the churros. They have the batter
coming out of a spigot, and he’s such an expert,
the churro master, he takes these long chopsticks and he kind of swirls it around into a giant circular
shape, coil after coil. It’s like a hose, it’s
like a doughnut hose, and then it goes into a bath of sugar. (crowds chattering) – Ensopeo. You got to introduce your
churro on the hot chocolate. It’s called sopear. (relaxed cumbia music) – Oh yeah. They’re crunchy, they’re gooey,
in the perfect kind of way. They’re sugary. It’s sweet and salty. It is really, really good. Wow. Oh that’s amazing, dip
it in the chocolate, you’ve got the extra chocolate factor, you’ve got the milkiness
of it so it’s juicy. Yeah, I think what’s good to me is just, it’s just the perfect gooey crunchy texture combined all together. If you love churros, if you love sweets, this is a place you have
to visit in the world. Yeah, those churros are next-level. (relaxed cumbia music) We’re walking on our way to el zocalo, and there are just masses of people. But el zocalo is the historic
center, it’s the main plaza. Everything in Mexico City
sort of leads to el zocalo. And we’re coming up on it very soon. (energetic drumbeat) We made the walk through
the sea of humanity. We made it to el zocalo. This is the central plaza, it’s a giant plaza, it just opens up. There’s some very
important buildings here. This is where they hold
a lot of public events, places where lots of people can gather. Wow, it’s huge here. (simmering) (crowds chattering) We’re stopping next to eat esquite, and it is a very common Mexican street food snack throughout Mexico City. – [Man] Esta bueno? – Really nice. (man laughing) – Whoa. I got a big chunk of mayonnaise. And that’s good. Yeah, the corn, the salsa in there’s salty, a little bit spicy. It’s creamy. It’s also warm on a cold day. (relaxed cumbia music) It’s a fantastic street food snack. It tastes so good, it’s
so addictive, it’s salty, it’s limey, it’s cheesy, it’s creamy. (buskers playing jazz) – Turkey tortas.
(Mike laughs) We’ve made it to the next spot on this Mexican street food tour of Mexico City. This is a place, you can
see in the window here, they have some giant fried turkeys. (relaxed cumbia music) – Yeah?
– Mm hmm. – Very good. Simple, but very tasty. – This place has been serving them since 1928, this is an institution. (dishes clinking) Mm. Yeah, the bun is really, really soft, and then you’ve got the shreds of turkey. It just tastes like a classic. Some chiles. Soup in a coffee cup. Oh, that’s just like
straight up turkey broth. It’s, yeah, I think you’re supposed to add your own salt, ’cause it’s not salty. But it is good, it’s very turkey. The turkey torta is
over, this is the spot. It’s yeah, it’s been around
for a long, long time. Overall it’s good, a little
bit plain, but pretty good. We’ve got one more stop on
this Mexican street food tour, and it’s gonna be a good final ending. (energetic drumbeat) Here it is, the final stop. You want a cheek? Cheek, and– – Yes I want a cheek, very badly. – We try the cheek, and there’s also eye. There’s ear. – Choose me your two favorite. (talking over each other) (man speaking foreign language) – Ah, everyone has their
favorite, man. (laughs) – [Mark] My trust is in you. (man speaking foreign language) (crowds chattering) – [Man] (sighing) OK. (glasses clinking) (relaxed cumbia music) – [Mark] Which salsa is for this? – [Man] I’d go with the red one. (man speaking foreign language) (laughing) You know you
have a good taco technique when the meat doesn’t fall off. – Cheek taco. Oh. Oh. Wow. That’s insane. It’s fatty, it’s juicy, mm. – A little bit chewy.
– A little bit chewy. The beef cheek is so good. – Great, great, great, great, great. – Amazing tacos, the best flavor. It’s my favorite. – It’s absolutely amazing. – Cheers, man.
– Cheers. Next one is cabeza, which is
a mix of all the head meats. So there’s some cheek in there, there’s some eye, there’s some… – [Man] Some I don’t know what it is. – Yeah, some parts you don’t
wanna ask are in there. (relaxed cumbia music) That’s spectacular. – [Man] Which are better, cheek or cabeza? – I don’t know. I sorta like the cabeza, the mix, yeah. That’s just a blend of head. So we’ve come to the end of this incredible Mexican street food tour. – [Man] It was crazy. – It’s been so much fun
hanging out with all of them, and, they are just
starting a YouTube channel, it’s called, what’s the name? – Five Mexican Guys. – Five Mexican Guys, they’re
just starting it right now, so go check out their channel, I’ll leave the link in the description box. They’re gonna make awesome
food and travel videos. – [Man] Yeah, we’re gonna do Mexican food videos, legit Mexican food. – And Mexican recipes, so
you can cook for friends and for family and surprise them. – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed hangin’ out and eating with all of you guys. – I did too, it was awesome.
– Thank you, it was amazing. (talking over each other) – Muchas gracias. Remember to click thumbs
up, leave a comment below, and also click the subscribe button. I’m gonna be publishing lots
more food and travel videos. Goodbye from Mexico City. – Bye!
– Bye bye! – Hasta luego!
– Nos vemos! – Tell me what was your
favorite food from the day. – It’s hard to decide but
for me it was the pambazo, the bolillo filled with potatoes and chorizo, it was the best. – Mine was the quesadilla of chicharron. – I loved the head tacos of
Los Cocuyos, really good. – My favorite one was the beef taco with French fries on top. And it is something that you will only find at markets, and maybe we will be coming back soon, so don’t
forget to stay tuned. (laughing) – Yes, OK, and I have to say
the quesadilla de chicharron. – Mine was also the taco
with the French fries on top. I loved it. – Yeah, quesadilla with
cheese, yeah. (laughing) – [Man] Quesadilla with cheese, great.

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