Family vacation shopping CHALLENGE! Whole store under 2 minutes | Gigi Adventures

Family vacation shopping CHALLENGE! Whole store under 2 minutes  | Gigi Adventures

Hi everyone! Welcome to Gigi adventures Hello, welcome back So we’re sitting in the car At the store’s parking lot. And as you can see the weather outside is so gloomy It’s so rainy. It’s gray. It’s dark and it’s just so cold and We just need some Sun, right daddy? – oh, yeah, absolutely – Right Gigi? So I think We’re gonna escape just somewhere nice and warm where we can get some sunshine Some tan where we can relax by the pool and swim in the ocean Does that sound good? Yeah, but before we do all that we need to go shopping Yeah for vacation cuz we don’t have anything with us. Right? – To Mexico. – We’re going to Mexico. Well, we’ll see where we’re gonna go we’re not sure yet, but We’re gonna go shopping We’ll see if we can get some stuff. As always Gigi will have a challenge in the store She’s gonna have two minutes to pick anything she wants to take to vacation with her. – Hold on Not only Gigi but mommy and daddy will have two minutes Also, they have to participate in the challenge What? Really? Why? You’re going to vacation too. Oh, yeah. Makes sense So I`ve to pick something too? – yeah and daddy! – In two minutes. Are you? Are you kidding me? Two minutes? Two minutes Just two minutes GG that’s not enough for me. I need like two hours at least to pick something No! Two minutes! Okay, guys Okay, what can you possibly pick for vacation in two minutes? If you guys have any ideas, please leave a comment because I have no idea what to pick in two minutes Daddy do you have any idea what to pick in 2 minutes? – I know – Well, Gigi she does. She’s a pro at these challenges, but me And daddy I will… I don`t know! What will you get in two minutes? A towel? We`ll see, we`ll see Anyways Ok. let`s go Let`s go, guys Let`s go It’s raining outside right now, so I don’t know we’ll have to use our umbrellas It`s raining, mummy So cold You go first – Mommy go first. – I’m first Yeah, two minutes You guys, I’m not ready. I`m starting Go! No! No! No! No! Come on, Mom One minute 22 seconds This is not for vocation That`s not fair Okay, here it is, here it is, how many minutes are left? One minute I’ll get this And Glasses, goggles, mask Why do you have so much time left? Okay 40 seconds 34 Maybe I can go work out It`s good stuff for vocation Oh, this is fun Two, one, zero Time is out Time is up Musical bubble unicorn For vocation? Yeah Time is up Time is up Okay What we got? We have one some flamingo stuff We have And some goggles Good job, mommy Daddy’s turn – No, GG. I think GG will go it’s harder than you think because you are like you have two minutes and you think you can get the whole store in the cart, but Anything you want for vocation? – I know, but what I’m saying You think you could get whatever you want But then you realize that you only have two minutes and you get lost and you’re like, I don’t know what to get, you know Okay, are you ready? I`m ready. Can I have 10 minutes? – But don`t we have to start where mommy started? – Let’s go to the start point – Yeah That`s not fair! – oh, yes, it is, honey Now it’s your turn, are you ready? – Yep – okay, but you can’t run ahead of me You can’t just you know run off you have to hold on to the cart. Okay? Okay, I’ll push the cart but you have to hold on to it. Okay? Okay. All right, right here Oh Okay. Okay. Are you ready guys? Yeah, I’m ready. Are you sure? Three, two, one, go! You know what you wonna get? Gigi, you have to hold on to the cart Let`s go guys You have one minute and 30 seconds Wow, look at those. Those are pretty cool. Okay less than one minute left 25 seconds Time is almost up Alright, and time is up Good job. Wow, you got a lot more things than mommy did. Oh, yeah This is for my sister Oh, that’s so cute Good job Gigi. This is for toddler No, she’s too big for that Okay. Okay. You’re done shopping honey. Yeah, you’re done Are you hot? yeah sure on the whole store – We have this – So Gigi got this for sand I wanna pick this too! This looks like fun. – Oh, yeah It`s really cool A bucket with a shovel She got some fun little things to play It`s light up, look! It`s so cool It`s gonna be like that in the water, isn’t it cool? That was a really good choice! You got a mask too? Good job! I got a mask too! So she’s got this floaties as well. it’s a giant ice cream cone It’s cool and then a pineapple Pineapple floaty. And she got this for her sister? I don’t know if her sister`s gonna fit in there because she’s already A toddler so we’ll see but that was very good Gigi. Good job! Hello But now it’s not over yet. Daddy. Now it`s your turn Okay, so we’ll see how daddy’s gonna do because he thinks this is all fun and games Uh-huh. Wait till you actually do it. It’s not easy. – But yeah, it’s not easy. – Okay Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you sure? Yeah I’m so excited! – Hold on! I have to start the timer Okay, daddy, press the timer Okay, go! Go, Daddy! Where`s he going? Hold on! Dad! Are you getting towels for everyone? You have one minute and 30 seconds left Daddy! Where are you going? One minute left, honey He`s just walking I don`t know my size I will check the size a little bit later 40 minute, I mean 40 seconds Where is he? 23 seconds 10 seconds 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 Time is up! Okay, he got this He got this I don`t know what it is Ok, Dad. How was it? It’s really good Yeah, I got almost everything what I want Really? Ok, let`s see what you got One Second one Okay And Oh, now the real fun begins I hate that print. Okay. – Extra large I think you got all extra larges Another one, oops. Wrong size What about this one? – I don’t like the print you can put them away right away – It’s okay. It’s good one 3 extra large That`s perfect for you What about this one? It has orange in them – Yeah but it’s three extra-large too Extra large Okay, two more, extra large Medium Then I’ll keep it. No. Yeah. No. Yeah. This is my challenge Then I will get this I will get this. I don’t know if you like it No, I don`t No guys, if you like it, let me know in the comments And also I got all this Okay, it’s perfectly fine. Who got the most stuff? – Me! – No – I got a lot of extra large stuff. Oh, yeah I will not keep it because it`s too extra size Gigi! What`s your impression? What? That? Okay, it’s all good, okay, okay you guys wow that was quite a challenge I am so thirsty and so tired like oh, wow. I was running around the whole store I need to get some water. Are you okay Gigi? Yeah, we’re all so tired what I think we’re ready for vacation with this cart. We got to go So let’s go to vacation Okay, let’s go to the vacation – let’s go – Thank you so much for watching Um, make sure you watch all of our next videos because we’re gonna have so much fun on our vacation We’re gonna go to amazing amazing places, and make sure to subscribe, give us likes and Bye. Bye. Bye

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