Eyes on Detroit | 2019 LCS Summer Finals (Team Liquid vs Cloud9)

Eyes on Detroit | 2019 LCS Summer Finals (Team Liquid vs Cloud9)

TL and C9 have both been very successful this year. Team Liquid is going for their fourth consecutive LCS title, which has never been done before. It would solidify them as the greatest team in LCS history, and the fact that C9 hasn’t won a title for five years, eats at them every time they go to that final stage. So, for either team to win,
even if they’ve already qualified for Worlds, means so much to take down that Summer Finals. Hello, Detroit! Motor City, let me hear you make some noise! This Final, Xmithie is going for his sixth LCS title. If he wins, would put him at second-most titles all-time, which is unique, because, if you think about, “Hey, which player probably has the second-most titles of all time?” Xmithie’s not the first name that pops into your head. I try not to be nervous. Sometimes it happens. Super nervous. We balance each other out. Xmithie and Doublelift have been on
the same team for most of their titles. They’ve been teammates for the most part of the last four years. Five-time LCS Champion, Xmithie! Doublelift is the type of player who is very outspoken. He will frequently trash talk, he will consistently say he is the best, everyone else is trash. Xmithie is someone who doesn’t really say anything publicly, but he is always someone who is going to
consistently get the job done, and I think that’s why he goes unnoticed so often because he’s not a player that seems to value public accolades. Your Summer Split Honda MVP, Svenskeren! If you go back in time, it’s almost always
Svenskeren or Xmithie in the finals, or they’re against each other, for the last five years straight. Svenskeren, congratulations!
Your Summer Split MVP. So, there is a real rivalry there between the two junglers, even if they don’t trash talk each other publicly. And the Summer Finals officially begin here. Three games means you win it all. Within the past year or two, I think Svenskeren has really adopted his own style which is very aggressive. It’s very forward, and Xmithie, while he occasionally plays that way, mostly plays to track and shut down the other jungler so that his team can succeed. Critical early countergank there for Xmithie. Xmithie: Xin no flash, guys. This battle between the two, I think will be a question of how much Svenskeren can kind of exert his will on the game, versus how much Xmithie can make Svenskeren a nonfactor. Because if Svenskeren’s a nonfactor, TL wins. Xmithie: Can you guys come? Jensen: No flash.
Xmithie: No flash, no flash. Impact: I’m coming, I’m moving first. Gonna continue chasing towards this one now. Impact’s coming in for the collapse first,
World Ender already used. There comes the Emperor’s Divide! And there goes First Blood! Team Liquid’s able to make it one, will they find number two? Nisqy’s about to be put in the dirt,
and Licorice has to flash away. This has huge ramifications for the rest of this game. Jensen: Can we chase? Can we chase? Now they’re looking to get the hell out of town, the follow-up, the Emperor’s Divide, and the routing of Cloud9! Xmithie’s stopwatch keeps him alive, and Jensen brings down the Emperor’s Divide. TL takes Game 1.
– Doublelift: GG. Jensen sending a message with that final play,
flashing onto Nisqy, knocking him into the team, and telling him to get outta his game. Nisqy wants to take me down, um… he took the spot I had on Cloud9,
so he has big shoes to fill, and he wants to prove to himself,
and everyone else, that he’s worthy of that spot. For him to really solidify himself as C9’s mid laner, he has to win this thing, and… I think he realizes that so that’s why he really
wants to prove himself this time around, but… it’s— it’s gonna be tough for him. Reapered: We are trying to engage with the cage, right?
Nisqy: Mm-hm. Reapered: Did you ever succeed with that? Nisqy: No, not even in mid.
Reapered: Right? Reapered: So, cage is too obvious of a skill. It has to have come from the side, right? But it’s fine, let’s move on. Nisqy is now what Jensen was, for C9. He’s the player that C9 plays through. Even if Svenskeren’s the MVP, It’s because he so successfully gets Nisqy ahead, and oftentimes, people say that Nisqy’s success is due to Svenskeren. We are going to Game 2 now. Nisqy: Can you one shot him? Can you one shot him, you think?
Svenskeren: Yeah, we’re fighting, we’re fighting. Xmithie’s gonna be stunned up immediately. Nisqy makes his way over, and Xmithie falls. And this time it is Svenskeren waiting for Xmithie. Svenskeren: Let’s go, Nisqy! Woo! Shoe on the other foot here. Nisqy can also prove that he can do what Jensen couldn’t, in actually winning a title through C9’s mid priority. Nisqy’s grabbing the kill, and TL’s in the dirt. Clap, clap, clap, that’s how you do it,
and you can see the smile on his face. They solo kill Jensen on the top side as he was trying to TP in and Nisqy is pressuring the base. Even sweeter, killing your replacement there, able to take down Jensen. And Cloud9 brings the storm to Team Liquid. Doublelift is chased down, beat down, he’s going home. Game 1 was all Team Liquid’s,
