Final Road Trip OF THE YEAR! + 2020 Travel Plans Update & Whiskey Tasting ๐Ÿฅƒ

Final Road Trip OF THE YEAR! + 2020 Travel Plans Update & Whiskey Tasting ๐Ÿฅƒ

There, that last swipe, I swiped a whole chunk into my leg hole. So cold! Yes my knee hole. Wow. There’s so much snow in my pants Good morning adventurers. Good morning! So it snowed last night. (laughs) Yeah a lot. It’s nice and light and powdery. So hopefully it’s not too icy out there. It’s actually awesome snow I want to go sledding so bad. But we can’t because we have a road trip to get to our final road trip of 2019 actually It’s happening, heading back down south, leave it all this in our desk. Although I’m sure it’ll follow us down there. It looks like pretty easy driving conditions. I don’t see too much ice or anything like that It’s just really powdery snow and it’s kind of melted on the roads out there So I think we should be okay. If you missed our last video we did a little food tour here in Buffalo And then now we are going to take a road trip down to Nashville where we left our car We haven’t really planned this out or anything. We’re just uh – We’re just going. Keep going. Yeah, we haven’t booked a place for tonight or anything. (laughs) We don’t know where we’re gonna stay, how far we’re gonna get, we’re just gonna drive Road trip! Whoo! Obviously though the first stop will be coffee. Is this a bad idea? [Both]: No! I didn’t mean to go all the way down. Idiot. All right road trip We made it to this cafe and check out all the names of all their sandwiches this is the McKinley and Fun fact: McKinley was present during the 1901 fair that I mentioned in yesterday’s video and he was assassinated during that fair. Now you know! These sandwiches are super unique here I can’t decide I’m leaning towards the Luigi Salami Piled High Green Peppers House-made espresso infused ricotta cheese and house-made apricot spread sounds super unique what I mean [Eric]: Sounds super unique What?! I mean we ate doughnuts and hot wings and a roast beef sandwich yesterday So should I be bad? I don’t know. Probably. The coffee here turns out is amazing. I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Yes. We also got a couple sandwiches I ended up keeping it pretty simple with a bagel sandwich, but it has some Chipotle apricot spread on there Which is why I picked it. It sounds pretty interesting. I got the Teddy Roosevelt. It is pulled chickens There’s spicy coleslaw on there there. Sounds like Frank’s redhot goat cheese I think honey Teddy Grahams or Preston there somehow? Okay. I panic last minute. Eric was getting very impatient with me so I just said “I’ll do this one.” [Eric]: I’m so hungry. [Eric]: That’s a whole lot of sandwich right there. Hmm, really sweet, actually. Sweeter than it is spicy and a little tangy. Oh, look. There’s a little tiny grim hanging out. I think that might be the culprit Teddy Grahams are a little sweet on there But the coleslaw is nice, it’s really tangy. You can taste the goat cheese Contains it all and it’s Really good together surprisingly. [Eric]: So we’ll save being healthy for tomorrow, I guess. Apparently. I did workout this morning. Is that good? [Eric]: It’s salad from here on out, dang it. [Eric]: Back on the road. We turned off on to some smaller side roads because we really wanted to go to a Christmas tree farm Maybe get a photo or something, but the roads look a little worse out here So we turn down one road that looked pretty bad. Yeah, and we’re at our tiny home in the Hudson Valley I don’t know if we told you guys but we kind of got the car stuck I mean we got it out, but the driveway was really icy We don’t want to repeat that so I’m just gonna take it slow, and be right on back to the highway On the plus side. We are really enjoying this drive. It is beautiful back on these country roads Trying to just set the camera on the dash for a shot here It’s a level. I don’t know whatever Probably looks good, it’s gonna have to