80 thoughts on “FBI assisting with probe into US tourist deaths in Dominican Republic

  1. FBI really the FBI the ones that couldn't find Hillary Clinton guilty lol lol lol they are down their to have us pay for their vacation the scumbags

  2. I call bull , only American citizens drinking from mini bars in a hotel full of other people….. ? come on it's deeper than that .

  3. Is this the same as FBI that investigated Hillary Clinton? This FBI couldn't investigate themselves out of a wet paper bag. NO CONFIDENCE!

  4. Why the hell would anyone want to go to the Dominican Republic? There are so many better tropical locations that are US territory.

  5. I don't get these 3rd world vacationers. We have too many beautiful beaches in America, the Bahamas….and u go there?? I have a co worker who is going on vacation next year …..in Israel. SMDH.

  6. Liz NAILED it, Yes, America would like Congress to go to the Dominican Republic and investigate! Samples for all! Send AOC she is a crack bartender! Poor Danny missed it!

  7. Back in the day I would be proud the FBI was there doing there thing. Today when I think FBI I think, corruption.

  8. Going with methanol poisoning from the heads of the distilling process and the attempt to get bargain prices for the mini-bar alcohol stock.

  9. If these 11 unfortunate people are Republicans, Conservatives or Christians………DON'T SEND THE COMMUNIST, BIAS, ANTI-AMERICAN FBI!!!!

  10. I'm an American Idol and never vacation to that place they killing Americans They Don't Care About Us if they did they wouldn't have took all the stuff away when it all happened you know they let me know that they're hiding everything they put replaced everything in the mini Buzz with bad with new stuff after it all happened you know that did they cover that up there covering it up ain't nobody going there no more that place is going to lose business you better hope that some other foreigners want to go there because no mutton America's want to go there no more

  11. The question is why can't Dominican Republic be able to keep its own hotel clean from poison and such situations that happen? Dubai does much better with its hotels and it does not need all this to happen this includes the hotels that are independent from US government, money, and Trump.

  12. The comments make me wonder if the FBI will ever be trusted again. Not only for the things the agency has done, but for the things they haven't done. Like previous knowledge of unstable mass shooters that they did nothing to stop.

  13. What’s happening to people over there is unacceptable. DR, get your act together, until then, it should be boycotted.

  14. Sounds like the bars are watering down their alcoholic drinks with isopropyl alcohol. It is cheap, and also poisonous.

  15. FBI hahahaha somehow they will blame the President for these deaths if the FBI is investigation, why not have CNN, or Hillary investigate…? It would be equally useless

  16. Won’t be going there on vacation and to make matters worse they have the corrupt FBI investigating the crimes.

  17. Watch WWL-TV… New Orleans, La. The last woman to die had just returned home from the DR. She was on her honeymoon.

  18. The FBI huh?…I vote no confidence since they can’t even charge blatant bold out in the open obvious Clinton corruption crimes. Worthless

  19. She wanted congress to investigate.??.What a joke…Their to busy investigating Trump to be bothered with a few measly American deaths…Come on..Get real here…

  20. Well if the FBI does anything like they did with the Russian collusion… the FBI will be working with the Dominican Republic to bury it… How can anyone believe an organization that corrupt…

  21. Seriously, I think I know why they died. The bacteria in cheese or dairy products abroad is extremely strong. When the alpha new bacteria comes into contact with the bacteria in our body they begin to fight and make your stomach hella hard. The bacteria and whatever is in your body react as water mixing with mortar (making the intestines and stomach really hard and bloated) and they eventually consume all the soft area in the stomach to the point that the only place left for them to travel is close to the heart. When you consume alcohol your heart rate speeds up but now it is in an extremely confined space and you have a heart attack…

    Just a theorist type guy with a golf sized brain tumor on a gluten free and lactose free diet (and yes I take my probiotics, IF foods, and antioxidants hella serious)…

  22. ????It is noted that all those who are here commenting have never visited the Dominican Republic, their education is received from the media that throw information into the air without any veracity or prior investigation????. The United States has other interests with everything that happens and it is not the protection of its citizens, I am sure that the United States is more dangerous and insecure than the Dominican Republic. If this country were so insecure, it would not receive so many visitors from all over the world and neither would it. Tourism was the main economic activity here. ????

  23. Soooo Danny is going to say he works in a country where 90% of the alcohol is “bootleg” and not disclose which country ? you’re a good American Danny ??

  24. I travel to Central America is bootleg alcohol that is the answer how you cannot know Americans are die people need to be careful you need to go to a different country who respect us ask a person

  25. Oh JOY! The FBI that attempted a coup against the duely elected President of the United States? They'll ensure Justice is served!…??‍♂️

  26. Oh wow! That means they'll be pulling some of their shitheads off trolling duty to go act like they're helping but ending up doing nothing

  27. They should check to see if maybe Antifreeze poison or blow fish toxins , and black magic poisoning agents . They have a serial killer on their hands ,,, however attacks on Americans can possible because of our Awesome President …we can thank him …?

  28. After watching several news reports on these deaths I've seen every excuse from heart attacks to old age natural causes to poisons killing these people. Come on it can't be this difficult. It's not pesticides and there was a couple both killed the same time and in the same manner. It's poisons of some sort probably a shady hotel stocking the bars with poisonous alcohol as most died after drinking alcohol. I'm curious as to how the hard rock cafe is going to handle this publicity. We know the tourism boards are going to cover it up as much as possible and only the fact there's been this many deaths even brought it to anybody's attention. It wasn't until 6 deaths that people started to even question what's going on. Of 2 million American tourists visiting each year maybe they think 11 deaths are acceptable I don't know.

  29. Are you going to say "I'm sorry DR" to compensate the montrous damage to the Dominican Republic tourism now that the FBI investigations showed that all the people who died in the Dominican Republic were due to natural causes?

    However, the damage is already done. After a massive and negative media attack during long months against tourism in the Dominican Republic that was badly damaged due to a lot of misconception which led to an 80% reduction in the booking air tickets from the USA and thousands of hotel reservation cancellations

    The least the media can do in the United States is to ask for an excuse publicly

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