Feminine Hygiene Fire Starters! How To Make A Firestarter For Camping, Hiking, & Wilderness Survival

Feminine Hygiene Fire Starters! How To Make A Firestarter For Camping, Hiking, & Wilderness Survival

Hey Guys! Welcome back to King of Random cooking. Today we’re whipping up a batch of DIY survival style fire-starters using items you can probably find around the house. The materials for this project are pretty simple, I just went down to the grocery store and picked up some of these cotton facial cleansing pads And i’m going to melting down and reusing this old candle I’ve had sitting around but if you really wanted to, you could use a box of crayons. Now I recently went down to a survival seminar, where they were selling flint and steel fire-starters The idea is you strike the two together and make sparks and you can you can use that to ignite the tinder of your survival fire. The thing is, the units they were selling, were anywhere from 20 to 40 dollars. Which I think is a little on the high end. But I did get one of these things. This is a ferrocerium rod which is basically a glorified version of a little flint that you would find in a thumb strike lighter. Now ferrocerium is a synthetic alloy combining alot of diffrent metals. now the idea is that you take some kind of steel striker. and run it down the side and it produces hot sparks. Now, I don’t have any steel strikers but I do have an old hacksaw blade and I found that these things work just as well. Now the first thing we need to do to start making these wax impregnated cotton fire starters is to simply throw our candle in a pot and melt it down. You can also just throw it in the microwave for about four minutes, that seems to work just as well. So, here we are guys. Our wax is completely melted and we’ve got quite a bit of it here. It’s actually a lot more than we need. So, for convenience, we’re gonna pour some out into a plate so it’s about a quarter of an inch deep and then we’re gonna use that to soak our cotton pads for just a second on each side. And we are gonna need a place to let our wax fire starters cool down and, ideally, we would use wax paper or aluminum foil but I couldn’t find any so were just using a Ziploc bag. Alright, here we go. Let’s get started with these White Cloud cotton squares. These are 100% cotton and typically used by women for applying make-up and cleansers. Now what were gonna do is take these pads and dip them into the wax just so they get a light coating on either side. And it would be good to have a pair of tweezers, but I couldn’t find any of those either so I’m using a fork. Alright, here we go. Test number one. We’re just gonna dip a little bit on that side there, flip it over, a little bit on that side, and pretty much call it done. Set that off to the side on our Ziploc bag… …to cool down. number two whoops I guess that’ll work
too you could just pop them in and scoop them out I think the key is we just
don’t want to have too much wax on there Now for variety I picked up some of these cotton rounds these are also 100% cotton and are used for facial cleansing. are the kind of things I’ve seen other
Preppers using on the Internet as well Dyanne just enough to get the wax in
there and drips it off this one here I’m just going to try one side we’re just
going to let that soak for a second then take it out so it’s wax infused on one
side cotton on the other but you can already see that wax poking through and
while it’s taking up all these cotton pads I couldn’t resist picking up a box
of tampons as well these things are mostly made of cotton so we may as well
throw them in the mix as well beautiful that looks amazing alright guys it’s been about 5 minutes
our wax has cooled down and it looks like our firestarters are ready for
testing now just for comparative purposes I have
some of the original cotton and some of the wax infused cotton just so we can
see the difference in the burn times so test number one we’re just going to see
if you can use some sparks to actually ignite this cotton at all so I’m just
going to fluff this up so it exposes a little more surface area making it
easier to light and we’re going to start a timer and see how long that burn let’s
light it up first try Cotton’s burning you can see that little
fluff took off and no no time flat I don’t see a whole lot of flame because
this cotton is compressed there is some flame down here but it’s burning very
quietly okay we’re getting some more orange flame up here and I suppose if
you lifted this up off the ground a little bit you can get it to burn a
little bit hotter to start your fire at this point most of the pad has been
consumed we’re just going to wait until the flame actually goes out and there’s
the last little bit of flame there we’ll stop that we’ll call it 50 seconds so
we’ve got about 50 seconds maybe a minute on the top end with one of these
cotton facial cleansing pads but that was with no wax so let’s try the wax
infused version and see if there’s any difference this pad here has the wax on
one side and the cotton on the other so we’re just going to fluff up the cotton