work. Well, we have a long way to go on this highway. So It is the end of the year for us. It’s already the new year for you guys. We all made it! Yes, if you’re seeing this, we made it. We did it But we figured It might be a good opportunity to give you guys a little update on our travel plans for the new year The moment you guys have all been waiting for – where are we going in 2020? [Drum Roll] We have no idea. We haven’t booked a single thing. We have no idea All we know is that we both have jury duty The beginning of January. I don’t if we’ve said that yet, but that’s kind of getting in the way…. we’re Texas residents We don’t actually live there, but we got selected for jury duty And it’s a whole process putting it off You have to talk to the judge and like we figure it’s gonna get us one way or another eventually So why not just take a quick road trip down at the beginning of the year get it sorted, hopefully do not get selected That’s our first real travel plan. Let’s go to Texas for jury duty We have a lot of places we want to go to but what we wanted to do was ask you guys if you had any cool places in mind that you wanted to see us go to or which place do you want us to go to the most Or you went to a really cool place this past year That you thought was out of this world that we should go visit. Let us know! But as far as the places we want to hit up we haven’t been to Africa yet So that’s for sure on our list for next year. We really want to take a trip to Russia with our friend Nikita Who is Russian Been planning that for years, haven’t done it. Should happen finally this year He’s got a little baby, him and Karina, and they’re gonna go meet his family so I think we’re gonna hop on board with that trip There’s still some Southeast Asian countries – Taiwan – that we haven’t been to. Yeah, probably South Korea we’d like to get to. We really want to hit some really new places maybe more in South America Because we’ve only been to Colombia down there We loved it. So if you guys have any really cool Experiences that you really want to see us do or super unique things that you’ve done that we should try out or really unique places to stay It’s completely open-ended for us. Yes. Yeah Hopefully we’ll be doing some pretty epic travels next year. Or this year? This – yeah. This year, next year. Same thing for you guys. Okay, but that’s all that’s all I have to say. So you have anything else? Back on the road We finally managed to keep it healthy during a road trip Kinda healthy. Although we did get noodles, but they’re not that unhealthy, right? [Eric]: Hmm-mmm. Also, I’m filming right now on our new iPhones. I haven’t really filmed anything yet So we’ll see if it’s any good. But this is a noodle place where you get to just pick your base We got some noodles down in there [Allison]: the japjae noodles. Yeah, and then we we basically got the same thing but some kale, cabbage, eggs, some daikon over there, carrots Oh my god. I got some chicken. She decided to keep the vegetarian Vegetarian tonight. So we’re gonna down this and then we’ve got – we actually got a hotel Eric just booked it. Couple hours away. I think yeah, so give me the energy I need to get us down there I totally forgot we haven’t told you why we have a charger. We didn’t actually just pick this out. Yeah, we did. This is our dream car you guys, and we bought it! [Eric]: No! We got into our first vehicle, our first rental and it smelled like all the weed It was really intense Like we couldn’t even breathe in there But you know like cool whatever but we just didn’t want to smell of it the whole trip So they upgraded us to this bad boy. I don’t know how I feel about it still it goes real fast Yeah, it makes so much dang noise [Engine Starting] [Eric]: It’s been doing pretty good in the snow too Yeah, actually it’s been doing a really great job. I’m impressed. And it’s a nice smooth ride. [Eric]: It’s freezing out here. It is, really. It’s in the 20’s you guys I hate it!
