Familjen reser till Indien från Bali VLOGG

Familjen reser till Indien från Bali VLOGG

Hey, hey! We are in India! More specifically in Trivandrum.
You will join us on our journey from Bali to here. Are you ready to leave Bali? We are ending our stay
here in Bali with an ice cream. – How are you, Harry?
– I’m fine. – Are you ready to fly?
– No. I love Bali. – Sorry?
– I love Bali. Me too. – What was best about Bali?
– That it’s so warm. The glass feels so warm and nice. It does, that’s crazy. – The best thing is that it’s so easy.
– Easy to travel around in? No, like… – An easy life?
– Yes, an easy life. I agree. I think this is exploratory
because we have been here before, long ago. Yes, we landed here
one month ago. – Axel, what was best about Bali?
– That there’s so many different things to experience. It has everything. And each place has its own vibe.
I have said that before, but it really is true. – You don’t have to travel far to experience other things.
– Exactly. Row 14, Alma. Row 14, these are our seats. Alma, you can have the window seat,
because you are so nice to me. Alma can have the window seat. Right away we fly out over the water. It’s kind of scary. – The time is 2:20…
– PM. This two hour flight
takes us from Bali to Singapore. There we have a transfer of a few hours
before we continue our journey. – A transfer is a stopover.
– Yes. These two bores
are staring at their screens. – How are you?
– Good. Look up, say something,
give us a wave. Hey, hey! When we fly we let them use screens non-stop.
I don’t really know if that’s good. – I don’t think so.
– We should probably change that. Oh, I know that many are wondering –
this isn’t the kids’ phone. It’s Axel’s old phone, it doesn’t have a SIM card.
It has a few games on it. The food is here.
Vegetarian lasagna. – Is it yummy?
– Yes. Great. We are at Changi Airport. – It’s very large.
– And very nice. – Yes. We have been here before.
– We have also said that before, that it’s a nice airport. Take it easy. – Many flights in Asia have stopovers here, it’s a hub.
– Yes. We’ve been to Singapore too. Before we had the channel
we were here for two weeks, with these two hooligans. – We like Singapore too.
– Singapore is great. A bit expensive, but great. Run, hurry up! Super fast! Are you pushing the gas pedal? – Careful.
– They went straight towards the drink cart. – Alma, go easy on the drinks.
– Why, is this beer? It’s whiskey. This is adult beverage.
If you smell it you will feel the smell of giggle juice. – Smells good.
– I don’t want any. This was fun, right? – Thank you.
– Be careful, it’s hot. It’s so big! We are full, dressed
and ready to fly to India. Yay! Let’s fill our water bottles. – What clothes are you flying in, Alma?
– My molecule pants and a “The Swedish Family”-T-shirt. And you, Harry? A “The Swedish Family”-T-shirt and…
I don’t know what pants. – Sweatpants, right?
– Yes. Nice and soft, nice and soft. And… Oh, my backpack? I also have a backpack.
Everyone knows you have a backpack. And a cap. No, wrong word. It’s a hat! This is a four hour flight.
It’s 10:45 PM, so it’s pretty late. The kids are exhausted.
They had some sweets and are now resting. Joanna is over there.
She is editing the next vlog. Good morning. – Or, “good evening”.
– Yeah… well, it’s morning for us. – We are in India.
– Yay! – How does it feel?
– Like landing in any country in the middle of the night. It’s pitch black outside,
there are tiny lights everywhere, and… I don’t know what to say about India, I haven’t seen
anything. I have just been looking out of a window. I see a pitch black city
with lots of dots. We are a very tired bunch. Okay. Thank you. – I love that we got a 20 meter (65 ft) ride.
– Yes, it wasn’t far at all. – It feels like we have more stuff now, after Bali.
– Yes, indeed. It’s 11:15 PM local time,
and it’s 29 °C (84 °F) outside. From one warm country to another. – How does it feel to be in India?
– Very different compared to last time I was here. – Before the kids.
– Yes. It was like coming to another planet.
It feels pretty westernized now. It might be a little early
to say anything about that, though. – Follow our vlogs and see.
– It will be very exciting. – Those two, what are they doing?
– I don’t know. Alma, are you hot?
Want me to take your hoodie? Now we will take a taxi to our hotel.
It’s only 5 minutes away. A shaky fan in the ceiling. – Shouldn’t there be two of these beds?
– No, I think we will have to cram together. – It’s so dark now.
– We can’t see a thing. – This place has a very Indian feel to it.
– Very Indian. It feels nice and safe. One, two, three. – Did you sleep well last night?
– Yes. We will not stay here
in Trivandrum. – No, we will continue to Varkala.
– Where Alma starts in a Swedish school in two days. We chose to come here first
to make it a bit easier… Well, we arrived
in the middle of the night. The kids slept through the last flight which was nice,
but to get in a taxi and drive a few miles more… In the middle of the night. …and check into a hotel, no.
This was a great pit stop. – We also wanted a “light” start.
– Yes. Everything is different in India.
Not only from Sweden, but also from Bali. The standard, the food… Everything is different – in a lovely way,
but we wanted a… A soft start. Alma and Harry’s
new friend is amazing. He’s like: “one, two, three!”. We have a Question of the Day, as usual.
Olga Korv (sausage), nice name, asks: “Do you stay in touch
with the people you meet when you travel?” We do. We actually do. More frequent with some,
less frequent with others. For example, we became good friends
with a family we met in Thailand. In our next vlog we will be in Varkala
and our “everyday life” here in India will begin. It will be so fun to discover this country,
together with you guys, of course. For two months! Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up, or down. Leave comments, ask questions
and take care. See you again soon! Bye bye!

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