– Um, Ellie, I think we’ve got a little bit of a problem outside. – What’s going on? – Um, will you come with me and we’ll take a look together? – [Ellie] Is the– – Grass outside, there’s
something completely different than grass. – [Ellie] Shoot. – Thumbs up, more like thumbs down. – [Ellie] You’re making me worried. – Come look. (upbeat music) – What the heck? We can’t back out with that. – [Jared] There’s a giant
pile of dirt in our driveway. – [Ellie] The top soil. – [Jared] I think it’s
the rest of the topsoil. But we can’t get the trailer out with the van, well I might be
able to curve it out there. – Oh, I wish they would
have put it on that side. – [Jared] I know! (laughs) Crap. – [Ellie] Oh well. – [Jared] We’ll maneuver round it. – [Ellie] Wahoo! – [Jared] Kind of a little
bit of an issue, though, huh? – Um, you can still make it work. – [Jared] I think I can pull, oh my– – [Ellie] You can back this
car out and back the van. – [Jared] Well yeah, we’ll move moms car but then getting around
there, that’s gonna be … I’m not that good at
driving with the trailer. – [Ellie] What do you
think of all these trees? – [Jackson] I guess I like them. – [Ellie] You like ’em? We are looking at trees
right now for our yard. We are looking at River Birch
trees for our back yard, we are looking at a
shade master honey locus, and snow crab, and an ash tree. – [Jared] Do you want crabs in our trees? – No, yeah. – [Ellie] Oh, they’ll pinch a little. – They might pinch a little, but they’ll taste pretty good, too. – [Ellie] You just won’t
climb on it too high, thanks to mom, it’s all her knowledge, I don’t know any of it. I was like, now what
tree is by the swing set? That is the shade master, so definitely need a shade master. So this is fun, guys, we have everything written down, we have all the trees we wanna get, we’re almost there! – Gotta get the grass in, and
then we can start planting. – What are your favorite trees? Where do you live, what kind of trees? Give us some suggestions of
what kind of trees to plant. – Tell me what you think about this, if we had just like tons of property, I’d want a couple of weeping
willows, just to have here. – Oh, that would be so pretty. Mom is heading out, guys. And Jared’s gonna bring out the drink, and can you Jackson, these
were our camping treats. – Oh, that will get me home. – Can you put a cookie
in there for grandma for on her way out? Just two, she doesn’t need more than two. – [Grandma] Just two. – [Ellie] Yeah, that’s perfect, and then let’s put some– – [Jared] These are the choices. – [Ellie] Put two of these
in the bag for her, too. Perfect. That way she has a little treat. She doesn’t like diet,
we don’t wanna do that. She’ll like Dr. Pepper. (laughs) – [Ellie] Oh, Coke, perfect. Well thanks, mom. – [Grandma] Good luck, honey. – I want three because I’m three. – [Ellie] You want three
cause you’re three? – Yeah. – [Ellie] Okay, I want you to be really happy with what you get. – Okay, team! You ready to do this? You ready? Let’s rock and roll. – I will guide you out, do
not hit the pile of dirt. Half of it’s gone now, so we’re good. – [Jared] Okay, you be
my co-pilot, as always, you’re the best co-pilot in
the world, ‘kay, here you go. – [Ellie] And you made it! Good job, he never gives
himself enough credit. He’s pretty good at this. Well first, I cannot even
believe we missed it. On June 1st, tell ’em, Baby. – We hit three years of daily vlogging. Without missing a day, even. Like how incredible is that? – Three years of daily videos. – The crazy thing is that
we started all of it, we’re like let’s just try it for a week, is that what we said,
two weeks, or a month? I can’t remember, one of those. – [Ellie] It was like a week, or two, and it turned into everything. – Three years, that’s crazy. – This has been not only so
fun for just Jared and I, but everyone that we’ve been able to meet and interact with. Whether it has been family that has participated, and supported us, whether it’s been meeting
you guys at meet ups, whether it’s been really
cool opportunities to go places or meet people,
this has been really fun. It also has been very challenging, I feel like Jared and I are in a thick part of life right now,
we have so much fun, and obviously we try and