[Eric]: Let’s go. [Eric]: Uh-huh [Eric]: Home sweet home for the night. It’s just beautiful Welcome to the Microtel Inn & Suites. This is what a last-minute booking looks like (laughs) For what, 50 USD? [Eric]: It’s really not that bad it looks pretty clean It looks kinda futuristic with that mirror back there. It looks like a two-way mirror like someone’s watching us on the other side. I’m not a fan of that. We’ve got the essentials that we brought to the hotel room giant bag of popcorn Some tea, we got an extra one to bring with us from the restaurant we ate at. We got some delicious Alcohol when we went to angry or sorry what did I say? [Eric]: Alcohol. It is alcohol! But some cider when we went to Angry Orchard, we got the one that we really liked – Baldwin. If you go there, we really enjoyed it. The cutest little four pack of…where is it? There. Wooden Sleeper. Which is aged whiskey barrel. [Eric]: It was super delicious. Yeah, but we’ve been traveling with them and it’s been getting way below freezing every night We’re scared to leave them out in the car. So every hotel or AirBnb we go into we have to take all of our Liquor or alcohol. We did manage to get the TV to work And Polar Express is on which is one of my favorite Christmas movies. I’ve already – this will be the second time I’ve watched it this year. That’s okay. You can never watch it too much. But I think that’s gonna do it for today We are going to hit the hay stayed up way too late, but I guess we can sleep in tomorrow. So we’re good Yeah, we got an easy drive should only be like three hours tomorrow easy-peasy Now it’s bedtime because I feel like I can’t talk straight (laughs) See you tomorrow Good morning, everybody. We’re back on the road. All the snow is gone. So sad! Yeah, now everything’s just brown and cold. Kind of ugly-looking. But that’s alright. We actually stopped in Louisville, Kentucky last night Which I don’t think we mentioned but we’re making our way down south through Kentucky along some part of the Bourbon trail Which if you’re not familiar with that obviously bourbon is huge in, Kentucky and there’s a trail that you can go through and stop at tons of Distilleries you can kind of actually make your own route I don’t think it’s just like one road but we’ve always driven through it and never actually went to any of the distilleries But we found one that’s on the way right before we leave, Kentucky. So we might stop there and just do a little tasting Yes, and I need One last Christmas present so I think I’m gonna purchase it there Startin off with just water just kidding. This is a very potent clear whiskey 91 proof [Eric]: Have you ever had clear whiskey? I don’t think so. [Eric]: Maybe once at a cheap bar. That’s surprisingly smooth it does have notes of tequila I can see that there So the reason this is clear is because this never goes into the barrel, right? Yeah, so there you go So this is basically the same whiskey as the clear whiskey except this was aged in the barrel for two years, right? It has to be two years to call it straight bourbon case In case you don’t know what classifies something is bourbon a couple of the rules anyway: It has to be made in America and it has to be at least 51% corn And it also has to be aged in the barrels. So technically in a charred new oak barrel, right? So technically the clear stuff isn’t bourbon, but it is still whiskey It is very nice, it’s crazy how much more of like a sweet smell that you get from this one than the clear one, but Tastes really good. [Allison]: This one’s the one I’m most excited about. It’s their apple pie So this is a little less potent, but still what fifty proof. You’re saying it should be a little less sweet than other maybe apple pie moonshine that we’ve had before [Eric]: Just probably good for us That just tastes like the fall or winter vibes You want to be by your fire drinking that. That’s great. That is pleasant. It’s really not overly sweet at all. It’s really something that’s great It’s good by itself. Well that was a lovely little detour And for those of you wondering I only had the tiniest sip of I don’t even know if I tried all of them So Eric’s probably feeling a little good right now. It wasn’t really enough to get you too buzzed. It was a nice little stop. It was a lot of fun so if you come through obviously there are all sorts of distilleries some more known than others But it’s fun going into the little ones and hearing their story of how they got started [Eric]: Which one is unlock? Nice one, so we made it to Nashville. I just dropped off the car Reluctantly. Yeah, we had to split up to the airport That’s okay, I miss this little guy, the smell that’s familiar Not good, but familiar Boy, we have really downgraded. Driving that car, I forgot how crappy this car of ours actually is. It makes a lot of noises. It’s a Lyman. It’s very off, got a lot of broken items But she still runs. Also you might have noticed. I’m actually driving for once I don’t know why but people comment a lot about why I don’t drive I don’t know why it matters so much but there’s actually a really good reason for that Allison’s really not that comfortable filming and I get a little Antsy when she’s filming I’m trying to drive anyway, so we’ve tried it the best it doesn’t work It also cost more to add drivers when you rent a car. Well since we’re not filming the rest of the day and we’re in my car. I’m driving now I miss driving actually to be honest. I never get to drive because we’re always in other countries. He was really sad that he didn’t get to drive our charger because you know the Beast of the car That’s gonna do it for our final road trip of 2019 2020, baby, yeah! Oh, alright, this is over Goodnight adventurers. We’ll see you on the road.

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