Eyes on TSM Zven (2018 NA LCS Summer Playoffs)

Eyes on TSM Zven (2018 NA LCS Summer Playoffs)

Zven: Ooh, never been in here before. Losing Quarters twice in a year, for TSM, is a failure. For me, it’s a failure. It’s like something that never happened in either my career, or in TSM’s history,
so it’s a huge, like… loss for both of us. So I don’t want that to happen, no matter what. If we come back now and we win against Echo Fox and we win against TL, C9,
whoever we get chosen to play against if we do make it and win the Summer Split and we do go to Worlds,
I think everyone will forget what happened in Spring Split and that’s what I’m here for today. Did about a 17-straight hour drive to make it here just to watch TSM play Echo Fox today. They have underperformed this year compared to other years. – They look like they’re scared this year, as well.
– Yeah. Not being at the top of the NA ladder,
which is something that they are just known for They’re too timid! Zven and mithy, I just feel like
don’t try to make those plays. They should have kept Doublelift and Biofrost. I believe Zven can turn it around if he… pulls today off. I still believe in them to come back, so… We’ve seen Zven do it over in Europe. They weren’t losers over there. I don’t know what it is but there is other star power that can be made with TSM. It’s just whether or not they’re going to show up. In Spring Split, we had a lot of trouble figuring out, you know, what made us click as a team. In playoffs I don’t know what it was that happened but everything that could go wrong, went wrong. ‘Cause I played my worst series ever and I don’t feel like it was anything related to TSM, or to anyone else, or just… it was just a bad series for me and recently I’ve been feeling like a liability, a little bit, sometimes. I feel like I… don’t play as well as I used to on a regular basis. I have too many off games recently so… I feel like I’m letting my teammates down a little bit. So that feels kind of bad. Bjergsen: Are we ready? Zven: Are we good? Let’s go. There’s no question there’s a
higher standard for TSM going into playoffs going into pretty much every split,
people expect us to be the best, always. For someone like Zven and mithy to come into TSM coming into someone else’s legacy rather than the legacy that they kind of built for themselves on G2. This split I’ve just tried to make them feel like they’re just as much as a part of this team as anyone else is, and as much as I am. I didn’t want them to feel like they’re carrying someone else’s legacy on their shoulders. I want it to feel like it’s a part of them. We have made it to the postseason in one of the most chaotic splits the North American LCS has ever seen. – TSM! It’s gonna be a crazy, crazy series we have on our hands. Zven: I have my spike, 1K gold.
And I’m really strong. [Music: “Pressure (feat. Cassie Jo Craig)” by Josh Sallee] Zven in the back! Zven dives the backline, looking to
take down Damonte, but he goes down! Zven: I fucked up. Bjergsen: Still winnable, still winnable. Bjergsen though, on a rampage, takes down Huni takes down Dardoch. That is a massive teamfight for TSM and that puts TSM in the driver’s seat. When we signed Zven, I kind of felt like he was the only player that was
suitable to replace Doublelift. ‘Cause Doublelift was one of the best– or still is one of the best AD carries in the West and the only person in my eyes
that could really rival him was Zven. When you play against a player and you feel like he’s just so difficult to kill and so difficult to catch that’s kind of the feeling I always have playing Zven. …actually buffers the stun through,
was able to get everybody else. Zven takes down Huni in an instant and now Dardoch’s gonna be left for dead. Smoothie hops over, there’s the Vanguard’s Edge. TSM, rushing in there. Zven with a double, Zven with a the triple kill Zven with a quadra kill! Zven: Yeah, that’s fucking right! Bjergsen: Okay, let him penta. Let him penta. They’re gonna be so tilted. They’re gonna be so tilted. TSM, in game number one, will gift their Kai’Sa the pentakill! And that’s it. Best in the West shows up in game number one of this series for TSM. [Crowd chanting “TSM”] TSM are definitely feeling themselves
because this is the first game that they’ve taken off Echo Fox this split. I’m also really excited to see does he just blind Kai’Sa again?
He can get away with that late game-scaling pick. Maybe Zven is just comfortable to do it
each and every time. – Flash!
– Flash auto! Takes down Zven in the 2v2. Underestimating the Draven damage. Zven, flashing in, gets silenced, he’s dead! That’s a double kill there for Damonte and Bjergsen does get a kill on the other side. But FOX able to get that, it’s only Grig left now. [Crowd chanting “Echo Fox”] They know if they win the fight then that’s gonna be game! This duo will be crushed! Echo Fox will even things up against TSM. We have a series, boys and girls. Zven: I can’t fight here, guys. Now, they’ve actually caught Zven,
he’s gonna get stunned, he dies as Lost goes unstoppable! But what was Zven doing there
so separated from the rest of his team? Zven: We need to be together.
We cannot fight two fronts. That’s just their team comp.