share the very fun moments, but we have two young kids, we are trying to raise them, we are tired, we are just, I mean, you know, we have young kids that
we’re trying to raise and that alone is a hard
part of life right now, but it also is very fun and exciting and– – And rewarding, you know, there’s just, there’s so many
amazing wonderful things, it’s just fun to be able to look back on every single one of
them and everything. – It’s really cool that we’re
able to do this on top of it, like we’re able to share a
little part of our lives. We are heading, camping,
quote, this is not– – [Jared] What do they call it? – This is more of a hotel stay, but you bring your own hotel. They have like a cool facility
here that we’re going. And Jared and I when we were coming, we were like, we both had head aches, it was crazy, the kids, you know, loading kids up, packing for kids, loading food up, you know, driving, and just going anywhere with toddlers is sometimes overwhelming,
but the memories, and all the work that it takes is so fun, and I’m so grateful that
Jared’s parents and my parents did a lot of this kind of
stuff when we were young. – I think what they call
what we’re doing is, is it glamping? – [Ellie] Totes. – Glamor camping, glamping, I don’t know. – It will be fun, though, we’re excited. – Look, guys, we made it to the RV park. Everyone’s ahead of me, and
they’re swimming, let’s go. (splash) (upbeat piano music) – That is cold! – [Jared] Is it cold? – Yeah! – Let me try! Ah! (upbeat music) (Jared laughing) – We just got back from the pool, we are all set up,
disaster-free, kids are happy. – Ellie, the night is still young. – The kids and I just sat on the grass, we ate chips and salsa here. It just felt really good
to sit on the grass. Jared’s chasing them. This facility is really cool, they have a pool here,
they have a play area, we brought our bikes, we’re
gonna go on a big bike ride. You can kinda see how everyone is set up. They each have their little areas. I have to show you guys
something really quick, though. Cause I ordered this
for the camping trailer, and when it came I laughed so hard. I laughed so hard. Because on Amazon it looked a lot bigger. It’s a salt and pepper shaker,
it’s really, really small. Look at that, isn’t that the cutest, tiniest, little salt and pepper shaker? It’s so tiny and cute. It’s so tiny. So little! We also got a little Polaroid
to keep in the camper, that way we can take
pictures and always have like a little camper Polaroid
of how our trips went. And so the first picture
was of course Calvin when he had thrown up and he was sad. Tonight I’m gonna take a picture of the boys sitting on their bed. So we’ll have our camping
trip, round 2 right there. So I just think that
this will be really cute in the years to come to look back on. – A Katy trailer. – [Ellie] Katy’s is called April. April’s trailer. – April Katy’s. – April, Katy’s, okay, I
think he thinks Davey is Katy. We came with April and Davey, so we’re gonna say hi to them, get the kids to bed, have fun. (Jared makes engine noise) – [Jared] Calvin is ready to rock! Look at him, he’s like in
position and everything. You like it, Cal? (laughs) You’re gonna go for it, you’re
actually gonna drive it? Kay, guys, stay there,
oh wait, let’s watch mom. – [Davey] It’ll take a sec, yeah. – [Jared] Yeah, that’s my wife! – [Davey] Yeah, she’s
got the need for speed. – [Ellie] Ah, it’s hard to turn! – [Jared] (laughs) You’re
doing awesome, Ellie, good job! – This is what you do to go forward. Put your hand on it. And go a little bit, not a lot. – [Jackson] No, I don’t wanna try it. – Oh yes you do, put your
foot on and you’ll go. – [Jared] Good job! – See, there you go! Woo! Push it back, push this one back. – [Jared] Just soft, soft, soft, soft. – Good job, slow, slow,
slow, good job, keep going. Woo! – [Jared] Good job! – Just a little slow. – [Jared] Just a little,
Jackson, just a little – [Jackson] No, no, no! – [Jared] Let go, let go. Yeah, you guys are killing it! – [Ellie] Good job, okay, that’s good! – Ellie has her hand on the break, so when he goes a little
faster, she’s breaking too. So, that’s so good! Jackson, you did it! – What did you say? (Jackson mumbles) – Say it one more time. – It was awesome. – Good. You wanna get on, Cal? Sit right here. – [Jared] Kay, Calvin’s turn, oh my gosh, he just turned it on, he’s like I know where
