Fate/Grand Order – Summer Mordred Conversations Subbed

Fate/Grand Order – Summer Mordred Conversations Subbed

Yahoo–, Master! I came to play! Ah, keep it a secret from father! I took this board out secretly! It’s kinda cold, so I put something on…. W-why are you looking at me like that. You’re being strange, you know. Hehe. This feels great! Thanks for the jacket! Huh, this is yours? T-then I guess I’ll borrow it… Hehe Yes, perfect! I’ll show you the best ride, Master! Are you interested in this board? Prydwen is great! W-what is it… If you’re looking at me that intently, it’s making me a bit embarrassed. Though I think it’s a bit strange to be
summoned as a Rider, it’s not that bad Um, hey, Master! What do you think of my swimsuit? It’s cool!? Well… that makes me happy, but… Don’t you think it’s more like… cute, or… sexy? Aaaah, forget that last question! Master, the south wind is blowing. The ocean is raging once in a lifetime So… let’s ride the waves together. Even if I bound to disappear someday, there are things that I wish never to forget. It’s dawn. Let’s go surfing, Master! Master and servant… I don’t like that kind of relationship. Rather, Master should be something
more like a friend… or s-something more than that… Ah, no, nothing! I said it’s nothing! A master and servant relationship? Well, I’ll follow your instructions… Ah, but if we’re surfing together, I’ll be the one advising you! Geh, father? Ah… no, this isn’t Prydwen, it’s just a
Noble Phantasm that looks similar to it… Uhh, I’ll go exterminate some barbarians! Oh, the little red one… Huh? Not fair, what do you mean it’s not fair. Don’t you have that, something like, “Pride” or “Bright” or whatever “I also have this swimsuit”? Disgusting!! That’s just wrong, you idiot!
(Google: fate extra ccc saber swimsuit) O-oi! You swimsuit pirate over there! W-w-w-w-w-w-what is that what is that, what is that!? Melons? Is that some kind of melons or something? Master, don’t fall for that! You stupid! Idiot! Ah, I’m sorry. That surfer girl keeps on glaring at me… I’m dressed like this, so what I like should be pretty clear. Summer! Sea! Mast… ah, ah… that last one doesn’t count! What I hate is winter… I guess. Even if winter is here, use me once in a while, okay? Master. How to use the Holy Grail, huh… How about summer all year long? Hehe. We’re in the middle of an event! Come on come on,
there’s nothing to do but to ride the waves!?

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  1. Thank you! It's a pain when you can't understand japanese. Mordred is just so cu…(feeling a glare) incredible!

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