but Game 2, Cloud9 came to play. When I have bad games, people usually say like, “Oh, I wish Jensen was there.” Or like, “Jensen wouldn’t do that.” But then also I think when I make great plays then people also recognize like, “Oh, Jensen wouldn’t make that.” But I hope that at one point we kind of forget
the Jensen from the past and just make sure I’m the new C9 mid. Reapered: Was a really good call. The early game. Reapered: The one shot. Everyone good to go?
– Yeah Alright, let’s go! Who is going to pull ahead and take us to that match point? You are seeing how well Nisqy is
utilizing the ultimate here from Sylas. Always finding a critical ult to take. C9 taking control of this game. Svenskeren: Skarner no flash, no flash! Kill him. He’s the target! Here we go! Nisqy and Svenskeren going right into
the fight and Xmithie is gone. Svenskeren: He’s dead! Renekton, Renekton. Zeyzal: Baron, Baron, Baron.
Sneaky: Nice! Svenskeren: Get this Baron.
Nisqy: Do Nash. Nisqy: We should fight. 3-0. It’s all C9! Nisqy: Akali dead. Nexus, Nexus. Let’s go! Jensen can do nothing to stop it. Licorice: Let’s go! Svenskeren: Hell yeah. And Cloud9 are making this look easy. Cain: I told you to stop looking for solo kills. Dodo: If you win lane, don’t look at solo kills. Cain: Jensen, why do you keep blowing your
Flash like that and end up dying? Dodo: Don’t— don’t flash forward to make a trade. Cain: Just keep pushing your advantage. Jensen: Yeah, yeah. I mean, I feel confident.
I’m not going to make mistakes this time. I’ve been through many Finals and I think it’s really hard to just win your first Finals ’cause I really think it affects your play when you’re playing on such a big stage the first time. It’s something you really have to get used to so I definitely think I have an advantage over Nisqy in that part. In a way I think it’s funny, like, people comparing me to Nisqy and if he has filled my shoes or not because you feel like you were the better fit for the team, and then… they tried to convince themselves that
he’s a better fit, but in the end you know that you were the best fit, and then and if I were to win, fans will be like,
“Oh yeah, Jensen was the better fit.” Cloud9 are one win away from earning their first title in five years. You’ve got to remember though,
no lead is safe against Team Liquid. Just last split, reverse sweeping TSM in the Finals. You can see there some words of spice from Cloud9 on Twitter. Now it’s the time for Jensen’s rebuttal. We have to see a big play come out of this LeBlanc right now. He’s got the experience lead. He has a completed burst damage that’s available to him. Jensen: I’m looking, I’m looking, I’m looking. Over the wall comes Jensen! And back to the fountain goes Svenskeren. They can get surrounded. Jensen: 1 HP, 1 HP Gragas! Jensen finds a lot of damage. Svenskeren nearly killed instantly. Zeyzal’s also going to be taken very low. Xmithie very tanky there on the front line. Big three-man knock up coming out from Zeyzal. But Nisqy is gone. Zeyzal is gone. Cloud9 is gone! That is the kind of play that could change a game. Jensen: I can maybe kill him, I can maybe kill him. Jensen wants those stats! Jensen’s answer heard loud and clear to Cloud9. He’s not giving you that trophy that easily. That’s gonna be it. Team Liquid will bring us to Game 5. CoreJJ: See! If we lose two games, it’s fun. Jensen, such a huge difference maker it felt like, though. Monstrous laning phase. And it all comes down to one final game. Sometimes people underestimate how difficult it is to stay on top. No one has won four LCS titles in a row. It’s impossibly hard to do that. Yet somehow, if they don’t win this fourth one, it’s a failure. It is so hard for TL to really get a win here and in the back of their heads
they need to find ways to stay motivated. There is a real challenger here trying to prevent TL from making history. Xmithie: One game, guys. Oh, nice chain CC. Xmithie can come. Xmithie makes his way into the fight. Sneaky is going to be knocked up into the air. A lot of damage coming down. Flash forward. Doublelift looking to find the kill. And First Blood for TL! He hit six now and he’s going in 1v2. Svenskeren taken low. Taken down! Jensen and Impact coming around from the side. Sneaky has the ult, you’ve got to be ready for that one. Impact is going to get that out of him
but now they’re looking to go even further. Jensen after Sneaky and they’ve got the kill. Team Liquid is too damn strong. And they are running away with Game 5. Impact: I think I can just E, flash. I’m looking to flash. I flashed, I flashed! Impact: Xayah, dead. We win. Team Liquid destroys Sneaky! Everyone else has fallen. Jensen: Oh, we did it! Doublelift: Nice! They are the only team to lift the trophy,
back to back, to back, to back. And they are the best team North America has ever produced. Xmithie: I didn’t feel like we win, man. I don’t know. I don’t feel like I won
like the whole thing or something, I don’t know. Team Liquid: 3, 2, 1!

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    editing is on POINT

  3. Not only has Sneaky always been the issue in these finals, never hard carrying a game but also he has like zero emotion when they win a game. Licorice, Sven and Nisqy all huge and Sneaky is just sitting there no emotion. Weird dude.

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