Fallen Angels. True cost of sex tourism: Philippine’s fatherless kids of Angeles City Streetwalkers

Fallen Angels. True cost of sex tourism: Philippine’s fatherless kids of Angeles City Streetwalkers

In the Philippine city of Angeles, until 1991 it used to be a US air force base these days, though, many men who are mostly retired flocked to the city of fallen angeles to make peace and love. As a result, a whole generation of orphan children has growing up in the Philippines as through it was a post war country. Huge numbers of children are fathered by foreign sex tourists they have never, and in all probability, never will meet their dads. Sarah charged us $100 for the night. She’s 20, and this is the day that her daughter turns 2 month old she continues to work in the bar, so she can afford to feed her baby whose biological father has returned to Australia. Sarah, is it the first time that the TV crew films you or like takes you for a night? The first time we meet Sarah wasn’t in a hotel or a bar but at her home, with visited to film her aunt Nellie. Nellie has a daughter too, from a Scottish client. Nellie had to quit sex trade because the bars don’t want to hire her anymore. Youth is the only commodity that is in demand here. Is this George, father of Michelle? Wow, she’s so small! Sarah! From my first day in Angeles city it felt that with the arrive in the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, a city where vice is the norm. And that as seems, is the unavoidable future for the children here. Everywhere we went, we met kids who are clearly been fathered by tourists from all over the world. We wanted to record as many video letters as we could messages to all those fathers sitting in their nice homes and comfortable cars, and thinking about where to invest next. Jan Lester’s story is so surreal that it’s hard to believe. His German biological father left him before he was born and when he was just 2 month old the boy was abandoned by his prostitute mother. She left the tiny baby to her transgender neighbour and disappeared. For Jan Lester, Pia instantly became both mother and father. This is my son Jean-Jean. Mary-Ann is the Jean-Lester’s best friend in neighbor we soon learnt that she two were fathered by a German sex tourist. In our school it is frequent. Their fathers are foreigners, because their mothers are working in the fields, and some of them they don’t even know their fathers. Ok, very good. Her classmates they are teasing her because she smells bad
sometimes she forgets to wash. I asked her why she smelled like that and she said the place where they get water
is very far and their home, there is no source of water in their house. For every week she is absent, like for example in this month this is the first that she go back to school. – Mary Ann! When am working in the bar, I didn’t really speak English. when the guy asks me something like ‘What is your name?’ I just say ‘yes’. I only know say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. When I am getting 16,
so I decided to starting working at a bar, so when I make money, so I can help my family. But when I got pregnant to Mary-Ann. When I knew I was pregnant, so I stopped supporting them. Jenifer gave birth to Mary Ann after sleeping with a German customer. A year later, she met a local filipino guy, Aronold. They aren’t married,
but have now lived together for 9 years. I have a boyfriend, his name is Shawn. Oh I can’t remember, it was a long time ago. You can take the girl out of a bar,
but you can’t take the bar out of a girl. You know what I mean? Could you explain it? Well, you can take a girl out of the bar if you got money but you can’t take the bar out of a girl. Because they never change. They want the money. You understand? You can’t trust Filipino woman, you know? I saw Charlie playing in the street with some other kids. He wasn’t very talkative,
but his appearance gave him away. Charlie’s father’s name is Patrick,
an Austrian with Irish roots. His filipino mother didn’t just sell drinks at the local bar. I looked for Jane in the bar and then we talk and then go back
and come back and ta-da-da-da. And then we get married here in the Philippines. I just love her you know, just lover her smile and she’s very funny. Then she has very good face, you know. But for me… I’m happy to be loved again. Because I didn’t love for maybe 2 years or maybe 3 years. You know, because my wife when she left me, I just wanted to f**king kill her. But I shouldn’t say that but that was my feeling, that’s my feeling. -Hey, Charly! -Yes, dad. -Can you bring this girl a sweet? Bring. -Thank you very much. Thank you a lot. 2 years ago, Patrick had a stoke
and his young wife suffered the same fate. Jane is just 34 and for the moment,
she can neither speak nor walk. Despite everything though, she can still be seen
as one of the lucky ones. Her husband kept his promise to be true to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. One of the legs is ok, but the other one is not. Really. It’s not good at the moment, but she will get better. This is the plan, we got married 14 years ago. At then, I was very fat. I was 120 kilos. I was f*****g big, really big. My f*****g face was it was f*****g like that. And here it was like that. – Patrick, how old Jen was then? -She was 18 years old. Many girls they have to go
to the bar, because they have to eat. What’s going on? You wanna eat? Ah? What should we do today? Apart from Charlie, Patrick and Jane
have 2 more children, they’re both grown-up. Jane had one of them she she was just 16 and working as a prostitute. It would be stretched to say that their lives resemble a hollywood story, but all local bar girls dream of a happy ending just like in the movie “Pretty Woman”. The nurse will come tomorrow, Jane. The nurse will come here tomorrow. Five o’clock.

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  1. Why do you have to look at it in a negative light?

