Finding A Free Camping Spot

thank you for real
dry ice and regular ice this time okay we’ve got food at the ice chests all
organized it’s a towel on the bottom it was like ice packs you know it was like
a lot of them I like blue and stuff what we have like one that’s like a sheet and
it’s bendable laid that down on top of the towel and then we put the dry ice on
top of that then we put the actual bag of ice on top of that back the food all
around the ice a little bit more driving to do we’re gonna go check out a cool
spot so we’re walking down to what’s called Horseshoe Bend what do you think it’s pretty awesome it
looks exactly like it does in pictures haven’t seen this place before I look up
Horseshoe Bend looks about like that and there’s people all over the place taking
photos and standing out on the edge of the cliff and stuff oh it’s super hot I
think a lot of people think that you don’t have to hike very far but that’s a
good good little hike it’s a little breeze right here it feels
really good Chiefs getting some water we’re getting
some author and we have a couple hours that we’re gonna drive and find a camp
spot well we found a camp spot so as we were
driving here we could see a big storm cloud and it just like dumped a ton of
water through this whole area and you can just see on the ground like we were
making fresh tracks all the way out here it’s probably like high 60s Fahrenheit
we’re gonna set up camp so this campground is free which is
pretty awesome and we found it on the io Verlander app and there’s a ton of
campsites in here we saw two other people camped here when we drove in so
it’s a good spot and it sounds like it’s gonna be quiet evening temperatures
gonna be good we’re really looking forward to being out here chicken
fajitas so we got peppers and chicken got some beans
avocado cilantro then we just took our tortillas and filled them up I think
it’s gonna be pretty good this has been a super fun adventure we’re five months
into traveling full time and seeing our friends and family and I’m just super
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