side the same as we did before to catch the spark alright got on the first try
last time let’s see we can do that again there we go and it’s off the thing I know it’s about these flat
pads the flame doesn’t get very high everything’s so compressed and I think
the air is having a hard time getting to it so we really need to do is stick some
sticks underneath it so it has a little bit of leverage
that’s the healthier flame than we found the last one for sure you know if I
flatten that back out again the first thing I notice is the flame
there’s a lot more orange and a lot healthier and it seems to be burning
quite a bit slower we’re already at 43 seconds and we haven’t even drink
through an eighth of that pad yet so we just cross seven minutes in 30 seconds
you can see our pad is charred now and the flame has moved over to just the
edges so I think we’re running out of the wax I think it’s kind of on its last
legs here I wouldn’t expect to see more than about
another minute of burn time that’s pretty good okay so there’s a crossover
for 10 minutes it’s been over 10 minutes guys and the flame is still going now at
about nine minutes I flipped the pad over and found that the cotton on the
bottom hadn’t burned yet so once I was exposed to the air it took off and gave
us another full minute of good burn time we are coming up on eleven minutes here
and we still got a little flame going it’s almost gone there’s the 11 minute
crossover and that flame is just about gone I think this is it five four three
two it’s done stop eleven minutes in 17 seconds so we lit
our cotton pad and it burned for 50 seconds we lit our waxen fuse pad and it
burned for 11 minutes in 17 seconds so looking at the comparison here it looks
like that little bit of wax increase of the burn time thirteen and a half times
that’s pretty dramatic especially in a survival situation now in addition to
using feminine hygiene products I also tried dipping some wax cotton balls as
well as some paper towel the wax cotton balls work great because you can split
them in half fluff out a little bit of the cotton and strike it off the paper
towel will not so much the wax is a great fuel but it’s a terrible tinder
and it acts as a barrier preventing the sparks from getting to the cotton so to
get the best use out of these fire starters we need to leave a little bit
of white cotton exposed somewhere that we can use as an initial starter now
this disc I coated on both sides and we found that the wax acts as a barrier and
prevents it from igniting in order to get this to light up I think we need to
snap it in half and expose some of those cotton fibers on the inside roughed them
up and get them to a position where they can capture a spark and hold on to it
you’re getting break them into pieces and use it for multiple fire starters there we go
so guys good news these wax fire starters are working really well one
question on my mind is how waterproof are they what would happen if we took
one soaked it in a glass of water and then broke apart and tried to start it
would it act any differently it’s making tea have this soaking for about 60
seconds in a glass of water now if we break it open and expose some of those
cotton fibers let’s see if we can get to let off it is a little damp I can feel
that it’s it’s moist let’s see how that affects the
performance all right here we go first try and there we go
despite being soaked in a glass of water for 60 seconds to still it off on the
first try that is pretty cool so guys based on our experience here today this
is what we’ve learned we found that burning cotton by itself
works really well but it burns in a flash and does we produce a whole lot of
heat but if you take a little bit of wax from something like melted crayons or
melted candle you can increase the amount of time it burns by about 1300
percent and not only that but you get a lot stronger and hotter flame as well
we found that soaking one side of our pad in wax works better than soaking
both sides because the wax acts as a barrier to any sparks flying and making
it a lot more difficult to relate to tinder it’s very important that we keep
part of our tinder that white Cotton’s fluff so we have something to fluff up
to catch a spark and cause it to ignite we dipped our firestarters in water and
let them soak for about 60 seconds and found that as long as we could crack
them open and fluff up some of the wax and fuse cotton on the inside we could
still get them to ignite we also tried a wide variety of different cotton
materials from facial cleansing pads to cotton volve and found that they all
seemed to work really well although I can’t recommend using tampon because for
some reason that just feels a little wrong so there you have it guys that’s
how to turn ordinary household items into improvised survival tinder that
will burn over 10 times longer and get your fire going a lot faster thanks for
joining me for this experiment I’ll be looking for you the next one talk to you
then currently wind resistant as well

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