    These men who come to the Philippines for sex are escaping their sexual oppressive countries. They are smart enough to make enough money to travel the world. Not only do they bring money to the economy but they are contributing valuable DNA to these people. These children will find a father in Christ. Which is much better than a mortal man.
    They will grow up much more driven and successful than they probably would had these guys stayed in their life.
    Rather than tell these children that they are abandoned they should tell them a white lie that their father was a great scientist working on a cure for cancer when an accident in the lab killed him. Then they will idolize him and be driven to continue his work.
    The makers of this video are poisoning the minds of these children by reinforcing the fact that they were abandoned by an asshole. Causing them to idolize assholes and repeat the cycle. Shame on you!

  2. The hairstylist that adopted the boy is such an inspiration as a mom, i look up to her, i want to be as dedicated as her to my child when i adopt my own.

  3. I didn't like how the white women tells the little mix girl that your hair is like mine not Philippine and the little girl said but, she my friend tho…..That sounds like some racist willie lynch bullshit to me. I glad she didn't fall for her racist game she was trying to play….. AkA Brain Washing!!!!!

  4. One thing about Top Ramen noodles is that it doesn't discriminate….that shit feeds the less fortunate all around the world.

  5. There are a lot of comments on how these men are horrible fathers… but I think we should also start worrying that we might have half siblings out there.

    Who are are fathers? When they told us they were going on business trips, where they actually going here? Its time to question our dads :/

  6. People will leave you, but your God will always be with you so sad for those men who leave their kids to suffer.

  7. my hearts really broke when i saw that old lady feed the infant, seriously i have a 2 old son.
    i have a choice to make him dissapeared from my life, but i choose to keep him and my son and my wife happy now.
    if i choose those path, im never seen such a beautiful son.
    im glad i choose to keep my son, those bastard who left their childs like nothing happened deserve to death in a bad way like get killed or something

  8. The man who won’t give more money for his own child should be ashamed of his self. He probably has never even seen his son. Disgusting. As a fellow black person I’m ashamed.

  9. A transgender who takes care of a child abandoned by a sick probably catholic pervert who exploited a girl, a female teacher who begins her lesson with a pray of forgiveness but implicitely blames the girls that sell their body like they were mere sinners…this pretty sums up why religion is a I beg pardon for my vulgarity pile of bullshit that feast on the poor and ignorant…religion will always love and praise poverty…that's why it helps spreading it through the world.

  10. The black American child Wow He's so cute why would you let this Soul grow away from you as a dad ……… 🇰🇪 . love and Kisses Mom it's a cruel world

  11. This is so disgusting!
    Ugly, old but mostly "rich" Men selling innocent CHILDREN for having Sex with them.. outliving they're pervert Thoughts and Wishes… 🤮
    Most of them will never ever find a Partner or Relationship where they come from again, so they went to this poor human beings.
    This is so shameful and so so so WRONG ! 😭
    YES, there are grown up Girls / Adults as well BUT take a closer Look and you'll see all the horrific and painful Reality…
    There is Childporn, Childtraffic EVERYWHERE, and all this horrible Stuff out there, just in front of us watching this and NO ONE of us can do ANYTHING about it…
    I just don't know how to live in a World like this anymore. … it just breaks my Heart…!!! 😭

  12. Why that kind of professional woman don't protection..when they do sex…if they protection herself then many children was save.. because when her child was young they also do the same mistake.. please protect yourself..the world is like a heaven..

  13. This is sick mess here. But this crap goes on in the States with a lot of males, and the only thing different is that them nasty white guys can leave there seeds right over in the Phillipines and don't have to be worried about child support or being found.. Sick twisted nasty sex perverts fly across the world to wet your old expired nuts just nasty..

  14. They need to start taking people’s DNA when the enter the country so if they father children they have to pay. absolutely disgusting 😡

  15. ive seen some sadder than this.. In Mexico their is a dump where toddlers and minor children live with no parents.. no father and no mother… and they sleep under pieces of card board at night.. they pick through the trash in the garbage dump for food and clothing.. they live like wild children with no baths or education.. ive also seen one on ethiopians who were forced away from their homes in the citys to go live in the desert by the ocean.. where they starve until dead.. where the children are ate by birds while still living and breathing.. mans inhumanity is the cause of all this. I ve seen a documentary on Nicaraguan women living in burned out buss's in the mddle of the street in a town with their children right there with them.. ive seen a doc. from Brazil with the same kind of crisis going on.. and ive heard that the vietnamese hate the children that westerners left behind after the war.. they hate grand children also.. throw rocks at them.. insult them.. pay them poorly in wages and steal from them in transactions.. all over the world its horrible.. men behaving very badly. I see the war torn children in Syria.. the child slaves of africa; the migrant workers being abused in greece by the farmers… I have a theory… that all these selfish and abusive men come from single family in the human family.. they all come from the very first murderer.. the very first liar in history.. and his name is cain.. who is the son of satan.. the very first murderer in all the universe in all time.. eve and satan had a son.. and their descendants are vain of the world.. selfish and greedy… lustfull.. liars thieves and murderers lacking empathy and sympathy.. cains descendants have mingled in with every other nation on earth over the eons.. thats my theory.. having studied scripture and history and even a bit of the future..

