Finish The Sentence | The Grand Tour

Finish The Sentence | The Grand Tour

James: Next question
(LAUGHTER) Richard: There’s no point complaining Richard: We’re going to say it anyway
Jeremy: Yeah, exactly Jeremy: Seamen James: Seamen Richard: Yeah, Seamen Jeremy: He’s up to his neck in Seamen in the edit Richard: Mine Jeremy: Well, mine’s been more successful James: The one that produced me I suppose, you’d have to say Richard: That was always going
to head in that direction Jeremy: No one was going
to say Francis Chichester Richard: No James: A traction engine Richard: A nail into my thumb Jeremy: I hated the Kia Rio didn’t I? More than the… James: Three cylinder Accent diesel
Richard: Ferrari kit car Jeremy: Yes, but I had the Kia Rio Jeremy: A Kia Rio or FSO Polonez Jeremy: James May is always thinking
about Victorian poetry James: 20th century actually Get it right Richard: James May is thinking
about brown furniture Jeremy: I think you’ll find Victorian
stretches into the 20th century… James: Well, only just James: When you say 20th century poetry,
you mean post-Tennyson and so on, really Anyway Jeremy: You see, I told you He was thinking about poetry He just doesn’t know when
the 20th century started Richard: Or he’s thinking
about containing a burp Jeremy: Or needing a dump James: Mine was my Alpine Not very exciting Richard: BMW R 1200 RT motorbike Sorry Jeremy: I can beat you both A Volvo XC90 Hybrid Not an interesting car by any means and a slightly annoying one but it was the last car I drove James: Bollocks
(LAUGHTER) Jeremy: Waste of my life
Richard: Yeah Jeremy: Time, energy
Richard: Time consuming Richard: Is it evil? Jeremy: The pho is pretty good
James: Pho Richard: Yeah, I enjoyed the
galloping crotch-rot That was nice They do laugh if you have an
accident there, don’t they? Jeremy: Yeah, the Vietnamese love
somebody else’s downfall They’re very like us James: Makes you incredibly popular
there actually, Hammond (LAUGHTER) Richard: This Christmas I’ll be, well, drunk James: Pissed By the way, if you’re
Americans watching ‘pissed’ over here means
drunk not angry We’re not going to be angry
at Christmas, just drunk Jeremy: I won’t be drunk James: Yeah, you will Jeremy: No, I’ll be in church James: When you say
church, do you mean the Churchill Arms near your house?
(LAUGHTER) Richard: After Thursday the 12th and before Saturday the 14th James: It was a shit film, wasn’t it? Jeremy: It wasn’t shit James: Actually, saying that,
I can’t remember how it goes Jeremy: It was a pretty good film
actually, Friday the 13th There was Donald Pleasence “Evil has come to our little town, Sherrif” Always liked that line No, that was Halloween,
I’ve got the wrong film Friday the 13th was
Freddie Krueger, wasn’t it? James: I don’t know
Richard: No, that’s Nightmare On Elm Street Jeremy: No, it was Halloween,
was that John Carpenter? This is called ‘The Alzheimer’s’ That’s our new show Three middle-aged men vaguely remembering things that may or may not be true

100 thoughts on “Finish The Sentence | The Grand Tour

  1. How the hell can Hammond ride a motorbike the size and weight of a bus?!?
    Has he really managed to grow by 3 feet after being immersed in the "river of mud"?

  2. I’ve just watch a seamen and it’s great! Thank you for releasing so soon! I know you would not let me wait for too long you always arrive before we expected.

  3. I am still a bit bitter with Jeremy over the end of Top Gear. He single handily blew the best job on the planet not just for him but for James and Richard all due to stupidity.

  4. I see the men of The Grand Tour are blessing us with a new series. Let's not get confused with homophones, but I can't wait to have Seamen enter my eyes on Dec 13th!

  5. Well they do love the idea of seamen dont they. I always thought if they always had an idea of seamen such as jeremy. Now i think james like semen

  6. They could just make a tv series of them standing there answering questions for 30 minutes straight and I'd still watch it over the shitty current top gear

  7. Bring the tent or some sort of structure back where the trio can interact with people. Also do some car reviews. Please make that happen

  8. Just watched half of it and couldn’t be arsed to watch the second half. Sorry but its meant to be about cars. I dont get it

  9. I have been watching them for more then decade. When Hammond had a hair line and super white teeth. I don’t care what they drive. They could drive those stupid mobility scooters around mall I would probably still watch

  10. The "Worst thing you've ever driven" answers are so on point for all three of them.
    May: Victorian Era steam-driven conveyance
    Hammond: Pun involving construction/woodworking
    Clarkson: Literally just a Kia model

  11. Do not change yourself, you are the most sincere and direct three people in the world! Thanks for everything…. With love from Turin..

  12. The Grand tour is like watching a 80's French movie. Nothing happens and then it's over. They're just doing it for the money at this point.

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