Fate/Grand Order x Apocrypha Special Event – Picnic Day & Achilles’ Reaction – 1K Special

Fate/Grand Order x Apocrypha Special Event – Picnic Day & Achilles’ Reaction – 1K Special

I won’t comeback here huh… [Sieg]
Maybe [Sieg]
…Would you like to eat something before we go? [Fujimaru]
Yes [Sieg]
Well then, wait just a bit. I’ll bring you some food [Fujimaru]
He’s late [Astolfo]
LET’S PICNIC! [Mordred]
LIKE HELL I’D GO! [Mordred]
Ah, Damn it. He’s much more powerful than I thought! [Fujimaru]
What’s with this commotion? [Sieg]
It looks like Rider… Astolfo wanted to go for a picnic, on the courtyard. [Sieg]
He said:
There are still three more, but it’s rare for this many Servants to flock together [Astolfo]
You’re hungry right? Let’s do it! Let’s do it! [Astolfo]
Then it’s settled [Mordred]
Like hell it is! [Fran]
Uu-! [Astolfo]
Right-! [Mordred]
Ah! Bastard, you roped Fran into this too! [Fran]
Uu-, Uu-! [Sieg]
…In the end, I ended up making only sandwiches for this occasion… [Sieg]
And yet nobody’s absent, it’s a bit weird on its own [Fujimaru]
I can’t agree with you more [Mordred]
Oi, gimme that.
I can’t eat meatless sandwiches [Astolfo]
You’re already eating them!
And you already took them before you said “gimme that”! [Fran]
Uu-, Uu- [Spartacus]
Sandwich… Stuck in between… Bread symbolizes oppression…? [Avicebron]
Like I said, don’t just eat the fillings.
Now you’re “oppressing” the bread. [Atalante]
Hmm… Strawberry Custard… [Atalante]
It’s sweet.
Kids would love this [Jack]
It’s tasty! [Atalante]
Yup, Yup [Jack]
Strawberry taste like blood!
They’re both sweet! [Atalante]
No…. They’re… not similar… I think…? [Jack]
Is that so? [Siegfried]
I see. This is perfect as a field ration [Siegfried]
It’s bite-sized and it has balanced nutrients [Siegfried]
…Nutrient intake is unnecessary for a Servant, but sometimes I’m concerned about it [Mordred]
Isn’t that good [Mordred]
Our King ate inedible foods without batting an eye [Mordred]
As if the taste of the food is nonessential.
Your view is much better than that [Fujimaru]
Maybe that King was secretly a Gourmet too [Mordred]
You mean, Father? [Mordred]
Don’t be stupid, that deadpan was a gourmet!? [Mordred]
If he really was a gourmet, then I’ll gobble down Gawain’s full course cooking! [Astolfo]
(Ah, she stepped on a land mine!) [Cheiron]
….. [Cheiron]
…It’s pretty good [Fujimaru]
Did you made something, Sensei? [Cheiron]
Well, yes. Although it’s Sieg-dono who prepared the ingredients [Sieg]
Even I can’t make something this delicious [Mordred]
But man… It is delicious, darn it.
He can do anything, it pisses me of [Achilles]
There’s nothing my Sensei can’t do.
Because he’s a great sage! [Mordred]
….Can he stay at the iron cross for an hour? [Achilles]
Of course he can.
Even one finger push up is a child’s play to him [Atalante]
Can he shoot an apple on top of the head of a corrupt administrator? [Achilles]
He can do it while yawning.
He will shoot through that corrupt administrator too [Astolfo]
Can he create a vacuum with a finger snap? [Achilles]
Well, of course. It will even cut anything [Siegfried]
How much can he move with full power without breather? [Achilles]
Limitless, until the opponent collapses! [Jack]
What about being a mom? [Achilles]
He’s best of the best at parenting! [Fran]
(Can he revived himself with lightning?) [Achilles]
I don’t really understand, but I think he’ll manage to do it [Cheiron]
Saying baseless things is not good, Achilles.
Although, I can perform some of those [Sieg]
So you actually can.
…I always have the impression that you can do those things [Cheiron]
I can do everything what most people can,
just a little bit better but not too much. [Cheiron]
In speed, I’m inferior compared to Achilles and Atalante.
In term of raw strength, I can’t beat Spartacus [Cheiron]
It’s probably impossible for me to excel at the things you specialized at. [Cheiron]
I’m good with bow and arrow—–But, I pale in comparison to someone like the Arash Kamangir [Cheiron]
I’m a teacher. I’m not a hero that stands on top of something [Cheiron]
And as a teacher, my student isn’t just Achilles alone [Cheiron]
Sieg-dono and Fujimaru-dono [Cheiron]
To me, both of you are my students too [Cheiron]
I would like to teach you many things if we have some time to spare [Fujimaru]
If you don’t mind, please come to Chaldea! [Cheiron]
Hahaha, I’ll think about it [Cheiron]
In any case, the ones that will be summoned at the Chaldea are our originals—- [Cheiron]
When that time comes, there are many things that we can learn and teach [Mordred]
What a nonsense [Mordred]
There’s nothing more to learn after you became a Servant [Sieg]
…I disagree [Sieg]
I know someone that keep learning even after became a Servant [Mordred]
Heeh, who is it? [Sieg]
That, I can’t tell you. Because I was not present at that exact moment [Sieg]
But that Hero definitely never stop moving forward.
I’m sure of that [Sieg]
…Well then
The sun will set soon [Sieg]
It’s unfortunate, but we must end the picnic [Fujimaru]
Thanks for the food [Sieg]
If you find the foods delicious, that’s more than enough [Achilles]
Alright then, Sieg and Master, I’m in you care [Achilles]
Hm? Ah, I understand everything from the previous battle.
You’re a good Master [Achilles]
Then, I ought to swear my loyalty to you [Achilles]
All you need to do is follow the path you believe. [Achilles]
I will be the one who clears your path from any obstacles [Fujimaru]
Do you know Amazones Queen? [Achilles]
….. [Achilles]
Yes.I.Know.Her [Achilles]
Eh, don’t tell me. She’s on the enemy side? She’s not there, is she?
Eh? There’s a possibility that she will be summoned at Chaldea? [Achilles]
A, No.Way.
I’m.All.Right…Yes… [Sieg]
….This is awkward

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  2. DW really need to add a "shouting with disagreement" expression for Mordred cause that face (0:48) looks like enjoyment expression. :/

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