  16. See how these white sexpats treat Phillipinas but the people of Phillipines still love their white exploiters instead of working with its Asian neighbors.

  17. I'm with a Filipina teacher that I met in Thailand while I was at my brothers wedding so I've been to The Philippines more than once to visit her . It is truly heart-breaking how some of the people live over there. There is hardly any employment and what there is pays next to nothing and in The Philippines you must pay for absolutely everything. They are lovely genuinely kind people and my heart goes out to all these young children and there carers.

  18. I think that we should take DNA test on every one who's ever been stationed in this country or even visited. We can easily find them through the passport system and military records. Then DNA test all of these kids regardless of age and start matching them up to their deadbeat sperm donors and go after them with full vengeance. I'm sure a lot of them have committed crimes against younger women and should be in prison to face the music.

  19. Sad thing…poor girls and women think that have a kid with a foreigner they will have a "good life" and pervert men get advance on it.

  20. This truly breaks my heart and soul I don't know what to say this truly needs to change hearing these babies say hi dad hurt's my heart

  21. All mine prays to them may god mercy them enough food , Good education and Bright future.. never adore to the path of theirs mothers been through … its really heartmelting story i was so hurt.

  22. I'm a hard mf, but 2 minutes into this video and I am in fkn tears. Breaks my heart that I can't help each and every single
    one of these children.

  23. "Do you like to be your mother?" Ano name ng teacher na yan? Parang hindi teacher nakakahiya!
    That's not how you respond and give feedback to your students! You're a shame to our country!

  24. This is depressing. Philippine people are very nice. I worked with a woman from the Philippines for 15 years. I knew her and her family and friends. She would travel back to her home country every year for a month.

  25. That boy (2:22) who slapped the little girl's head and then pulled her by her hair needs an urgent attitude adjustment. Wish he was my son, Oh boy!

  26. I married a Pinay in Mindanao Philippines . I had to wait 2 1/2 years for her to get to America . Then we had our son . A true blessing for us.

  27. País e pobre porque o povo é burro. Sempre falo a mesma coisa. O Brasil é pobre , porque o povo é burro , falta de cultura e governo corrupto. Quando o povo é burro , sem cultura . Este é objetivo dos políticos , que é muito fácil de enganar. Não adianta esperar nada dos outros. O conhecimento você adquire , estudando , lendo , pesquisando , etc. Está vendo porque o Filipinas e um país pobre, porque o povo é ignotante é burro, políticos corruptos. As mães vendem os filhos, mandam vender o corpo, e eles até vendem seus órgãos. Igualzinho Nordeste do Brasil.


  29. Sad the real victim here are the children. These adults who have sex just for money and no relationship need to use protection so the children will not suffer. Sad to see these children with no father.

  30. Pia, "I didn't give birth to him but I care for him as if he was my own." Very commendable. To raise a child that is not yours and I know this was hard for you. I know that it's a struggle but yet you've persevered. The men need to be neutered.

  31. Arnold is a very caring individual. He loves Mary Ann and her mother. He actually wants what's best for them. As she stated: " if he didn't love me he wouldn't let me go." And Shawn is serious also. He got her an apartment.

  32. that girl with Scottish Dad can be a beauty queen someday. or a celebrity..i hope they do everything so she can go and finished school and not end up like them, that would be a total waste.

  33. I don't know if this is a good idea or not, but what if these children were to have their DNA on file and maybe if a foreigner had some remorse or worried that he may have a child somewhere in this world, he could check his DNA against theirs and try to connect. Some men can be careless with sex, but will right a wrong if they feel remorse later. Maybe even be a Dad or father to them. I don't know, just trying to help if I can.

  34. Pia is an absolute saint. The fact that she calls him "her child" and nothing else. Not "the boy". That is HER baby.. She deserves the world..

  35. Thank you for making this video.This really hits home with me because my wife is a Cebuana and we have many family members in Cebu. I pray that this will not become the fate of many of the girls there. These kids deserve a better life and many of them will never actually have a childhood because every day is a struggle to survive. We financially help 120 kids in our province on Cebu. We urge any westerners that are able to donate through their local church to do so. Many churches in the United states are tied in with local Filipino groups that will take donations. These kids need clothes school supplies etc. God Bless these kids and all the people of the Philippines. Thank you for allowing me to visit your country multiple times. Your kindness has changed my life.

  36. Disgusting to have these kids "perform" for their fathers. Read a FUCKING psychology book, empathize, be a decent journalist. With a heart, not a story. Don't pour salt in the wound. Even if their stupid mothers don't know better.

  37. Men treat women in their homelands like this. The only difference is geography. They pay to play wherever- with whomever if they're pigs. Preying on the poor. In fact preferring them. Women from every corner are potential ass for their egos & flaws.

  38. women are forced to sell their bodies for the sake of money, POVERTY! No woman wants Prostitution as a job. And it shouldn’t be even a choice. STOP!

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