It’s much better at doing that than ours. Echo Fox run over TSM and push themselves to match point! I really want to have a good series to
finally prove I still have it in me to be a great player and to have the title of being the best. Any player is going to look a little bit inconsistent
when the team is so inconsistent and when we’ve had so many issues with our synergy. It’s really been the same for me. I haven’t looked as consistent
in my games and I think that when he doesn’t have to worry about how our macro is going how our communication is going,
are we doing the right thing are we thinking the right things? He can just kinda focus on himself. Zven: In mid game, we have no engage. Our engage is Trundle pillar and they have Ahri, and Kai’Sa and Braum can jump, and Kindred. We have no playmaking in this comp. Reginald: It feels like you guys can’t do anything
because you guys aren’t playing as five. Regardless of what comp it is. You guys, like… stomped bot super hard. We just didn’t get an advantage out of it ’cause we didn’t use that. Reginald: Call out their play, call out our play.
Be on the same page. 1, 2, 3, TSM! TSM, there… have to be feeling nervous. On the route to another Quarterfinal exit here
as Echo Fox are one win away. Dardoch back to the bottom side,
Zven has no flash! [Music: “Bos Angeles (feat. Naika)” by Zaid Tabani] There’s the mid lane grabbing first blood! They are on match point. They are about to take TSM out of the playoffs again. We were down 2-1 after three games and… I could feel the pressure there for the whole team. For TSM, you still have tons of damage to get back and soften up those marksmen and give the opportunity for Bjergsen, your star,
to dive in and clean up a fight and it’s gonna be a lot on the shoulders of Bjergsen here. Bjergsen: Oh, look at Trundle and Ashe! Zven: Look at Ryze here, I’m cut off here. Bjergsen: I’m killing Ashe. Bjergsen: I can go here too, I can go here too. Stun in four, look at me. Ryze! Bjergsen again! Bjergsen: Nice.
Zven: Nice. Bjergsen: I have ulti in 20. TSM are back in this game. Bjergsen, he is dancing around the Echo Fox carries. TSM push all the way in. Huni just buying time as Bjergsen,
he lines up the quadra! [Crowd chanting “TSM”] Zven: Alright, let’s go boys. Bjergsen: Just a game five, no problem. Give me game number five! Bjergsen will push TSM to where he always has. The pentakill! Bjergsen: We just get a penta every game, I guess. What a carry performance here from the mid lane superstar. Bjergsen: Let’s penta next game too, ok? [Crowd chanting “TSM”] Fans are excited for game number five. I don’t think I’ve heard TSM chants this split of that volume at all. Bjergsen: Kennen. I’m going long on him,
going deep on him. Look at me, look at me. …Bjergsen now able to roam up here. It’s actually Dardoch getting there at a pretty good clip. Ulti is gonna miss, he’s gonna go back in,
into the Lamb’s Respite. Now Damonte, maybe looking for it. Bjergsen, he’s trying to find the outplay but he’s too far forward, chained up by Huni Bjergsen, he may go down, but he lives,
as he distorts back over. Bjergsen: I’m alive, I’m alive,
if you guys can get up. Bjergsen: Ok? No ulti Kindred. Bjergsen: Nice! I’m here. And that’s it! TSM, they turn it around! Bjergsen: Fucking nice, guys!
Zven: Nice. Bjergsen: I played that bad too,
Jon, but it’s all fucking good. Zven: Good job, good job. Every day I play, I feel like we get one step closer to being that team I imagined we will be,
when I signed with TSM. We just need that little thing to fall into place and then everything will click and it will just be the TSM I thought we would be. Maybe a fight! [Music: “Bos Angeles (feat. Naika)” by Zaid Tabani] The Mystic Shot there coming over,
the ultimate coming from Zven putting Lost so, so low. Goodbye Dardoch, goodbye tier two turret. FOX’s chances starting to slip away. Here’s Huni, Protobelts in, only finds frontline. Zven, still living for so long and there’s two kills, Hauntzer, to end out the game! Bjergsen: Yes! Zven: Yes!! TSM… Zven: TSM! …will right their wrong from their Quarterfinal. They will do what they couldn’t do before they will be pushed to the brink but this time, they will triumph! I didn’t come here just for the weather or for the beach or something like that, or for money, or anything like that. I did come here ’cause I thought I would win. The C9 match is definitely going to be our biggest test. C9 just has this effect about them that I think they had, a few years ago,
or even back in the day with Hai and Meteos where it feels like, they can make mistakes and
they can do these things but it seems like they just always win, in the end. That’s a scary thing to go up against in Playoffs. The teams are only going to get harder and harder. Playing C9, and then, potentially playing TL or obviously 100 Thieves in the Finals. These opponents are harder. And it means that no one can have an off game to beat them. So it will be important for Zven to step up in every game. I haven’t gotten what I came for yet. I won’t leave until I get what I came for. I won’t just stand here and, you know, let it happen. I won’t be fine with losing in Semifinals or Gauntlet, I won’t be happy with that at all. I came here to win Finals and go to Worlds and do well with TSM.

