F*** Tour with Kisses! — Gay Home Tour

F*** Tour with Kisses! — Gay Home Tour

Vitalii: Hello— Vitalii: There you are.. Vitalii: Hello! It’s us, Wineholics. Vitalii: Today, we are going to make a home tour in fluffly costumes. Vitalii: Some of you might think that we like furry things… Vitalii: …and we won’t deny that. Vitalii: But this video is not about that. Vitalii: As I already said: It’s going to be a home tour! Vitalii: But don’t turn off. There is a special to it! Vitalii: To celebrate our new finished flat, we will kiss in every room! Jakub: I am ready! Vitalii: Usually when we come home we— Vitalii: I don’t know why I did that. Vitalii: Usually when we get home we immediately enter our wardrobe! Vitalii: Where we are undressing… and having a kiss! Vitalii: Afterwards, we—
Jakub: Have you seen my beautiful shirt? Jakub: I just broke the hanger, I know. Vitalii: Okay… Jakub: Anyway, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? Jakub: I LOVE floral prints! Jakub: (slow motion) I love floral prints. Boy: That’s gay… Grandpa: Yes. That was pretty gay. Vitalii: After undressing we go to the bathroom–
Jakub: Are we? Vitalii: What do you mean? I always need to pee, especially when it’s cold outside. Jakub: Just say that we wash our hands afterwards. Vitalii: Okay. The official version is we go and wash our hands. Vitalii: So we are entering the bathroom… and having a kiss! Jakub: (laughs) Yes, of course. Vitalii: I mean, we are going having a kiss in this situation. Jakub: I look like an alcoholic with this glas. Vitalii: You— Vitalii: Do you know the saying that one can get drunk from kisses? Vitalii: I think I finally understand why. Vitalii: Besides, this whiskey tastes very pleasant. It tastes like… Jakub: (makes a weird noise that resembles a dying duck) Vitalii: The whiskey smells like candy. Vitalii: I have an idea! Let’s take a bath together? Jakub: Maybe… Vitalii: If you want us to take a bath together give us a thumbs up! Vitalii: So if you thought that we have one mirror only then you are wrong. Vitalii: We have two mirrors! (laughs) Jakub: We must be incredibly rich. Vitalii: As Jakub said we are incredibly rich. Vitalii: Which is why we have this second mirror so we can watch ourselves form head to toe. Vitalii: (squeaky voice) Show me your paws! Show me your paws! Jakub: Yes, I have paws. Jakub: Besides, it seems like someone cut off your paws. Too bad for you. Vitalii: (talks in poor English about unimportant things that I am too lazy too translate) Jakub: Okay, enough! Next room! Vitalii: Okay. This is our guest room. My mum is visiting us and staying here— Vitalii: I mean… here is somebody who must not be named. Woman: (yells offending things in Russian) Vitalii: Okay, never mind. It was a bad idea. Vitalii: She seems to be not in the right mood… Vitalii: Here is our kitchen where we are supposed to cook. Vitalii: But we are too lazy too cook, which is why we are using this kitchen for kissing. Jakub: Hide my nose! Jakub: (makes noises like a horse) Vitalii: From here we have direct access to the balcony. Vitalii: Which I personally like to use to… Vitalii: I like to use it for closing out naughty puppies. Jakub: Alright, open. Jakub: Open already! Jakub: Screw this. Vitalii: (inhales with deep shock) Jakub: Here we have our beautiful breakfast table. Jakub: I am in love with this table because on the opposite side of the room we have our TV! Vitalii: That means it’s possible to watch TV while…
Jakub: Eating! Can you imagi— Vitalii: Breakfast! Jakub: Right… while having breakfast. Jakub: And right behind me is my beautiful baby which I am very happy to have! Jakub: Because it’s the most amazing fridge we ever had! Jakub: I like how much storage it provides. And it comes with a “No-frost” feature! Jakub: And this is my beautiful darling. Vitalii: You love this stupid fridge more than me… Jakub: Well, the fridge won’t disappoint me. Vitalii: You know what doesn’t disappoint me? My coffee machine! Vitalii: I already made a video about this beautiful device. But it’s so nice that I am going to kiss it again. Vitalii: After all, I told you this video would be full of kisses. Vitalii: Here is our huge, huge… Puppy laying on the couch! Puppy: No! You were supposed to draw me like one of your french girls! Puppy: I thought you were going to play music from Titanic. Vitalii: Okay. Let me do this. Vitalii: (imitates soundtrack from “Titanic”) Vitalii: Here is our beautiful couch on which we can sit and watch our favourite channel on YouTube! Jakub on YouTube: Time to swap! Vitalii on YouTube: It’s always like this. When you’re in a relationship you don’t get anything for free. Jakub on YouTube: You always have to give something back! Vitalii on YouTube: Stay single. Vitalii: And kiss! Vitalii: I don’t know why, but I have a habit of biting his nose when I am done kissing him. Jakub: He is handsome! Who is this? Jakub: Oh my god! He looks like Taylor Swift! Jakub: Who’s this? What’s his name? I’d like to meet him. Vitalii: I would rather not know. Vitalii: Will we take a bath today? Jakub and Vitalii: (make both indescribable noises) Vitalii: The last room that’s left is the bedroom! Vitalii: I really recommend you to watch this channel though. It’s really nice. You should subscribe to it! Jakub: Especially the last scene… Jakub: There goes my dignity… Vitalii: And here is our sleeping area! Jakub: (groans) I forgot that we have a hard mattress now… Jakub and Vitalii: (laugh) Vitalii: This is our sleeping area. We sleep here. Vitalii: But also trying to make babies. Jakub: You are disgusting… Vitalii: But one of us doesn’t seem to want to get pregnant. Vitalii: I want a baby! Jakub: (cries out of frustration over Vitalii’s stupidity) Vitalii: How to make babies? Let’s read on the internet. Jakub: Stop it… Jakub: That looks as if you were eviscerating me! Jakub: (laughs in panic) Vitalii: (hushes Jakub) I am searching for the baby! Jakub: Here we are. Vitalii: Let’s continue Not My Hands Challenge! Vitalii: (imitates Jakub) Jakub: Besides, we should— Jakub: We should squeeze Vitalii. Jakub: We should reverse the Not My Hands Challenge! Vitalii: Not my legs! Jakub: I meant that it’s your turn to be the victim. Vitalii: Let’s do it next! Jakub: (laughs and imitates Vitalii) Jakub: What is this even supposed to be? Vitalii: It’s a pistol. Jakub: It’s old! Nobody is doing the finger gun anymore. You just embarrassed yourself and our channel. Jakub: Who’s doing the finger gun nowadays? Vitalii: Behind us is the computer desk, which is not supposed to— Vitalii: You’re a bad camera man… Jakub: He is controlling my arm! It’s not my fault! Vitalii: This computer is not supposed to stand there. Instead, we wanted a reading chair to stand there. Vitalii: But then we realised that we don’t read… Jakub and Vitalii: (giggle) Vitalii: This bed is very comfortable. You have everything you need here. Vitalii: For instance the night table with tissues. Vitalii: As you might know, boys sneeze very often. Vitalii: Speaking of sneezing, there is one more place to show you. Vitalii: This is my workplace. Vitalii: Here I can work very hard. Vitalii: And this is Jakub’s working place. Vitalii: As you can see, he is also working very hard. Jakub: Those tissues were standing on this night table a moment ago. Jakub: He took them over and put them on the desk so he could make his stupid joke. Vitalii: This video is over. If you want, you can see us in the next video in the bedroom. Jakub: You mean bathroom! Jakub:Do you mean bedroom or bathroom? Vitalii: Bathroom… Jakub: (giggles) Vitalii: This video is over. I recommend you to subscribe to this channel. Vitalii: For those who want to see more: Stay tuned for the Q&A in the bathtub! Vitalii: Are we done with the video? Jakub: I don’t know… Vitalii: I think this should be the final scene. We showed them everything. Jakub: Did we? Oh my god, our new flat is so small… THANKS FOR WATCHING! SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL!

73 thoughts on “F*** Tour with Kisses! — Gay Home Tour

  1. Vitalii you look more handsome when you put your hair back. Just realized it when i saw you lied on bed. I remember jakub also said so in another video

  2. ติดตามมานานเเล้วขอให้ยอดซัพเยาะ​ๆน่ะครับ

  3. Обычно мальчиков которые часто чихают называют дрочилами🤡

  4. Я не знаю английский от слова ВААБЩЕ, и когда слышу вставки или мат на русском так приятно становится 😝
    Вы оч милые)

  5. Ребята реально милые и естественные и весьма выигрышно и натурально смотрятся в океане ютюбовской пошлости/фейка/ гламура и тщеславия.
    The boys are sweet and sincere, indeed. They stand out in the ocean of the utube vulgarity/fake/gloss and vanity.

  6. Понятно же что вы делали за кадром в каждой комнате особенно в спальне 😏👀

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