FinalCutKing Goes Camping

FinalCutKing Goes Camping

Hey everybody! We are going for a weekend camping trip up to the glacier behind me. And we got my sister Megan. You know the VFX Bro. Let’s Go! One, Two, Go! Okay, we are going to go over there guys. So we made it pretty high up the mountain, found a cool camp spot and it’s great to be outdoors and
get some fresh air. About to make a fire the old classic way and cook up some dinner. (Screams) Did you see that? …and it came out of his hands! Like the fire! Aaron- No…No…
Megan- He started it out of his hands. Dude, I can do it with marshmallows or something.
Grab some in the tent. Take the marshmallow, then heat it up. Woah, you see that? I got it dude! So last night things got a little crazy. We realized that Zach could create
heat from his hands. So we are going to play around with it a little bit today and see what happens. Totally boil the water here, just heat it up. Are you getting this? Yeah, Zach’s been doing some pretty cool things. He’s been boiling water for us,
he roasted some marshmallows, but… He’s getting little “fire-happy”. Check this out. Hey Megan, get out of the way. That’s awesome! So its been an awesome camping
trip up here. Quick tip if you ever find yourself on fire don’t forget to stop drop and… Oh my gosh! Works every time!

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  1. zach king would you search my name in youtube
    and pleas can you subscribe me too¿

  2. Ok actually if I got a legit movie that was about Zach King running around using his magic then I would watch it ten times that would be so cool.

  3. Hi guys i need little help.
    I am looking for some tutorial to do the toothbrash or the spoon flout into my moush sorry for my english

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