Finless Surfing and a 50-foot Waterfall | Who is JOB 8.0 S7E5

Finless Surfing and a 50-foot Waterfall | Who is JOB 8.0 S7E5

[Laughter] [Music] [Music] I’m James Duncan O’Brien and this is just the beginning yeah we just slide it in Maui just pick up a bag I just watched over and bluebies a buttnik in the middle of Maui careful [Music] yeah look at that the trunk is just loaded it’s pretty much this bags on bags and bags in the bag we just pulled over on the side of the road we’re gonna go try some acid drops we’re just setting up the skipper and the beater should be fun so I got the uniform ready to activate [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] there’s no way as on Maui no barrels still getting spit out down with the blowhole pretty dove over here we found the ditch on the side of the road we’re gonna skate it up through on the uniforms we’re gonna have some fun [Music] [Music] yeah the ways are pretty fun during ohms we’re gonna try my short board out I kind of stopped short boarding for a little while okay I got back into was a good board though [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh sure sash ladies aren’t the best but fun throw the beater couple slides go Finn bye let’s boots right at his normal board we actually just have some guy on Craigslist and we’re gonna go try and buy this guy’s kayak because we need a good kayak for this trip she’s scored it’s on this thing’s gonna just send me down somebody stop so I’m psyched it’s pretty vintage I think gonna be careful a little bit might crack but we’re gonna send it off a waterfall we’re gonna send it into the barrel whether it’s out windmills or at Honolua Bay and blowing off a rockslide somewhere [Music] [Laughter] Maui waterfalls are either a hundred feet or like three feet there’s nothing in the middle so we’re gonna keep looking see what we can find for you Boop [Music] the mainland they call them limpid but here it’s a little shellfish that I picked off the rocks here set up like on the white got a good seat I’m just having fun in this run it is super fun to drive Damien told me they kind of take it easy on the turns babies get all mad singing driving really batter at all five good throws in the bag looks like we’re gonna stop and check another waterfall oh there’s waterfalls for miles right here apparently there’s a 25-foot Hawaiian waterfall over here [Music] we were checking the waterfall of jump but I didn’t think I was high enough so but then I figure you know if we’re here we’re gonna check out deep it is back waters cold though we’re over here on the side of the road found a beautiful waterfall got into it I’m so nervous 5 this is the biggest waterfall I’ve ever done probably the most perfect waterfall though yeah I have to do it I mean there’s no backing down do it hurry up and get it over the way so we’re gonna do a little test we’re gonna bring the kayak right down here it looks like it’s gonna fit perfect it was made for the Malibu XL if I go hold on [Music] [Applause] [Music] he definitely just straight over like a 50-foot waterfall and he’s just chillin right Dawid sick for sure how’s my big as far fall have ever done on a kayak maybe ever hey what’s up YouTube thanks for watching our show click the button right here subscribe to Red Bull and thank you for watching and watch more right here hope you enjoy it

100 thoughts on “Finless Surfing and a 50-foot Waterfall | Who is JOB 8.0 S7E5

  1. looks like JOB LOST ALL HIS MOJO seems like the stunts became good for 10 years old groms ,sorry jamie but had to say it

  2. glad poopsies went back to the island with you, try to be a bit nicer to him this season guys. no dog food and make sure his stunts are somewhat safe please. he just wants to surf and fit in with you pros.

  3. Hey JOB favorite part of the Intro is the instantaneously dressed P.J.'s coming on from the floor…wait second thought…no, it's the panning around the room for but only a fleeting half-a-second to capture a shot of the absolute banging sexy hottie (your lady if I'm not mistaken) chillin on…well actually, over the couch seat…lol! You guys got the best entertainment on youtube…Thanks for allowing us to live through you guys…keep up the awesomeness!!

  4. waiting waiting for Jamie Obrien to board transfer @ maxxxxing Shippies at Redbull Cape Fear 2018 down home here in Tassie!!!

  5. Best part of this video are the frames on 9:27. I would want that photo in high res, looks like he's surfing the actual waterfall; cool indeed.

  6. Does anyone know what kinda backpack, which brand etc Poopies is wearing in the beginning of this episode at 0:41 or general in this whole season? Would really appreciate if someone knows! 🙂

  7. Your show is great without the jackass nonsense, the content without 40 yr old men acting like college kids is great, your athletic ability and scenery speaks for itself! Jesus is the one living true God! Believe and receive the waters of life everlasting.

  8. Mr. O'Brien come up to Alaska will host you brand new lodge epic barrels, helicopter and jet skis 🙂 .

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