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  2. Bjerg is literally the only reason they are still in playoffs why are they putting the spotlight on zven? Hes very overrated.

  3. Eyes on Zven?
    A week later: After losing a scrim set, Zven tilted super hard that he left NA to go back to EU.

    Is this still fresh?

  4. i think rioit is in love whit TMS and even more with Zven he got number 1 in the penta wich i belive was not n1 material

  5. It hurts to see this negative cloud around zven and mithy. Their playstyle is just different and they came from eu. They have been higher up the rank than anyone in NA. I think they btter return to eu and crush na and worlds again

  6. Sad thing you can clearly see they are no team at all. And that isn't only shown in game also "off game". Zven always go just to mithy after the game and Bjergsen always talks with the others. They are a split group Bjergsen+Hauntzer+whoeverjungles / Mithy+Zven. They won't win like that, i guess it didnt make "click" on a social level as well for them …

  7. It's weird how these "Eyes on" episodes work. Eyes on Mike Yeung? Benched. Eyes on Dardoch? EchoFox loses. Eyes on Zven…? Is it mere coincidence or prophetic?

  8. Didn't notice how good Mithy's ulti over the wall was as Leona when Kennen and Galio get a big ulti combo off together. Stopped 3 of them from getting into the fight when TSM were CC'd.

  9. Don't worry guys we know Bjergsen will always find a way to win this series and even the championship itself in the LCS

  10. This really should be a video about bjerg. If he carries this will bring his legacy to another level. Especially since they are a big underdog.

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  13. doublelift has destroyed Sven every single game though, or am I wrong? still Sven is pretty good, wish he showed up more with outplays and winning bot lane heavily. Always hoping for the best for everyone in the TSM roster.

  14. At 0:41, "They look like they're scared this year as well.." Can we get a more viable critique from someone who has more than a nine word vocabulary please? Thank you.

    Not to mention, my boy Aphromoo look like a boss @ 11:09

  15. Ever since Mithy addressed the issue of TSM not having that sort of brotherhood, I realized that they actually never seemed close to eachother at all. But now it does seem like TSM has some sort of feeling of a brotherhood.

  16. this was a good video 🙂 fun to see how pro players talk when there ei game I wish they did one like that where they would just let pro players mic run instead tf shout casters

  17. TSM isn't one of my favorite teams and I'm definitely cheering for C9 (they're my favorites) but this video gave me major respect for the TSM squad, especially Bjerg and Zven.
    Although I'm cheering for C9, definitely would not mind TSM coming through in the gauntlet and being the 3rd seed at worlds.

  18. why doesn't regi hire someone to manage the business, and he take the role of head coach? It seems to be effective when he steps in when the team is down.

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