today we’re in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
in the heart of this downtown was the Kaufmann’s department store an iconic
building and department store chain that existed for over a century
while the Kaufman department store is no longer in existence the Kaufmann legacy
lives on as they commissioned one of the most architecturally stunning
masterpieces Fallingwater designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
Fallingwater was designed as the weekend home for the Kaufmann family and it’s
found an hour and a half from Pittsburgh in rural Pennsylvania after a landscape of cows corn fields
and barns we reach this lush sanctuary and here to Fallingwater. We walk along the path and out of
nowhere appears one of the greatest architectural works in America falling
water this house was built into the landscape on top of the waterfall even
if it was built today it would be impressive but it was built in 1935. This is so incredible look the
waterfall is back there and then it continues on that side. today we’re gonna take a one-hour tour
of this stunning masterpiece there’s only one supportive game
the cantilever design blended South American and Latin American art in with
Asian art when he created this piece here just come back from Japan so
there’s a lot of Japanese influence because the support is on it
we are at fallingwater this right here is the pool area and this is the second
building in the house contention between the Kaufman’s and
Frank Lloyd Wright about building this but this was a requirement believer design this is the walkway
leading up to falling water how was it right here amazing this means to be
listed by UNESCO World Heritage this is amazing one of the most beautiful houses
I’ve ever seen this was the Kaufman’s part-time home this was their vacation
home they owned a department store in Pittsburgh and we just took a tour it
was a one-hour tour of the interior there are no photos allowed inside but
it was absolutely beautiful the way that the house integrated directly into the
landscape here in the waterfall actually goes under so here you can see the exterior of the
house you can hear the falling water and this is a National Historic Landmark
protected by Frank Lloyd Wright’s design was daring and ahead of its time with
its striking integration into the natural surroundings can you guess what
the final cost of this home was in 1935 the original cost of the home was a
hundred and fifty five thousand dollars and adjusted for inflation today will be
equivalent to 2.7 million. We hope that you enjoyed this look into the
masterpiece of falling water check the link in the description below for tour
information and be sure to subscribe for more travel videos.

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