the power switch is. (Jared makes engine noises) (laughing) – [Ellie] There ya go! – [Jared] Good job, Calvin,
dude, he’s already doing tricks, sitting up high and everything, next thing you know
he’s gonna go handless. – I feel like we need a
tour of April and Davey’s– – [Jared] I know, look at their trailer! Boom-chic-a-bow-wow! – [Ellie] Jared’s hips
won’t let him very well. This is for 14 and older,
is that what it says? – [Kid] 14 and under. – [Davey] 14 and older. – [Ellie] Woo! – [Jared] My hips won’t
let me do anything else. – [Ellie] The kids are loving this bike. Jackson, I’m proud of you for going, I’m glad I encouraged you. Sometimes you just gotta do it. I knew you wanted to, but
you were a little nervous. – When I grow up bigger
I can ride it by myself. – [Ellie] Yes, you can. We’ll have to get you one,
you and Calvin to race. – Yeah, Calvin’s a tiny
one, a tiny motorcycle toy. – [Ellie] And you want a big one? – Yeah, I want a riding-self one. – [Ellie] Cool! – And a big one like that. – [Ellie] Kay, well
maybe here in a few years when you’re a little
bigger we could get one. – Yeah, like this big! – [Ellie] Yeah. Remember the three cookies
Jackson had earlier? He saved them and he just
gave them all to his friends. We’re so glad we’re here! – I know, this is so fun! – [Ellie] Party, party! – And AC’s going, so we’re happy. – [Ellie] Yeah, it feels good. The moon is huge, kids are asleep, Jared and I are eating Choco-Tacos, – Aren’t Choco-Tacos the best? April and Dave are gonna come over, we’re gonna play a game, but I asked Jared to download another book for me to listen to. I really want to listen to, do
you remember the name of him? – Tony Robins. – That’s who I wanna listen to next. I just finished the book,
the Marie Kondo book about life and organizing and tidying up, I really, really enjoyed it. And I purged quite a bit of stuff, and I felt really good,
why are you laughing? – All my socks, before I got new ones. – Kay, I didn’t mean to do all of them, we had a conversation, I’m not
gonna get into it (laughs). Anyway, but Jared’s
downloading that for me because he’s gonna try
and upload some footage, it’s, of course, Internet’s
not good here, so. – Of course they advertise Wifi, of course it’s terribly slow. It’s like Hotel’s. – [Ellie] But it’s better
than the mountains. – Oh yeah. – [Ellie] So this is a good in-between for vloggers for camping. (laughs) – Doesn’t it look so fun? That looks so fun. – [Ellie] The kids, I love them. – Glamping, is that what it’s called? We’re glamping. – [Ellie] I love it. – I’m having fun, we just got here. You know, this is just the beginning. This is probably the most
excited I’ve ever been to use the bathroom
before in my entire life. I’m about to use the potty for the first time in this trailer, and we
got the water all hooked up. And guys, I’m gonna be the first person to use the toilet in our trailer. I don’t know why it’s
exciting, it just is, ‘kay? Don’t judge me, seriously. This is a big moment for
me and my trailer, okay? Stop looking at me like that, guys. Okay, get out of here, I
have to go to the bathroom. – [Ellie] Congrats on using
the toilet for the first time. – [Jared] Thank you very much. – [Ellie] Congrats, Davey, for using our bowl for the first time. Congrats for us playing
Tensies for the first time, ready, set, go. So, ones. Ones, oh, that was a
one but it made a six. One. Oh, oh my gosh, I’m gonna win! Oh my gosh I’m gonna win. Oh my gosh. Oh! One, I’m Tensies, Tensies, Tensies! – [Davey] Are you kidding me? – [Ellie] Yes, this was
a one but it flipped when I was doing stuff, look, all of them! – Right, right. – [Jared] Right, when you
were rolling. (laughs) – I won, I won, I won! – Alright, guys. Everyone is in bed asleep, and I am up late working on the video. It is time to call it a night, we’ve had a blast today, and tomorrow is going to be even better. This is so much fun, I love this. Doing this with my family and friends. Like this is the coolest thing ever. Thank you guys so much
for watching the video. If you enjoyed it, give
it a big thumbs up, and we will see you guys tomorrow. Thanks for watching, bye.

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