Fairy Tail – Tour of Magnolia | PS4

Fairy Tail – Tour of Magnolia | PS4

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100 thoughts on “Fairy Tail – Tour of Magnolia | PS4

  1. this is the best part of video game adaptation. We can actually feel as if we lived in that world and we can explore how the world looks like 🙂

  2. I have never read or watched Fairy Tail, but I think I'll be getting this game when it comes out. It looks very interesting !!

  3. These sorts of anime games have been kind of a guilty pleasure for me lately. They are not usually the best games ever but I buy them since I have never seen the anime's and treat them as sort of a condensed version of the show that I get to play instead of just watch. So far I have done it with Attack on Titan the game, One Piece World Seeker, My Hero's One Justice and recently Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. I have had a lot of fun becoming familiar with these franchises this way. I mean I couldn't even imagine trying to watch all the Dragon Ball series since I have never seen even one episode, plus I think it wouldn't be as fun playing through them if you knew exactly what was going to happen.

  4. I think this game definitely should have had a character creation for the fact that I don't think Fairy Tail has a big enough following for us to just replay the magic games and the Tartarus Arc Faithfully without anything being thrown in as like extra or way to expand the story or even change it so the character creation would have been a lovely welcome to the game especially with the way it looks it kind of looks like it should have one I'm going to buy the game because I love Fairy Tail but I was just saying that character creation would have gave it that little twisted needed to really stand out

  5. I love natsu's face expression when he breathes fire… oh wait. he doesn't have one because anime games are trash for weebs that pay a AAA price just to see anime tiddies. Fairy tail copies One piece so much that they even copy the quality of one piece games.

  6. Animaciones de PS3,gráficos de ps3 juga-habilidad de móvil….todo bien vamos. perfecta timada a los fans que lo vayan a comprar…

  7. please be dubbed. please be dubbed. please be dubbed. please be dubbed. please be dubbed. please be dubbed. please be dubbed. please be dubbed. please be dubbed.

  8. 🎶 As I chase my dream, I got lost deep in the forest of my heart.
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  9. Same problem like with 99% anime based game. When i play one piece or fairy tail i don't want play as Natsu or Luffy even if i really like these character but i want make my on mage or pirate and by part of this wonderful adventure.

  10. I'm really disappointed with how this turned out. Open world turn base. Why not make it like pirate warriors. It would have been much better since the anime is exactly like how pirate warriors.

  11. It looks so nice, but it's Gust so it's still a real mixed bag. Having to put up with load breaks every 20 feet, having this large empty city with hardly any NPCs around (and certainly not doing anything dynamic like moving at all), lack of dynamic systems like day/night cycles or wind so any flora like trees stand as still as statues, etc. It's 2020, but the best they can do is pretty much a middle-tier PS3 game. This'll certainly do for now, but it would be nice to see a more current-gen realization of Fairy Tail. I mean, the PS4's got RPGs like Ni No Kuni 2 and Dragon Quest XI, and stuff like Tales of Arise and Granblue Fantasy ReLink are coming up fast. Is it so much to ask for some seamless exploration in your RPGs, Gust? While it is impressive that they can even squeeze in an extra production like Fairy Tail every once in awhile, I really would like to see Koei Tecmo have Gust overhaul their engineering and production pipeline instead of getting them to pump out one Atelier game a year as well as re-releasing old ones every year too. They clearly barely have time to improve anything between games :/

  12. I just wish people were walking and moving around in the city and not standing still. Would make it feel more alive like AC's locations do.

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