First Day Of Summer Vacation! Extreme Nerf Hide and Seek Challenge!

(wind blows) (fabric rustles) – It’s the first day of summer vacation! (cheerful music) (snoring) (cheerful music) – What should I do today? I got an idea. (door opening) Where’d they go, where’d they go? Ah ha! Old school Nerf Blasters! Oh, this should be fun. (Box shuffling) (sliding) (grunting) – (Snoring) (Grunting) (Box shuffling) (sliding) So excited! (clattering) I haven’t used these before. Test this thing. (clatter) (clicking) Hm. Wait, aha! (Curios music) (clatter) (curious music) (groaning) (fabric rustling) (curious music) You better give up now. (Toy Gun sound effects) This thing is awesome. What else do we got? (footsteps) (clattering) Let’s test this thing out. (curious music) (yelling) (Toy gun sound effect) Take this! (whirring) (clicking) This thing is cool. Ethan’s gotta see these. Wait, I got an idea how he can see these. (clatter) (footsteps) (Paper rustling) (curious music) (Grunting) (footsteps) (mischievous music) (grunting) (Snickering) (Grunting) (sheets rustling) (clattering) – Ow! Ow! What’s this? Dear Ethan, prepare for ultimate.. hide and seek. Grab the blaster and let’s do this. Cole! Cole, it’s too early for this. Cole! Cole, I’m not doing that. Coley! I’m not doing this, just come out. I don’t want this, it’s too early. Maybe later? Cole? Cole? (sighs) It’s too early in the morning. (Grunt) Cole, I’m not playing around! We’re not doing this. Cole, I’m not playing games. It’s way too early. Where are you? Cole? (Door squeaks) Cole? (Grunt) Cole, where are you? Cole? (Grunt) (clatter) Whatever, he can hide all day. I’m not gonna go look
for him, I don’t care. First day of summer, what a.. what a great treat, today. (sighs) You can hide all day, Cole. But I’m not gonna come look for you. I’m going to enjoy my first day
of summer with some Cheerios and I’m not going to
have to deal with you. (slam) (sighs) I’m gonna have a perfectly
good summer vacation without any trouble at all. And Cole is gonna be
hiding all day, by himself. Because I, Ethan, will
not be looking for him. And I (with mouth full) will
be enjoying my breakfast. (mischievous music) (cereal crunching) (mumbling while chewing) (Toy gun sound effect) Ah! Ah! (Grunt) Ah! How do you.. (Toy gun sound effect) Come here! I ain’t going in there,
with all your traps! Oh, man! The worst way to start summer vacation. (sighs) (sighs) (Button sound effect) I’m not doing this today, I
am enjoying today, and not having to worry about anything. – All right Ethan, you
wanna go for round two? (Mischievous music) (footsteps) Hm, I wonder what this one would do. (clattering) (footsteps) Let’s test this thing. (click) (Toy gun sound effect) Cool! This thing has a
flash and sticky guards! (Toy gun sound effects) All right, Ethan. Ready for round two. (Mischievous music) (toy gun shot) – Ah! (Grunting) (intense music – (Ethan) Get over here! (Heavy breathing) Whoa! Oh nice try, Coley. Nice try, Coley, but not today. Where are you? (Toy gun cocking) HA! Where are you Coley? Come out now. You have to be somewhere
in here, don’t you? Doesn’t look like it. (Door shuts) Ah! (Toy gun sound effect) (Screaming) (toy gun shots) (explosion) (clattering) – Ha ha! Ha ha! Bye bye! – Come here! (Grunt) Uh oh, not again. Let’s see what he thinks about this. (mischievous music) (click) (clattering) (Chuckling) (skittering) Grenade! (scream) (Toy explosion sound effect) Ah! Uh, I’ve had enough! (Grunt) (Ethan) That’s it! That’s it! I’m done. I’m done. I’m done with this. Not funny anymore. (sighs) Let’s see what he thinks about this. Let’s see how he handles this rocket! – Ethan? Ethan? (mischievous music) – Let’s see how he handles this! Let’s see how he can handle this rocket. Oh this will not be fun for him. (Door squeaks) Oh Cole, I got a fun rocket
surprise for you today. – Sorry, Ethan. (Toy gun sound effect) (buzzing) (rocket launch) – Ah! (rocket soaring) (Crash sound effect) (Car alarm) – Uh, Whoa! – That was awesome! If you haven’t heard already, no picture or cover of
the week on this channel. It’ll be on our other
channel, “Sneak Attack Squad”. – There’ll be some cool stuff
on that channel, very soon. – And in the mean time, check
out the Extreme Toy Store, where you can get this
absolutely stunning hat. – And this. Hats are kind of out of stock. – Oh, well the hats are out of stock. They’ll be back in stock soon, hopefully. – Check out our Instagram pictures, and we’ll see you all next time. – See ya. See ya. (slam) (electric noise)

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